The nightmares had returned for Naruto as soon as Kazar had figured out that Naruto wasn't going to leave the village. Just like before she left, Naruto did well in hiding the dreams from everyone. Today was the day before the final stage Chunin exams. Naruto had been sitting on the bench at the park, watching the children play ninja when someone slid onto the bench next to her, moving right in close. She slid away and he slid close. She slid again and so did he. She kept going until she was at the edge of the chair.

"Hey, I'm Koda." The boy said, smiling at Naruto. He was from the Mist Village.

"Hey." She said, uncomfortable with this person in her personal space.

"Aren't you gonna tell me your name?" Koda asked, putting his arm around Naruto's waist and pulling her even closer to him.

"Uh, no." She said, trying to wriggle out of his grip. It only made him pull her onto his lap. She could take it no more, she punched him. "Get your hands off me you jerk." Naruto said standing up and walking away. Once Koda had recovered he was back on his feet and chasing after Naruto.

"Baby, baby please, just give me some time. Tomorrow I will be a Chunin because I will pass. I mean have you seen he scrawny red head I am up against? He will be a piece of cake." Koda said.

Naruto stopped dead in her tracks. "That scrawny red head happens to be my brother and he is a Namikaze and you would do your best not to be mean to him or else you will have to deal with me or worse, my father, the Hokage." Naruto said.

Koda wasn't listening. He yawed and stretched before saying, "I'm sorry, were you saying something, I wasn't listening. Do go on."

That did it. Naruto had the boy on his stomach in a split second. There she sat on his back and pulled on his leg while he pulled on her hair, trying to get out from under her. "Guys, get up." Kakashi said. He had his daughter with him. Last time they had met, he told her that her name was Ruri. Naruto got off the boy speedily. Koda got up and rubbed his leg.

"This might affect how I do in the final stage tomorrow. But that's ok because I have you and you will never leave me." Koda said.

"Just go, Kakashi. I can handle this." Naruto said. Kakashi nodded and took his child away, a smile on his face. He knew Naruto would do something to cause this boy some pain.

She didn't even wait for Kakashi to be out of earshot before she kicked Koda in the family jewels. She fell to his knees, cupping his privates. He rolled around on the floor. He started to get up. "What was tha—" He couldn't get the rest of the sentence in before he was kicked in the same place again but twice as hard. He fell to the ground again.

"I would suggest that you be careful who you insult." Naruto said before kicking him in the side and storming off.

Today was the day of the final stage of the Chunin exams and she was up and ready already seated and waiting for her brother's match. He was up against Koda, the jerk-off from yesterday. He was so much larger than her brother she wondered if Toshiro would be alright.

Naruto watched as Toshiro walked down to the field where he would face his opponent. Naruto was worried for her brother but then she remembered that he is a Namikaze and an Uzumaki, he can handle anything. Or at least she hoped.

The proctor called for the match to begin and they started. It was taijutsu at first. Naruto wondered what Toshiro was doing when he leapt away from the battle and hid in the trees but then she realised and smiled to herself. He laced the air with his chakra and soon it was blowing up a storm in the arena. The rustling of the trees completely masked his movements and when the wind died down he stood back on the ground but at the tree line. He stuck out a hand and beckoned to Koda with his index finger. Koda, being the arrogant fool he showed himself to be yesterday, he raced right in. The genjutsu tags lashed a bright light and immediately had Koda trapped. Toshiro had used Genjutsu tags. Koda screamed and held his head in his hands. He looked as if he were going crazy. Whatever he was seeing it must have been bad. But then Koda seemed to realise it was genjutsu and released it. Then he created a shadow clone and charged at Toshiro. Toshiro, using his Uzumaki chakra, created many, many shadow clones. Some were even sitting in the empty seats, watching the match. The clones laughed and went after Koda and his clone. They easily defeated the clone and Koda but the Koda that was supposed to be real was substituted for a log. Just then, five Koda's transformed from Toshiro's cloned and held the five hostage. Without even a second thought, he used a kunai Naruto hadn't even noticed he was holding and stabbed Toshiro in the chest. Four of the five hostage Toshiro's puffed away in a puff of white smoke. One did not. One started bleeding as the other thousand or so Toshiro's disappeared. Not waiting for the injured Toshiro to do anything, Koda pulled the kunai out of the wound and stabbed it in again and again.

