Based on how CrissColfer are complete nerds and love everything comic-con-esque. Kurt and Blaine meet at comic-con. They bump into each other when looking at Harry Potter merchandise and get talking. Things spiral from there. Klaine. Kurt/Blaine Nerd!Kurt Nerd!Blaine

A/N-Hello! I really should be writing my other fic but this popped in my brain and I had to write it. It's kind of based on my experience at Supanova where I met Tom Felton. I unfortunately did not find my soul mate though. That's Kurt and Blaine's thing.

So this chapter is a little short but it's the prologue, so sue me.



It was an average Saturday morning for most people in Ohio but for some, it was special.

Today comic-con was being held in Columbus, the capitol of Ohio and Blaine Anderson was extremely excited to be going. He had his costume ready; He was going as the hobbit (a play on his lack of height). He had made the costume himself, with the help of his mother of course. He had saved up all of his pocket money and all the money he had earned baby-sitting and tutoring Italian for other student at Dalton Academy, so he could buy tickets and have lots of money left over for autographs, photos and merchandise.

So Blaine got in the car and started the drive from his home in Westerville to Columbus. He was unfortunately going alone, he couldn't convince any of the Warblers to go with him. Sure some of them liked comic books and Star Wars and video games but nowhere near as much as him. He still hadn't found someone he could rant to about the latest Flash comic book or play Pokémon with or sing songs from A Very Potter Musical. Maybe he could make a friend a comic-con?

Kurt Hummel had woken up at three in the morning and started to paint his body gold. Yes, it sounds odd. But he was going to comic-con dressed as C-3PO. Yes, Kurt Hummel liked Star Wars. It's not something you'd expect from somebody like Kurt. And by somebody I meant and flaming, flamboyant gay. But at heart, Kurt Hummel really was a giant nerd.

He loved Doctor Who, Merlin, Supernatural, Torchwood, Star Wars, Lord Of the Rings, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games and heaps of anime shows. Way to break the stereotype.

But today he was traveling to a place where people like him were accepted. Where people like him gathered once a year to celebrate the best comic books, TV shows, movies, books and franchises. Today he was going to Comic-Con.

He was going to meet Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter) and Tom Hopper (Sir Percival, Merlin) and it was going to be epic!

Yes he was going alone. Sam was really the only one he would consider going with as he was a bit of a nerd himself. But he didn't know that Kurt liked 'nerdy' things and was going to Comic-Con. If he told Sam would he tell other people? Then they'd have another reason to bully him. So he just kept his obsessions to himself.

Maybe he could find a boyfriend in New York that liked the same things as him? Probably not.

So Kurt made the long drive to Columbus getting ready for a fun and exciting day filled with merch, comic-books, celebrities, costumes, photos, autographs and Q&A sessions but little did he know, he would remember this day for a very different reason.


Okay bye.