So it turns out this story wasn't quite done with me yet. Enjoy part two.

He was sure it had only been yesterday when his lttle girl had been born. Surely this beautiful young women in front of him couldn't be her, no more the man in the mirror whose hair was now nearly all grey could be him. He had been so thrilled to have a little girl, it felt almost as though he and Hinata each had their own, though Karura would grow to be so much more like her mother than Eda ever would. He tucked his trembling hands under his desk unwilling to her see how weak her father and leader had become. His news would be shock enough for her.

"Sit down," He supposed that to a stranger his voice may sound cold and uncaring. But he liked to think his own daughter knew him well enough to understand. He watched her tuck her skirts around her ankles as she sat. She had grown to be much more like her mother than she realized. A deadly ninja, undoubtley the best in the village, and yet she remained lady like, though Gaara was happy to admit he didn't approve of her taking fashion advice from her aunt. Temari never had sensible clothing choices. At least it was Jounin Temari fashion that she was wearing and not her earlier outfits. Gaara may have be forced to lock her in a tower if she thought wearing a short skirt for ninja work was appropiate.

"I suppose your wondering why I called you in," She nodded, and Gaara watched as her long red plait bobbed, his hair was the only physical feature that his daughter had inheirited from him, she even got her mother's eyes. Something which their son had missed out on. His heart ached at the thought of his precious first born, who they had waited so long to have. While his daughter was very much like Hinata had been in her youth, she definitely had a good touch of Gaara in there as well. His temper, mainly, and an inability to keep her mouth shut which Gaara suspected had also come from his side of the family. Look at Temari after all, she had no ability to keep her mouth shut whatsoever, something she had passed on to her children.

"It is time for me to retire-" She openned her mouth to question his deisicon or to protest, Gaara didn't care at this point which one it was. He was old, he was rusty, and he had been unchallenged for too long. He would be a fool to remain in the position for any longer, without shukaku, especially at his age, he was on the wrong side of fifty and beginning to show it. He had no interest in still being in this role at 80 unlike some kage's who shall reamin nameless.

"Please let me continue," He said, in a voice that told her instantly to shut it. He watched as she pressed the tips of her pointer fingers together, a gesture so much like her mothers that it made his heart ache.

"You are to be the sixth Kazekage, Karura," The effect of his words was instanteous, immediately his daughter flew to her feet, knocking her chair down behind her.

"No! No, no, no, Father, leader, you shouldn't be retiring, can you even retire?! Not to mention that, with all due respect, it should be Eda! Not me, I am female, there has never been a female kazekage, and I am not the eldest. You cannot tell me the elders agreed to this?!" She definitely had his temper. He lifted his hands out from under the desk and watched as his daughter spotted them. The color drained from her face. She walked to the side of the desk and took his hands in hers. In her shock she looked almost ten years younger, for a moment he thought she was still a child and that is was all a folly.

"You are only fifty-eight father, your hands shouldn't be that bad, when did you last see a doctor or even a medic," He couldn't help but smile at that, she really was so much like Hinata.

"Karura, I do not need a doctor to tell me what I already know, I am old, losing shukaku and dying in the process when I was younger than you. It took years off me, then losing your mother-" His voice cracked, it always did when he mentioned Hinata. The wound was over ten years old and it still hurt as though it was yesterday. Karura had only been eleven, Eda had been sixteen. They had all still needed her, but fate hadn't seemed to like the family much and cancer had taken Hinata at age fourty eight, right until the end Hinata had joked that her uterus had it in for her. First it had taken ten years for them to have Eda, then it had given them Karura as a surprise five years later, finally it had grown a tumor that made them think she was expecting another little suprise. It has surprised them alright, only it hadn't been a good surprise, it had been a huge black tumor that would kill her in less that a year.

"Losing your mother only advanced the process," He attempted to smile at his daughter, as he gave her hands a squeeze.

"Regardless, father, it should be Eda, he is older, he is male, "

"Valid points, and I can assure you, that you would still be my choice and the elders choice if you had no gentials at all," Seeing that she went to argue once more that it should be Eda, Gaara continued,

"Your brother is a fantastic ninja, but he lacks certains qaulities. He is not a leader for one, I cannot even trust him to take out patrols. He doesn't have the Byakugan, he spends far too much time in the red district. In fact, and it doesn pain me to say this, but the only two things your brother has going for him as Kazekage is the fact that he is the elder of you two and he has a penis. It has to be one of you, all my other apprentices are dead and the elders will only allow someone trained by me to become the next kazekage,"

"You have experince in diplomancy from your time in the leaf, Eda will take your uncle's place as head of the Hyuga clan I have already discussed this with your brother. He expressed a great deal of releif that it wasn't to be him, then argued for a half hour that your one of your cousins should lead the clan, especially since he doesn't have the eyes nor the leadership abilities. But it seem the elders have put there foot down and revoked Neji's leadership and reinstated your mothers so your brother can inheirit. There is nothing he can do but accept the positon and marry one of the girls, since he still carries the genes the elders hope his children will have the eyes. I for one hope that the elders do much of the real leadership of the clan and that your brother will just be a firgurehead." Karura perched her self on his desk. He could tell she was thinking what he had just said through.

"Does he have to marry one of the girls? Their his second cousins isn't that a little-" She wrinkled her nose delicately, "Medieval?" Gaara had to laugh at that.

"The elders wanted to marry Uncle Neji to your mother at one point, then Uncle Naruto orgainised for her to marry me instead and your uncle ran away and married Aunt TenTen in secret," It was times like this he remember his daughter was only twenty one, she poked her tounge out thoroughly disgusted.

"That is disgusting, I am so glad that Uncle Naruto stepped in," He hadn't been at the time, he had wanted to marry Matsuri, but she had been killed in the war. Naruto wrote and asked if he wouldn't mind a political marriage to seal their treaty. His orignal answer had been overuled by the elders. Thank god. Hinata had still been fighting a serious crush on Naruto at the time, her reluctance was something he hadn't found out about untill Karura had been born.

"You are just lucky your mother made me swear I'd never make you a politcal princess fit to only be married off." Karura's eyes lit up, and he recalled that that he had never told his children about that promise, namely because Hinata had forgotten to make sure the promised covered Eda as well.

"I take it she forgot to include Eda in this which is how he is going end married to, hey, which cousin do they want him with? Aren't most them already married?"

"Ashi, they have suggested Ashi," His daughter cackled, and he squeezed her hand.

"Back to the point, Karura, you are to be the next Kazekage, agreed?" She sighed and looked away for a moment before answering.

"I don't have much choice, do I?"


"Then yes, I will be the sixth Kazekage of Suna, you knew I'd accept, don't even know why you bothered to ask,"

"Your mother always said it was polite. She had me trained you know,"

"I know, Mama had us all trained without even realizing it. I wish she could see us now, Eda going to be head of the Hyuga clan, and apparently, me stepping up to be the next kazekage,"

Gaara smiled at this, and reached up his spare hand to sweep some hair that had escaped her plait behind her ear.

"She is here, I feel her around us everyday. Sometimes I even see her looking at me through your eyes, Karura, she will only be truly gone when their is none of us left," His daughter smiled, and patted his head. Gaara felt for a moment that their roles had been reversed. She took his face between her hands just as her mother had, and kissed the old tatto on his wrinkled forehead.

"I love you Daddy,"

Really, he owed Naruto a lot, his life more than once, his political career, his wife, and his children.