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Loki was bored. There was no way to sugar coat it. He was absolutely, maddeningly, frustratingly bored. And Loki hated being bored above all else. Even more than he hated being undermined or ignored….And that said something.

He sighed in exasperation and looked at the book opened on his lap. He had read every single book in the royal libraries. Mountains and mountains of valuable information. This was the sixth time reading the particular leather bound pages between his fingers and as much as he enjoyed it, it was beginning to get just a little dull. There were only so many times one could revise the history of Asgard's rectification. What he needed was a distraction…

Loki glanced around his room. Nothing caught his eye….wait! His intelligent orbs fell on Thor's red cape, draped carelessly over one of the chairs. How like his brother…Barging into his room in the morning, disturbing his slumber and dumping his items wherever he saw fit. He would normally be angry with Thor, for being Thor, but his bulbous attitude sparked an idea inside Loki's highly creative mind. Slowly a plan started forming, all of the necessary pieces falling into place like a finished puzzle.

'This is going to be fun.' And Loki, god of mischief and lies, was no longer bored.

Thor barged into his younger brother's chambers, grinning broadly. He had fantastic news and his golden eyes shone with mirth. The All Father was going to bestow the almighty hammer on him. The mark of a king. Mjolnir.

When he heard this the first person Thor though of sharing the news with was Loki. He was certain the other god would be just as joyous and eager to celebrate. After all, he would become first prince. Once Thor was king, Loki would have all the freedom in the world. Thor had no desire to make Loki go through all the maddening lessons Odin was so adamant of torturing them with. Who cares about history anyway? Thor really didn't see the point of him having to remember all the years and names of the ridiculously numerous battles...

'LOKI! I have amazing news!' Loki flinched when Thor all but broke the door with the force of his entrance and his voice rumbled like thunder, bouncing off the walls like a violent echo. The trickster kept calm and his expression was perfectly passive, he thanked his ability to lie at the drop of a pin, but he was quite startled if his elevated heart beats were anything to go by.

'Have you ever heard of knocking Thor? It takes a minimum amount of effort and-'

'I couldn't wait to share this with you! Forget the knocking!'

'And your manners which dictate not to interrupt others, evidently.' But Thor didn't pay any mind to Loki's mumbling. He was already pacing around the bedroom, his excitement taking the better of him and preventing him from keeping still.

'I am to be presented with Mjolnir! Do you understand what that means?' Thor paused for a second to grin widely at Loki. He missed the almost inconspicuous frown and the slightly darkening of Loki's emerald eyes.

'Of course I do Thor. You are to be king.' He grinned widely, hiding his true feelings. He was good at that…He had been doing it his entire life.

'Exactly! Me! King of all of Asgard! Almighty Thor Odinson, ruler of all!' Loki had to mentally steel himself so he wouldn't scream at Thor to be silent. It was one thing to be chosen as king, a position Loki believed he didn't deserved, but to come in there and boast about it so callously?! That was simply too much.

'Yes brother. You have said it all. But is there anything else you need to share with me, because I am very interested in my reading.' Loki directed his attention back to his book. The same book he had been reading earlier that morning.

'Haven't you read that boring book four times already?' Thor looked at him with incredulity. Loki didn't answer right away and the slight clenching of his jaw showed his exasperation.

'Five times. And I can assure you it is not boring.' He flung the book in question at Thor when the other started laughing merrily, in that way which Loki found so annoyingly loud and disruptive. Thor dodged it with exaggerated ease and caught in his hand. If his grin widened any more, Loki wondered if it would split his head in half. What a lovely development that would be…Wishful thinking.

'Come now brother, do not be so stiff! This is a grand occasion and I want to celebrate it with you.' Thor held the book out to Loki, sincerity written all over his face. The brunette didn't take it back right away. He seemed to think about it, weighing his options. Finally he reached out and took the leather bound pages, a bit hesitant in his movements.

'Fine Thor. What exactly do you have in mind…' Loki already regretted his question and judging by Thor's excessively loud laugh, his hunch was correct.

'A feast! Fit for a king!'

'You are not king yet….' But Thor conveniently missed Loki's scornful words.

