Once Upon a Time

A Series of Short Stories


It really sucks to be him.

To be the despised one, to be the black sheep that nobody will ever accept...

Why, you say?

Because this is the unfortunate story of Kumagawa Misogi.

In fact, the 'unfortunate' part is unnecessary, since when you so much as mention his name, something miserable happens.

A very-soon-to-be-father with a beer belly sat in the Hakoniwa Hospital waiting room silently, staring into the distance, as if doing so would speed up his son's delivery so that he wouldn't miss the Friday night football.

He started tapping his left foot impatiently against the smooth tiles, mumbling something incoherent that must have been about lousy doctors and nurses.

A Wish Upon the North Star

As a certain man started pacing back-and-forth a floor down, a lovely woman in Delivery Room 3 is being handed a rather cute and adorable baby with a chubby face and the tiniest traces of hair on his small head.

That is Kumagawa Misogi.

At least, that's how he was supposed to be named. But his identity is another subject we will tackle a bit sooner than now.

In Delivery Room 5, a tattoo-festooned drunk with a wild personality is the one being handed with the original Kumagawa Misogi. To think that you fell for the sick and twisted joke of a person as sick and twisted person as the aforementioned baby antagonist being raised by a proper family under proper living conditions is a bit foolish for the perceptive mind.

But perceptive or not, we all know the outcome of this lousy infant switch. Not that a Kumagawa with different features would change the story much.

A mother looked out of the car window as she glared at the stars. Why did this demon even come into the world?

She thought ahead of the diapers and milk she would have to buy, and the sleepless nights she would get because of this dratted child. Maybe this is what her parents thought of her when she was born.

Nonetheless, she never wanted a child. Hell, she was only 21. And she wasn't married.

She glared at a star burning brighter than the others.


The star that grants wishes.

As the star slowly faded away from her viewpoint, she wished, oh how she wished, that Kumagawa Misogi will leave their life soon for good.