Summary: When Harrison James Potter was just a seven year old child, he began to feel something. Something that made him feel powerful and in control. What happens when he started to practice that something? What happens when Harry is visited by a few people in his dreams?

Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own the Harry Potter books or the Harry Potter movies. However, I do own the new plot, the new settings and the Original Characters.

Warnings: The story will be rated T for now but will very likely turn into a rated M story.

Authors Note:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Sunset. It is something that he enjoyed and cherished. Not only because of the sight and the beauty of it but because that is when his family goes to bed and when they leave him alone. Sunset is probably the only kind of freedom he has left and that is a fact. He often wondered what it would be like if he wasn't so abused or if he had a loving family. Sometimes he even dreams of what it would be like and they often turn into nightmares. He not could think of one time that he was not hit or yelled at or left within his room with no food for a week within this house. He knew that this was not what a loving family did. He knew that he was not normal but that didn't make him a so-called freak. He was the top of his class and still is though he hides the report cards so he doesn't get a severe beating. They said he should be greatful that they took him in and off the streets. He is greatful that they took him in but for a whole different reason. He is glad because if he hadn't been raised by them then he would have been a spoiled brat like his cousin, Dudley Dursley. He is glad that they raised him like they did because he would have never found out to enjoy the little things in life. He is glad that Dudley invented the game "Harry Hunting" because he would have never found the joy of running. He is glad because if they did not punish him he wouldn't have all the scars as a reminder of what these kind of people were really like. Overall he was very greatful to the Dursley's. Little seven-year-old Harrison James Potter is beyond his age for thinking this way. He is beyond his age in knowledge as well since he has read the entire library at his school.

Harrison is currently in the garden pulling the weeds out from under the White Rose bush. From what he could remember from one of the articulture books he found in the school library, the White Rose means Purity, Innocence, Secrecy, Humility and Youthfulness. He thought it was ironic as he could never have any of these things. Well, except Humility, if Harrison ever admitted it. As he was thinking he felt the winds cool him down in the hot summer day. He closed his eyes and just felt the wind enjoying every second of it. He quickly got back to work knowing that if the Dursley's found him slacking off they would give hima beating and never let him outside again. After two hours of working outside he finished all of the chores. He walked inside and into his cupboard as his loving family ate without him. He sat on the old lumpy matress that is his bed. When Harrison heard the Television turn on, he knew he wouldn't be disturbed until the next morning. So, he moved to the loose piece of wood in the floor and pulled it free. Inside it was a Journal in which he writes his life in and a pencil to write with. sort of like a diary but not. Harrison pulled the journal and pencil out and started to write in it.

July 31st 1987,

Hello, again. It has been a horrible day for me. The Dursleys made me do all the outside chores today without any food or water. It was burning hot outside today so you can guess why they left me out there. Sometimes I wonder what a loving family feels like. Do you know? Well, it doesn't matter since I will never know anyway. Also I really hope that God will answer my prayers I send him every night. I mean it when I say take me away or teach me to be stronger. Well, wish me a happy birthday.


Harrison James Potter.

After writing that very depressing but true entry in the journal, Harrison put it back in the hole and went to bed. What the poor child didn't know is that was the night his entire life changed. The night he would forever remember and keep in his heart. The night he would become powerful and forever bare the gifts he was bestowed upon. The night he would forever be changed!