Maa, it's Chapter 1

Naruto and the Kyuubi got on. Very well in fact. So well, that they were the best of friends and Kurama felt it was his duty to protect the one he was sealed within. Naruto returned the trust and friendship easily. But now they were in a fix. Of course, it was Naruto's stupidity to blame.

"What the hell Kit! I thought you were the Rokudaime! I can't believe you seriously thought you were good enough at wind chakra to fly! No one can fly!" Kurama yelled at the twenty six year old.

The blonde haired Hokage stopped screaming and put a hand on the back of his neck in embarrassment. "Eh he he. Oops?" He said sheepishly.

They were still falling, but Kurama had a feeling the younger had completely forgot. An impossibility for someone to forget they are falling to their death with wind screaming in their ears and the cliff face blurring past them at amazing speed, but this was Naruto we're talking about.

"Kit, you're falling to death remember?" The Kyuubi interrupted his thought path.

"I know that!" Naruto snapped.

Kyuubi had an amused expression on his face inside the mindscape. "Uh huh. So how you gonna pull us out of this one?" He said with a deadpanned expression.

"I'm thinking about that!" Naruto yelled at him, his voice unheard because of the wind flying past. Not that it mattered; Kurama was inside him after all.

"Kit, I don't think ramen is going to help us in this situation." Kurama said with a snort.

"You never know." Naruto said cheekily.

Then he remembered (finally) that he was falling to his death. "Aaaaahhhhhh!" He cried. Kurama muttered and growled inside his room. It hadn't been called a cage since Naruto had decided to refurbish it.

"Listen Kit, there is a way I can get us out of this." The Kitsune said slowly.

"Eh!? Why don't you tell me, you know, before we are about to go splat!?" Naruto yelled.

"Because… it uses a lot of chakra and there is a high possibility it won't work. Also I don't think you'll like the outcome." Kurama replied.

"Well I think it'll be better than falling to death!" Naruto retorted.

"So you want me to do it?" Kurama asked again.

"Yes!" Naruto replied.

"Are you sure?" Kurama checked.

"Yes!" Naruto repeated impatiently.

"Are you absolu-"

"Kami, YES! I am SURE!" Naruto interrupted angrily.

"Brace yourself Kit." The great Kyuubi said and Naruto was enveloped in red chakra.


Kakashi jumped to his feet as he felt the flare of Kyuubi chakra and cursed. "What the hell has he done this time?" Kakashi growled and ran over to the cliff where Naruto had been previously. Shikamaru, Neji, Sakura, Sasuke, Lee and Gai caught up with him on the way

"Was that the…"

"Kyuubi's chakra? Yeah and a lot of it." Kakashi replied.

"You think he'll be okay?" Sasuke asked. His voice was slightly muffled by the ANBU mask and his white captain's jacket was half shrugged on. He must have just came from training.

"This is troublesome." Stated the Nara lazily.

"That damn idiot! What stupid thing has he done this time?" Sakura growled.

"It is very unyouthful to cause Sakura-chan to worry." Lee stated with his eyebrows mashed together.

"The Hokage is very youthful! His youth contests with Lee's!" Gai said with a blinding smile.

"There's a note over there." Neji stated as they made it into the clearing where the cliff was. Sasuke went and picked up the note and cursed.

"Read it." He said and stuffed it in Shikamaru's hands.

"Troublesome." Shikamaru sighed and began to read it aloud.

"Dear Sakura-chan, Bushy-brows, Bushy-brows-sensei, Kakashi-sensei, lazy ass, teme and the fate obsessed one (Neji scoffed)

"I am going to…fly! Yes I know, it's impossible, yare, yare but I am going to try it anyways. So if you are reading this, either I'm dead, or the fuzz ball's done something. Probably the second one because seriously; me, dying? Ha! Like that would happen. Yeah so… that's about it. I really don't have much to say.

"From the Number one most unpredictable ninja in the world, the Hokage."

Shikamaru finished and looked carefully over the edge of the cliff. "He's crazy."

"Well, obviously he knew we would be coming." Kakashi stated flatly.

"How did he know it was going to be us?" Lee wondered.

"Also how did he know what would happen in the future?" Gai wondered using the exact same tone as Lee.

"He's such an idiot!" Sakura said as she hit a tree. The poor tree wasn't going to be doing any growing anytime soon.

"Neji, could you look over the edge?" Sasuke asked suddenly. Neji nodded and, activating his bloodline, leaned warily over the edge. He almost toppled over before his sensei caught him.

"Can you see anything Neji?" Kakashi asked. Neji nodded his head.

"There's like a…tear, in the very universe itself." He said in reverence.

"Contact the Kazekage." Sasuke ordered. "Maybe Gaara can get Shukaku to tell us what happens here. Demons will be able to decipher better what has happened here than humans."

Neji nodded and disappeared.

"I just hope he's going to be okay…" Sasuke said as he looked down at the bottomless cliff.

"Hinata's going to be devastated…" Sakura said mournfully.


Naruto opened an eye blearily and saw white. He groaned. "I died didn't I?" He said mournfully. "Sakura's gonna kill me…"

"Sir? You're in a hospital. You're not dead." A voice said. Naruto rolled to the side and saw pink. He rubbed his eyes. A woman with pink hair holding a clipboard was looking at him kindly.

"You banged your head quite hard by the looks. Some trainers brought you in with your Ninetails from the side of the road. They were extremely worried when you appeared to be unconscious." She said. Naruto sat straight up.

