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The Squirtle Squad was furious and beyond bewildered. They (they as in them, the freaking Squirtle Squad) were being pranked. Now at first, their leader, A, had thought that his brothers were just having another argument. These were usually dealt with by them having a prank battle. However, this had been proven naught once he had held a meeting and found that they were being pranked by an outside force. And so the prank war had begun.

"Sir, trap in the Beta Quarter has been activated!" C informed A as he appeared in the tree. A looked up from several strategies, his glasses glinting.

"Capture them," he said mercilessly. C nodded and he took off. A put down his plans. These 'kits' as they had proclaimed themselves as, they were good. But the Squirtle Squad was better.

Kurama was honestly a bit annoyed when they'd fallen down a hole into a pit. At first he thought it was Naruto's doing until he realised the hole wasn't orange. Naruto would always paint something orange. Perhaps a Team Rocket hole? Kurama wondered. This was proven false as five squirtle heads appeared and began laughing hysterically at them. "Wait, are those sunglasses?" Kurama said incredulously.

The leader, who had a unique pair of said sunglasses, smirked down at him imperiously. The Ninetails bared his teeth slightly before turning to see if the others were alright. The human brats appeared to be fine, thought the gaki with the very small eyes appeared to have a large bump appearing on his head. As they scrambled out, Kurama stared coolly at the turtles. "Are you the owner of this trap?" he growled quietly.

The leader stared at him with a look that Kurama couldn't quite place but he knew that it was familiar somehow. He was different from the other turtles, but only slightly. His blue skin was leaning to a midnight blue shade and his shell was a very pale cream colour on the underbelly. The back was a very rich brown. "Yes," the Squirtle said, and Kurama could feel the glare through the glasses. "And are you and your companions known perhaps as the 'kits'?" the Squirtle said gruffly.

Kurama inwardly groaned at the thought that the kits were here. So much for a vacation. "No."

The leader surveyed them. "I suppose you and your human scum can go," the Squirtle said, beginning to turn.

However, Pikachu, who had been helping his brat get out of the hole, growled loudly. "How – how dare you insult Ash like that!" Pikachu seethed, cheeks prickling with lightning. And then, before Kurama could stop him, he shot an attack at the leader.

Then, another Squirtle dived to take it and a few moments later, with a quiet threat to get back at them for this, they disappeared. "Huh," Kurama thought, cracking his neck. "That was weird."

C healed J while A paced quickly, growling under his breath. "We do not need another of the human scum in our lands," A said, brow furrowed in thought. "Especially with these kits. We are getting closer, being able to see their shadows now."

Unfortunately, those shadows were still too fast for them to identify the owner with. "Kenny," A said, turning to J's partner. Kenny looked up. "Deal with those humans and the Pikachu brat."

Suddenly, a Meowth stumbled through the bush with two humans. They all tensed, ready for battle, before the Meowth grinned. "Ah friends! I have a business proposal for you," the Meowth said eagerly, licking its lips and rubbing its paws together. "I hear you are having trouble with the 'kits'. Luckily enough for you I have been following them for sometime. I just have one thing for a trade…" A smiled.

"I'm listening."

Naruto was sipping a soda as his kits lapped at a bowl of water each. Momichi and Yuki were drinking some Pokémon protein drinks which caused several people to look at them weirdly (if they weren't already weirded out by the six Eevees that surrounded them).

"Ne, go pway now Mama?" Kakashi asked as he looked up at him pleadingly, ears drooping slightly. Naruto sighed heavily.

"Okay," the Rokudaime said slowly. "But only if you promise to wreak havoc." The Eevees quickly rushed outside, chattering to themselves excitedly. "And don't forget to look both ways before crossing the road!" Naruto called out after them.

"The chance of them being run over in this town is almost nil," Momichi pointed out dryly as he wiped his face with his arm, Yuki at his side sighing contently as she finished her drink. "Daffodil Town only has Officer Jenny on her bike, but other than that there isn't anything."

"Well what if a Pokemon became a wheel and ran over them?" Naruto pointed out.

Momichi scoffed. "Yeah right. Next you'll be telling me it will be little blue elephant that all the girls will coo over."

Naruto glared at him broodily and muttered he'd won this one. "You know I saw something strange today," Yuki said slowly. "A Meowth was speaking English. I didn't know anyone else possessed he ability."

"Huh," Naruto said as he sipped his soda. Then he spat it out. "Wait – Team Rocket?" Naruto wouldn't have been worried normally but the kits had taken to wearing strai-ength intensifiers at all times until Naruto knew they were strong enough for proper weights. With those on they were, dare he say it, normal Pokémon.

"Let's go find them," Naruto said as he got to his feet and rushed off. Yuki turned to Momichi. "What is Team Rocket?" Momichi shrugged his shoulder helplessly and sipped his protein drink.

Kurama opened his eyes groggily. He had been knocked out by getting repeatedly hit in the head several times with a metal pipe.

He was never going to underestimate that redhead woman again. Now he knew how Naruto felt after being pummelled by Sakura (the human, though the Eevee had a mean bite). He found himself in a large cage, with Pikachu crushed up next to him. The yellow rodent was breathing shallowly and he was concerned despite himself.

The Kyuubi gently bumped the small Pokémon with its nose. It coughed weakly. Kurama looked up and cursed lightly as he bumped his head on the top of the cage. Shaking his head he spotted the two human brats tied to a rock. Wait, wasn't their three? The short annoying one? He glanced around then back at Pikachu concernedly.

One of the humans coughed and he looked up to see the male looking at him, a reassuring smile on his face. "Don't worry, Ash is getting Pikachu a potion."

Kurama snorted softly. "I wasn't worried," he lied, turning his head away, but keeping Pikachu in his eye.

Brock stared at him before cocking his head to the side. "So you can understand everything we say right?" Kurama stared at him dully before nodding head slowly. Brock went starry eyed and Kurama recoiled quickly at the strange look. "You could teach all my Pokémon to speak couldn't you? Naruto said you could if you wanted to!"

"Even if I could I wouldn't," Kurama shot back. "I wouldn't be that cruel to the Pokémon."

Just then, six blurs came in. "Unca Fuzzy!"

Kurama perked up. "Kits," he said.

They looked at him curiously. "Why you in a cage Unca Fuzzy?" Sakura asked curiously. Kurama blinked. Why was he still in here? He looked at Pikachu. Yes… he didn't want to accidently hurt the Yellow Rat. That was it.

The kits however, were paying too much attention to him and they soon ended up in next to him, making the occupants of cage very uncomfortable with no space to even twitch in. Kurama groaned. So much for a vacation…

It appeared that Team Rocket and the Squirtle Squad had teamed up for his and the kits capture. The kits versed the Squad in an all-out prank war which left them black, blue and purple all over (from paint of course). The kits won, (Kurama wasn't surprised) and the Squad admitted that they weren't really prank masters.

The Leader, A, (So that is who he reminds me of, Kurama thought smugly) wasn't really into pranks in the first place. He wanted to go find his brother, who had gone out exploring with his trainer. Apparently Ash reminded A of this trainer and so he wanted to join Ash in his journey.

Ash, who had returned with a ruffled Naruto (they had gotten into a tussle with Team Rocket on the way it appeared) had arrived in time to hear that. All in all, Kurama thought, that had ended pretty well. The only thing was that the Squad had no purpose.

Next week Jenny contacted them and told them of Daffodil's new Firefighters.