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Beach Day!

Mystearico Grants is truly a happy man at the moment. Even if he had the famous position of Commandant of the Oracle Knights would not defeat the current moment.

"Luke your bathing suit..." he trailed off at the woman in front of him.

While Myst definitely grew in the few years, aka, his goatee, Luke physically hasn't changed a bit. However mentality her childish mind lessened and became more ladylike but she still have some random bouts of her old self.

"Myst." Luke sighed at her husband's antics. "The kids."

"I know, I know." Myst sighed as well as he took a quick glance on some children playing by the shore.

Right now both Luke and Myst agreed on babysitting some of their friend's children, and thanks to the lack of monsters now, more areas, like beaches, were safe. So the the two of them agreed to let them come to their own private beach near Baticul.

"No fair Musto!" whined a long haired brunette as she pouted at her older brother.

"H-Hey Tear, Zanne's helping you no fair!" whined a bright red head kid as he pointed at her.

The two children Musto and Tear Grants are Myst and Luke's children. Tear is as tomboyish as her mother was but she's very polite. She looks like a female version of her father, including one bang over her eye. Musto takes up more to his father, cool but he's very demanding at times.

"Well you got Eugenie." Zanne smirked at his look a like.

Prince Zanne, the next heir to the Kimlascan throne takes so much to his father, the current king Asch. His dark red hair is contrasted to Musto's as much as their personality.

"P-Please stop fighting." begged the quiet blonde in the group.

Eugenie Gardios is a noble of Malkuth. After Guy settled down with a girl at Malkuth he decided to bring back his noble status though he did kept his name as Guy. She was very quiet and hates it when her friends tend to fight.

"Yo kids what's wrong?" Myst smirked at the four.

"Daddy!" both of his kids smiled at him.

"Well it is two on two so it is fair." Luke smile gently at the children.

"Sorry Musto." Tear smiled gently at her brother as she scratched her cheek.

"Yeah, yeah." Musto shrugged his shoulders.

Musto learned from his parents to never hold a grudge for so long. He was told how both his parents knew someone who did and it almost destroyed the entire world!

"She's so pretty." Zanne stared at Tear with wide eyes as his face brightened up.

"Mommy I'm hungry." Tear blushed as a small noise emitted from her stomach.

Zanne's face even got brighter than before.

Luke chuckled from he daughter as she grinned at her. She gestured for her husband to come with the food baskets.

"Oh hey Ari, I didn't know you were here too!" Musto grinned at a shy girl by their dad.

Arietta Tatlin, or Ari, is the adopted daughter of the current Fon Master Anise Tatlin. She is the youngest and shyest of the five children.

"H-Hi." she meeped as she hid behind Myst.

"They're your friends Ari no need to be shy." Myst patted the girl's head, while in the inside is dying from the cuteness though his daughter will always be the cutest in his eyes. "Here's the food."

"Kids food time!"


After a few more hours of enjoyment, Musto, Eugenie, Ari and Tear were peacefully asleep. Zanne was staring at the setting sun.

"Zanne you're not sleepy?" Myst asked in surprised as he took a quick glance on Luke packing up their stuff.

The red head only shook his head.

"Hey kiddo no need to keep a strong front the whole time." Myst chuckled.

Something within Zanne snapped.

"How would you know?!" he growled. "You don't have to live in the pressure of being the next heir to a kingdom! To be kept on being compared to my father, sickens me!"

Myst can only stare at his newphew's ranting.

"Plus father he never pays attention to me anymore! It's always Luzu this and Luzu that!"

Princess Luzu has a strong resemblance to her mother. Her cheery smile could melt anyone's heart.

"Ever since she was born, nothing is ever the same I have to fend off for myself. Father keeps on telling me how I should be strong but all he did was leave me be!"

"Zanne." Myst started as his eyes had a darker gleam.

This was no longer Myst the cool uncle but the Commandant of the Oracle Knights.

"Your father loves you very much but in his childhood something terrible happened to him. It made him fend for own life for a long time even if he technically did have a mentor watching over him."


"My older brother." Myst grimaced. "People expected me to be like him or even greater and I hated it as well."

Zanne can only gasp at the similarities.

"He taught your father and your aunt how to fight but he manipulated the two to go against each other." said Myst as he recalled the old Asch. "He wants you to be strong. At first become strong enough for yourself, strong enough to protect the ones you love including your sister Luzu."

Zanne's eyes widened at the words.

"Your father believes you have the willpower to be that kind of person, I could feel great potential within you kiddo." Myst ruffled the boy's hair as he started to walk away.

"Thank you uncle." he muttered quietly.

"By the way." Myst said as he stopped though he didn't turn around. "Wait for a few more years then you can tell how much Tear means to you."

For some reason Zanne felt the biggest chill in his life.

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