"The match is over!" The proctor said, racing over and pulling Toshiro out of Koda's arms. Naruto jumped down onto the field, worried for her brother. His face was scrunched up with pain. They had the medical ninja take him out of the arena. Naruto went with them. Unfortunately the Hokage had to stay behind to attend to his duties but Kushina came to be with her son.

Naruto had been with Toshiro for the initial healing process but she left to bring him something to eat. When she came back she was halted by the sounds of arguing coming from inside Toshiro's room. She stood outside the door and listened in on the conversation.

"You are lucky that I wasn't going my hardest when I was battling you or you would be dead. You aren't as awesome as your sister. You should aspire to be more like her. Or even better, more like me. You would really be powerful then." The other person in the room said. It was obviously Koda.

"You will never be better than my sister. She would kick your ass across the village. Plus she has an awesome demon inside of her and if you try to hurt her the demon will take care of you easy. So come at me! Or are you too scared?" Toshiro said.

"No I'll go you and you will be very sorry because your sister isn't here to save you." Koda said.

Naruto opened the door and held a kunai to Koda's throat. "Oh, I am here. You shouldn't be though so I suggest that you get your ass out before I kick it out." Naruto said.

Koda laughed. "Go on, kick me out! Let's see you do it!"

Naruto smiled and picked up Koda easily and chucked him out the window. He fell the four floors to the ground. She jumped out after him and landed on top of him, wrapping a hand around his throat and leaning in so that their faces were inches apart. "You will not lay a finger on my brother or I will cut your balls off. That way you can stop fucking with us." Everyone who was around heard the whole thing and stared on at the two. "Do I make myself clear?"

The red faced boy nodded, gasping for breath. Naruto held her grip on Koda's neck for a second more before she let go and got off him. She walked back to the entrance of the hospital to go to her brother who had been looking down from the window above.

Naruto had taken it upon herself to train her brother. She wanted to make sure that no one would defeat him. She taught him the Hiraishin and different wind style jutsus and pushed him through training that enhanced his speed. Soon Toshiro was rivalling Naruto as an equal and it only took three months.

Today was October 10th and it was Naruto's birthday. Toshiro was preparing a gift for his sister. It was a blade like the one she had given to him. He placed a mark on it and went in search of her. He handed the blade to his sister and she hugged him tightly.

"Thank you. I haven't been given a gift in many years." Naruto said. She sat on the ground and her brother sat next to her.

"Well the gifts don't stop there." Kakashi said, popping out of nowhere. He handed her a box. Naruto opened it.

"Really, Kakashi?" She asked, looking at the black gloves in the box. They were an exact replica of the ones Kakashi was wearing.

"Well, you couldn't handle the extreme awesomeness of the mask so I thought that a woman of your calibre should at least be able to handle the great epicness that is the gloves." Kakashi said, sitting down next to Naruto.

Naruto slid on the gloves and turned her hands around and around, liking the way that the sun reflected off the metal plates. She hugged Kakashi and it caught him off guard. "Thank you." She said. She released him to address the person who had stepped in front of her and blocked the sun. It was Hiruzen.

"Ah, there's a face I haven't seen in months! Where've you been, Hiruzen?" Naruto said, standing up to hug Hiruzen. What she said wasn't true. She had seen him. A lot. They had become very close over the past three months. Naruto wondered if she was a paedophile for doing that with a boy over a decade younger than her. But then she remembered that everyone her age was married with kids.

"I got you a birthday gift." He said, holding out a small jewellery box. She smiled at what was inside. It was a silver necklace. The pendant was of a fox's face. Its eyes were gems of the brightest red; they matched the shade of her eyes. Hiruzen took the necklace for her and got her turn around. He put it on her and she hugged him.

The only other gifts she got were from her parents. She got a one of her father's special kunai from her dad and her mother got her some new clothes. She tucked the kunai away with her brother's and got dressed into the clothes. She could swear that her mother was trying to get her raped. The clothes were even shorter than the last pair of clothes she had brought and they showed a lot of skin. They didn't leave much to the imagination. But she had to wear them to please her mother.

The nightmares had completely stopped and it worried Naruto. Would Kazar attack soon? All over the village, several explosions could be heard. She knew immediately that it was Kazar. He had launched his attack. But it didn't matter because Naruto and Minato had a plan. Naruto used the Hiraishin to get to Hokage tower. There she met with her dad and the plan was set in motion.