Abby walks in to her lab at the beginning of the morning and is turning on her babies when she finds two sets of tapes on her table next to her computer and immediately wonders what they have on them and who put them there. She is further confused when looking on the labels for the first set the hand writing is hers and she don't remember writing it or putting them there so she reaches for the second set and they look just like the first set but have a different name on them but they're still in her own hand writing so deciding to treat it like it was evidence in a investigation and she puts on gloves and checks for finger prints and only finds two sets of her own. So then she puts the first DVD tape in and sets it up to play. What she hears next is weird Gibbs talking to a woman she doesn't know.

"Been a long time since I've had a beautiful young woman lookin' for me" Gibb's gravel voice sounded

"You ready to leave?"

The woman replies "I have been ready to leave for a while."

The tape continues and they enter the car and the woman asks Gibbs a question

"Where is Tony? I guess I am surprised that he was not the one to pick me up."

By this time Abby is getting even more excited to know who this woman is and how she knows Gibbs and Tony and what her relationship is to Tony. But she concentrates when she hears Gibbs' reply

"I had him stay with the rest of the team. I want them to find that Mossad bastard"

She wonders what Israeli intelligence has to do with anything next she hears the car stop and them getting out and the woman telling Gibbs

"Gibbs, I am very capable of walking to my apartment."

Ok she thinks this woman seems to have like a father daughter relationship with Gibbs like she does. Abby tunes back in as Gibbs replies with the woman's name

"No arguments Ziva. I'm making sure you get there alright." So Abby thinks the woman's name's Ziva maybe Gibbs and Tony have been protecting her from Mossad because Ziva's a Hebrew name and she has a accent. Thing are getting more interesting every minute. By the sounds they are making they seem to walking through a lobby and into a elevator then getting out and getting a key out and opening the door to her apartment. The next thing Abby hears is


wow this is better than a soap opera she thinks for a fraction of a second before being interrupted by Gibbs whispering

"Easy Ziva" the woman must be special because Gibbs is showing his softer side and trying to comfort her when he whispers she can hear it in his voice then she's snapped out of her head when she hears the strangest thing in the whole tape recording her own voice.

"OhmyGodOhmyGodOhmyGodZivayou 'reback!" that must mean that I know her somehow Abby thinks but she hasn't heard that voice before in her life and she thinks I'm pretty good at remembering voices, so she continues to listen to the conversation and what she's saying on the recording.

"Abby… ribs… hurt…" Immediately Abby let go with a sheepish "Sorry!" definitely sounds like something she'd do guessing that she's just given this Ziva woman an Abby hug and the woman has injured ribs by the sounds of it.

Then she hears herself rambling "Do you like it Ziva? We had Gibbs pick you up, partly because he wouldn't wear a party hat, I thought it'd be cute, but he just wouldn't, and partly because Tony would have blabbed, Tony don't look at me like that, you know you would have told her, anyway, Gibbs had to pick your lock to get in, sorry about that, got weird looks from your neighbours for that…"