Naruto trained in the blazing sun with Anko. Sweat covered both of their bodies and their breathing was heavy. They had been training together for years and they had a great bond. They were like sisters, always together despite the large age gap and the difference in personalities. Anko, 24, was evil and psycho. Naruto, 14, was evil, like her role model but she wasn't psycho, she was energetic and fun loving. After training together, they would always go and order some ramen and then go their separate ways.

Naruto began on her way home but ran into her father on the way. "Hey," She said.

Minato, the Fourth Hokage, beamed when he saw his daughter. He wasn't too pleased about her spending her free time with Anko Mitarashi, though. But he did think that Anko bettered Naruto's chances of survival in the outside world. He just hoped that Naruto wouldn't start dressing like Anko. He wouldn't know what to do. "Hey yourself." Minato said. They had a pleasant chat on the way home. They spoke about tactics in battle and ramen and how Naruto was going with the Hiraishin. Minato had taught Naruto how to perform the Hiraishin last year and she had been trying to perfect it ever since that day. When they got home, Minato gave his wife, Kushina, a hug and a kiss. He watched as Naruto kissed Kushina on the cheek. The two most important women in his life looked exactly like each other except for the difference in hair colour. Kushina has red hair, bright like fire and Naruto has bright yellow hair, the exact shade of his own. They were so different but so alike. He couldn't explain how much he loved them.

After a warm dinner that her mother had prepared, Naruto left for her room where she collapsed onto her bed and just thought about today's events. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the window. She sat up in bed and looked toward the window. Sasuke and Sakura stood on the roof below her window looking in at her. She walked over and opened up the window.

"What?" Naruto said.

"Come on, we are holding a sparring match down in training ground nine. Wanna come?" Sasuke asked. Naruto thought about it for a second. She guessed that it could be fun so she locked her door and climbed out the window and shut it behind her before leaping off the roof and onto another after Sasuke and Sakura. When they made it to the training ground, Naruto jumped into a tree, preferring to view the matches from above. No one joined her up there, which she was thankful for. She hated the way people talked during the matches so she figured that if she is alone she wont get talked to. The matches begun. She noticed that one boy just wasn't being beaten and had won every match since he started. She decided to end his winning streak. When the boy had won the match that he was currently in, Naruto jumped down from her branch and landed right in from of the boy. They wasted little time talking and just got right at the fighting. With the fighting styles taught to her by both Anko, her mother and father, she took the boy down in under a minute. The circle of genin and chunin cheered and then of course her father had to join the fun.

Minato used the Hiraishin and appeared before his daughter in the middle of the circle. "My turn." He said. Naruto didn't hesitate and the fight began without another word from anyone. They moved at speeds so fast that Minato didn't think that they were anything but a yellow blur to the people looking on. The fight raged on for five minutes before Minato was able to defeat his skilled child. He stood up and helped his daughter up. "You are getting better. Whoever taught you those moves you used toward the end must be a well skilled handsome devil." Minato said.

"Oh, a well skilled handsome devil is exactly what he is." Naruto replied with a smile. Realising that everything was silent, Naruto looked into the crowd. No one spoke but everyone stared. "You wanna go me?" She teased. No one stepped forth as she had expected so she walked away next to her father.

Naruto woke with a start and reached for her kunai. With the kunai in hand, she leapt onto the intruder and pinned them down, she held the kunai at the back of the attackers neck. "Good morning, Anko."Naruto said before standing up. Anko followed suit.

"I was watching the match between you and your father at the little thing of yours last night. You're good. Might even be better than me." Anko said.

"Maybe." Naruto smirked. Anko left the room via the window, pleased that Naruto was making process. Now that she was awake, Naruto got ready for the day ahead. Anko left on a mission shortly after waking Naruto up so Naruto was all alone today. She decided to go see if she could score herself a mission. In Hokage Tower she found her dad in his office. He was sorting through papers with great speed. "Hey." She said, sitting on his desk.

"Hey yourself." Minato replied. "What's up?" He asked, stacking the papers he had just sorted through into a neat pile.

"Got any missions for your favourite daughter?" Naruto asked.

Minato smiled, "You're my only daughter."

"All the more reason for me to be your favourite." Naruto grinned.

Minato chuckled as he looked for a mission. In a few minutes he had chosen two others to accompany his daughter on the mission and told Naruto the details before sending her off on her way to tell the others. With a thank you and a hug, Naruto left the room.

When Naruto knocked on the door at Sasuke's place in the Uchiha compound, Itachi answered the door. "Hi, looking for Sasuke?" Itachi asked, looking down at the yellow headed Chunin. Despite the fact that the girl had a demon sealed inside of her, Itachi thought that she was nice and was glad Sasuke had a friend in Naruto.

Naruto nodded.

"SASUKE!" Itachi called out. "NARUTO'S HERE TO SEE YOU!" He watched as Naruto came down the stairs. He knew about his brother's long time crush on the girl and smiled as his little bro blushed. Itachi pushed his brother out the door. He held in a laugh as the sudden movement made Sasuke trip and stumble into Naruto. She caught him and righted him with ease. "Are you alright, Sasuke?"

"Y-yeah." Sasuke stuttered. Sasuke's shyness amused Itachi because his little bro never stuttered unless it was in an awkward situation with this girl.

Naruto rolled her eyes at Sasuke's stuttering. She didn't understand why he stuttered around her sometimes. "Sasuke, get yourself ready we had a mission so get your shit together." Naruto said before taking off. She yelled a quick "See ya!" over her shoulder on her way, twisting to run backward a few steps so she could wave at the two brothers. Itachi held up a hand to signal his goodbye. When the blonde was out of sight he turned to his little bro, "When are you gonna make your move? She's only gonna be free for so long."

Sasuke blushed, "She doesn't see me like that."

Itachi face-palmed and then placed a hand on his brother's shoulder, "Little bro, you must realise that if she is the only female around your age who isn't drooling at your feet, she must be the one. If she doesn't see you like you see her, make her see you like that."

Sasuke nodded. He would try and make Naruto think of him like that.