Imperfect Soldier by Takato's Dreamer (rainytears)

a/n: I just saw the Gundam movie Endless Waltz. It was a wonderful anime feature with great animation, memorable characters, and mesmerizing and complex characters and relationships. One such character is Heero Yuy, my personal favorite. This is my first poem(and first fic) for Gundam Wing.... I have only seen a bit of the series. Even so, Heero's complex personality urged me to write this slightly twisted poem about the newly human side of Heero....

And I absolutely love the Gundam pilot, so why not write something about him? ^-^

disclaimer: Sunrise, Bandai, and Hajime Yatate own Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz. If I did, then I wouldn't be writing fanfiction or still going to high school and studying chemistry.... *shudder*


I close my eyes for a moment

And live in the unthinkable world.

I'm not supposed to go there

Or even wish for it.

The happiness and comfort there

Are all too human for me.

I close the door and lie alone,

Shivering on the cold metal floor.

My fury is my only friend,

My fury is my greatest foe.

The Zero system and Wing Gundam

Are physical signs of my hate.

I am the perfect soldier,

I live to destroy and set things ablaze.

I have no time to contemplate

Or to wonder about 'what if' or 'why me'.

I close my eyes once more and see the real me,

I see the cackling maniac who drinks his victims' blood.

I see the fury reflecting in his eyes as everything burns.

Then I see a flash of emotion.

A look of sadness.

This soldier is a bastard,

He cannot feel pain tugging at his heart!

I inwardly scream and bite my tongue,

Then awaken and lick the blood from my lips.

I cannot feel.

I cannot be wistful.

I cannot cry.

For I am the perfect soldier.


End notes: Yup, that's my strange Heero soliloquy. It may not seem very original, as many people must have explored Heero's "perfect soldier' persona. However, I do not usually read Gundam Wing fanfics so I wouldn't know, and I also think that every author brings each character into their own light, into what they see the character thinking, doing, or saying. This is what I believe.

Review if you agree with this view of Heero, the perfect soldier with a few flaws here and there.