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A/N: Heyla! ^_^ (Wow it's been awhile, sorry =_=) I haven't written an update for this fandom in a looooong while, even though it's what introduced me to this wonderful site. Inspiration hit when I was surfing YouTube and came across a video explaining the "CreepyDextas," (which is what I have decided to call them, don't bother tryin to change my mind :P). I thought to myself, 'What the Heck, why not?' and write this one up. Notice the VERY different twist I've taken on the interpretation of the Dexter-entrée. I plan to add on to it…. Later. Maybe. XD

First is Hypnos (not sure why but this one stuck out to me…)


Hypnos leaned forward, watching the window closely. A young girl came up to the window and gazed up at the stars, her lower lip trembling slightly. 'Target Acquired,' Hypnos told himself, staring at the child. Easily slipping through the shadows, he came to a stop just beneath her window and looked up. He winced when a crashing sound came from the other end of the house and the girl whimpered in fright. A gruff voice began to ramble, growing louder as it got closer. The girl shrank away from the door and closer to the glass pane as a taller figure broke through and into the room. Hypnos growled because he'd lost his best chance. He watched with angered eyes as the man smacked the little girl across the face. The psychic-type barely stopped himself from bursting through the window, he needed to be patient. Each time the younger human cried out, Hypnos clenched his clawed fist. He could feel his anger building, and did not let his muscles relax until the man had left the room, still shouting obscenities at the girl.

Finally, Hypnos peeked up over the edge, his eyes meeting that of the little girl's. She looked surprised for no more than a moment before her face was split into a grin. "Pokémon," she whispered happily, pressing her hand against the window pane. "I'm Harmony," She glanced over her shoulder worriedly for a moment, and then turned back around to be met with a swinging pendulum. Her eyes followed it, but she looked away staring at the yellow monster's face.

'Forget…' He sent the thought into her mind. 'Forget and follow me.'

"Follow… you?" She repeated. He nodded slowly, staring into her blue eyes. "Why?"

'I can make you forget,' He promised. 'Take you away, and you'll never see that man again.'

"Daddy won't hurt me no more?" She asked eagerly, her bright eyes sparkling merrily. Hypnos nodded once more, and Harmony easily slid the window open. "Daddy doesn't like me," she confided. "My mommy had a baby, but he didn't want it, so he got angry at her. He took me away and he hurts me a lot." She stared up at the sky, and then turned back to the taller creature. "I keeped wishing on my special star, and then you came, Mr. Pokémon."

'Hypnos,' He rasped, turning away slightly. Harmony giggled and held her arms out to him.

"You gotta help me down, Mr. Hypnos. I can't reach." The yellow one hesitantly took her under her arms and set her on the ground next to him. "Thank you." She whispered, slipping her petite hand into his clawed, larger one. He stared down at her in shock. She wasn't afraid, not like others that had come across him before. "Are you gonna take care of me, Mr. Hypnos?" she asked sweetly, blinking up at him innocently.

'Yes,' he promised, kneeling down to her eye level. He stood up and led her away by the hand, taking shorter steps so she could keep up. She hummed happily under her breath, occasionally skipping. 'Why are you not afraid?' The proclaimed monster asked, looking down at her.

"You promised to keep me safe," The five year old chimed, watching the world pass with wide eyes. It wasn't too long before her eyes started drooping, and she began dragging her feet and falling behind. She yawned widely and blinked in a sleepy manner. "Mr. Hypnos, I'm very tired, can you carry me?" She questioned, tugging on his hand. He unsurely scooped her up, freezing when she shifted her weight a bit. "You're fur is very soft." She whispered, burrowing her face in the white ruff and wrapping her arms around his neck. "Thank you… Mr.… Hypnos." Then, she was asleep.

The hypnotic Pokémon continued walking with no real direction, hoping to come across some sort of shelter. Just as he was ready to simply climb a tree and sleep there, he discovered a small alcove in the rocky cliffs he was walking along. He almost passed right by, due to the entrance being covered by overhanging shrubs and tree roots from the outcropping above it. It wasn't perfect, but it would do, for a night's rest. He pushed aside the foliage, yet kept a firm grip on his little passenger and entered the alcove. He sat down, leaning against the wall and set Harmony down next to him. She sighed sleepily and readjusted herself, falling back to the dream world quickly, her head resting in his lap.

Hypnos held his pendulum before himself and stared at it without swinging it, knowing the perils of accidentally hypnotizing oneself. He was glad it didn't need to use it to calm her down; he had never liked the aftereffects it had. It was a common occurrence that those fallen to his pendulum's abilities lost their memories. Finally allowing himself to feel at peace, he closed his eyes and drifted away, much like his little friend.

When he next awoke, there were voices outside the alcove, getting more pronounced as they drew closer. Cautiously, he poked his head out the brush and located the voices. A pair of officers and the partners; one Growlithe and one Ninetails, were not far away, and getting closer. He turned around and shook Harmony awake. 'Little One, the law enforcement has arrived and can properly ensure you find your mother.' He whispered, trying not to alert the "intruders" of his presence. He knew they would jump to the same conclusions everyone always did; that he had kidnapped her. Harmony sat up, yawning and stretching, grinning brightly at Hypnos. 'You must leave now, Little One.' He told her. The change was drastic, her face fell, her mouth twisted, and her nose scrunched.

"You promised you'd protect me." She pointed out.

'And, I have kept my Promise.' He said. 'But you must go with those of your type now, they will see to it that you get home safely.' Harmony wasn't too happy with the arrangement but agreed.

"Bye, Mr. Hypnos, I'll never forget you." She promised solemnly.

'Nor should I forget you, my Little Friend.' He rumbled, kneeling before her, once more. Harmony threw her petite arms around his neck and hugged her hero for the last time. She kissed the tip of his nose. She waved and disappeared out of the alcove, running to the officers. 'Good Bye, Little One.' He sent his last telepathic message to the youngling. Harmony paused and looked over her shoulder at the alcove, smiling, and then spun around to face the two officers, asking them if they knew how to get her home.

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