"Ninetails? Kurama?" Naruto called. There was no answer and Naruto silently panicked. Then Kurama's voice came back to him.

"It uses a lot of chakra" that's what he'd said. I never realised it was so much that it'd put him to sleep! Where am I anyway? Naruto thought.

"Where am I?" Naruto asked the nurse (he was in a hospital, it made sense).

"You're in the Kanto region sir. Cerulean city. What is your name?" She asked.

Naruto blinked. Kanto region? Cerulean City? What the hell did the fuzz ball do? Send me to another universe?

"Namikaze Naruto." He replied.

"Sorry what did you say about Ninetails?" He asked. The nurse blinked.

"Oh we're healing him. Don't worry, he should be fine by tomorrow morning. Oh, are you hungry?" She asked when his stomach growled.

He scratched the back of his neck sheepishly. "Eh he he. Yeah? Please can I have some food Miss…"

"Nurse Joy." The nurse answered and smiled at him.

"Nurse Joy. Please can I have some food Nurse Joy?" Naruto asked.

The nurse nodded. "Of course. If you will please come this way I can lead you to the cafeteria. I'm sure the trainers that brought you are extremely worried." She said with another smile.

She smiles a lot, Naruto thought and followed her. She led him to a large room where many other people were. They all appeared to be civilians by their stances. None of them were in that ready stance of someone who was ready for an attack at any given moment. But he almost jumped when something yellow came and jumped at him. He did yell though.

"Gaah!" He yelled and whipped out a kunai.

"Wait!" Someone cried and a boy jumped forward and hugged the yellow thing protectively. Naruto blinked and then looked at the yellow thing properly. It appeared to be some sort of rodent with bright red cheeks and a lightning bolt tail. It looked at him cautiously.

"Sorry? But what the hell is that thing?" He asked and pointed to the mouse like creature.

"It's a Pikachu!" The boy exclaimed with wide eyes. "Have you never seen a Pikachu before?" He said incredulously.

"Ash, leave the boy alone! He might have amnesia from the time he banged his head! Just because he didn't recognise Pikachu he'll probably be able to recognise other Pokémon-" The orange haired girl next to the boy said but Naruto interrupted her impatiently.

"What's Pokémon? " He interrupted. Then he blinked.

"Did you say boy?" He looked down at himself and cursed. "FUZZ BALL! Why the hell am I DEAGED!?" He yelled and everyone looked at him like he was crazy.

"Yes boy. But how can you not know what Pokémon are?" The older teenage boy with spiky brown hair asked with a frown.

"He must have hit his head really hard." Said Ash.

"I'm fine! My name's Namikaze Naruto! And well, it seems I'm a twelve year old." He said as he looked down at himself. He could already feel the need to train his body again. "Should work on that…" he muttered and then looked up as the others introduced themselves.

"I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet town!" The boy with black hair replied with lots of enthusiasm.

This kid reminds me of myself when I was younger, Naruto mused.

"I'm Misty. I specialise in water type Pokémon." The orange head said with a smile.

"And I'm Brock and I'm a Pokémon breeder." Brock said with a grin.

"And this is Pikachu!" Ash declared and the 'Pokémon' replied with "Hello!" Naruto sweat dropped.

"Nice to meet you." He said and then looked around. "So mind explaining what Pokémon are?" Brock instantly answered.

"A Pokémon are the name of the creatures who inhabit this world. They can be companions or used in battle." Brock explained.

He pulled out a red and white orb and a pressed the button. A red light flashed out and a fox like creature appeared. It instantly jumped him.

"Fox!" It cried and began to lick him.

"No! I'm not a fox!" He cried and tried to push the creature of him.

"Alpha fox!" It cried and ignored his groan.

"Why does this always happens with foxes?" He asked rhetorically, even though he knew the answer.

"Wait, do you understand Vulpix?" Pikachu asked.

Naruto tilted his head. "Yeah, why?"

"Is he speaking to the Pokémon?" Misty asked curiously.

"Why, can't you?" Naruto asked in confusion. They shook their heads.

Naruto frowned. "Then what do you hear?"

"Them saying their own names." Brock answered. Naruto sweat dropped.

"So no growling just 'Pikachu' and 'Vulpix'?" He said dryly. They nodded. Naruto shook his head.

"This place is weird." He said and then his stomach grumbled. "Ah, I need some ramen." He said and then gaped at their questioning glance.

"Ramen? You know what ramen is don't you?" He said panicked. They shook their heads.

"NOOO!" He cried loudly and began to sob hysterically. He might be the Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha, but without ramen… he was nothing. Little did he remember the sealing scroll in his pocket.


Gaara sat at his desk with his paperwork sighing. Temari sat tapping her fingers against the desk impatiently. Gaara placed down the paperwork with a sigh. "Temari, can you please stop doing that?" He asked in annoyance and Temari instantly seized her tapping.

He relaxed slightly and began filling out the forms again. After three minutes there was a tapping again. "Temari!" Gaara growled in annoyance.

"It's not me!" She said and pointed to the window. There was a messaging hawk with the Konoha headband strapped onto one wing.

"Message to Kazekage from Hyuuga Neji." The bird chirped. Must be a summon then.

"Very well. Relay it." Gaara said in a bored tone.

"The Hokage has gone missing and Hyuuga-sama insists your presence in finding the missing man." The bird screeched. Gaara stood and then began to walk out the door.

"Temari tell Kankurou to run Suna while I'm gone. You're coming with me."