-:- Subject 13's Butler -:-
.:A Kuroshitsuji Fan Fiction:.

Author: AoUsagi

Summary: Ciel takes the leap into Oblivion, only to wake into a strange white-washed world of beeping machines and white-coats doctors. The only thing that seems real is Sebastian, who steals him away from the hellhole laboratory to save him from the sick sake of science.


Hiya folks, and welcome to a new Black Butler fanfic! I don't want to say much, because that would –obviously- ruin the story, which I don't want to do. This is an idea I've had bouncing around my head for a long time. And that's a LONG TIME. I haven't wanted to work on it until I'd finished at least one of my other fics, which I now have, so here we go. I'll stop rambling now.

- Mercy

This chapter is actually a teaser excerpt from Chapter One. I'd like to see what sort of response I get from it before I consider posting more. It's basically the end of season two with a twist.

Teaser Chapter


Roses shouldn't grow among ashes. That was something that Ciel Phantomhive was certain of in this strange, dimly lit world that didn't make sense. But, against all reasonable odds, there were inky black roses and the purest, glowing white roses growing amongst dark leaves in a garden bed of ash. A breeze stirred the petals and lifted several of them into the air, sending them flying head over heels into the deeper, darker space of nothingness beyond.

Of course, there was one other thing that he was certain, and he was in it's arms as it carried him through this sickeningly beautiful flower bed, moving with grace and elegance to match that of a panther. His butler, Sebastian. Ciel could hear the distance crashing of waves somewhere beyond them, where the roses would end and the void would begin, cliffs staggering away beneath them and away into oblivion. But he could also hear a sound he'd never in the last few years been able to discern; a heartbeat. Not his own, and not even Sebastian's – it was a pounding that flowed through the both of them, the constant, rhythmic pulse that bonded boy and butler together. Perhaps being a demon had heightened his awareness of it; or perhaps it was simply something new altogether.

'Where shall we go now?' the deep tones of his demons voice were carried over the breeze, and Ciel found himself shrugging.

'Do you know? I don't much care. After all you and I both know where we are ultimately going to end up. I was always going there. As a dead human…or a live demon.' They came to a halt as the cliffs dropped sharply away beneath them, with nothing but a void of depth and nothingness cast in shadow beyond. The waves were louder, but he couldn't see any sign of the spray as they crashed into the rocks. He took a deep inhalation of the cool air. 'I feel good somehow, as if released from a spell I was under for a long time.'

'Yes, and in return for that…I have been put under an eternal spell.' Sebastian replied, a tinge of bitterness in his voice; he didn't have to mask it anymore – but Ciel didn't feel the need to get angry. Somehow, it was coming to an end; an end that didn't deserve to finish on a sorrowful note.

'You are my butler, Sebastian,' he said, feeling absolute in the words he spoke. Sebastian nodded, affirming the sensation.

'I'm am one hell of a butler. …For eternity.'

'And as before there is only one answer that you will give me. You know it, don't you?' he looked up at the crimson eyed monster dressed in the finest of suits. He felt the demons muscles bunch, his legs bowed, and then, Sebastian sprang from the cliff, and Ciel felt that this truly was the final curtain for this world. He was leaving it, and he would not be returning as Sebastian whispered in his ear.

'Yes, my Lord.'

The wind whipped through their hair and their clothes, Ciel's sight blurring with streaks of black and white as the two of them freefell into the abyss that was Oblivion.

And when Ciel snapped his eyes open, the feeling of descent stopped, and he couldn't help but scream in pain as the brightness of the light above blinded him.


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