'With plenty of food and drink! And maidens to please the eyes.' Thor winked at his brother who resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Food, drink and women. Basically Thor in a nutshell. 'Come on Loki. You've been cooped up in your books for too long! A bit of fun will do you good.' Loki glared at Thor but the wheels in his mind were already turning, putting his plan into appliance. 'For me, dear brother.'

'Oh alright. If this will shut you up and get you out of my hair…'

'Splendid!' Loki nearly gave into his impulse to cover his ears, so loud was Thor's thunderous laughter. 'I'll leave you to your reading then brother, and I shall see you tonight.' One last flashing smile before Thor left, making as much noise as when he came. His brutish ways actually elected a soft chuckle from Loki. What was that Midgarian saying again?...Oh yes!

'The bigger they are, the harder they fall.'

The feast was in full swing. Loud, beautiful music filled the halls and mixed with the cheer and laughter of every person present. They all knew the occasion. It was one week before Thor was to be bestowed with the title of future king. Mjolnir would be his. The hammer forged from a fallen star. Proof of kingship. The clinks of wine filled cups rang like bells around the banquet area.

'To Thor and his leadership! May he always lead us to glory!' A chorus of cheers and vigorous nodding of heads followed Fandral's toast. Thor's eyes glowed with delight, strong as the morning sun, and he threw back the sweet red liquid of his golden cup. It burned pleasantly all the way down where it settled into a blissful pool of heat at the bottom of his gut.

'What did I tell you Loki? Are you still regretting coming?' Thor clasped his brother on the back with enough strength to force the wine, barely swallowed, all the way out and back into the cup. Loki looked mighty unpleased but he stretched his lips into a grin. He wasn't about to give himself away now of all times…

'Yes Thor. For once, you were right. And if I manage to survive the night with all my bones unbroken I'll consider that a bonus.' He rubbed circles against his shoulder. Loki was certain there would be a Thor hand shaped bruise there the next day.

'My apologies. I forget sometimes how fragile you are.' Loki congratulated himself for not snapping and showing Thor just how 'fragile' he really was. Instead he continued to grin, though he couldn't quite hide the tensing of his muscles and the darkening of his eyes.

'That's alright. I wouldn't expect you to trouble yourself with my wellbeing…' Thor gave Loki a long look and he realized that he had spoken out loud. He had to redirect Thor's mind to something else, and quickly. 'But has anyone caught your eye yet?' He gave Thor a playful nudge and immediately the lightning god's frown disappeared.

'There are plenty of lovely maidens present.' Thor rose his glass to a blonde beauty across the room and she instantly blushed and smiled coyly. Loki raised an eyebrow. She was a perfect emblem of Thor's type. Pretty, curvy, big chested and eager. Thor preferred looks over brain. 'What about you Loki? Anyone here for you?' Loki glanced back with alarm at Thor, who was now watching him.

'Oh, don't try to make this about me Thor. I asked first and you are avoiding my question. Why is that? Something to hide?...' Loki poured yet more wine into Thor's cup. He watched as the older god threw it back as if it were water. Thor could hold his own when it came to drink, no questioning that, but everyone had a limit. Even a god.

'I plan on taking the lovely blonde to my chambers this night. There. I have answered. Now you have no excuse to avoid my own question.' Loki poured more wine. Thor drank it.

'Since you put it that way…The answer is yes. I have seen someone that caught my eye. But I'm afraid she hasn't seen me yet.' Loki smirked as Thor searched him with open curiosity.

'Who is this blind lady?'

'You know her well. She is dark haired too and she has the most beautiful green eyes. Unfortunately she doesn't use them to see what's right in front of them.' Loki put on a look of dismay, his entire frame falling as if weighed down by sorrow.

'Brother…Then she's not right for you. If she can't see what a fine catch you are then she is a fool. There are plenty of other maidens who would die to be with you.' It was strange having Thor counsel him, but Loki found his words strangely soothing. He had never thought Thor saw him through such pleasant eyes…It spurred him on with his plan.

'Yes. But you see Thor, I would die without her. Even if she doesn't love me back. What would you do in this situation? Seeing as you have such a reputation when it comes to finding partners.' Everyone knew of Thor and his ability to bed the fairest women in the whole of Asgard. They jumped at a chance to be with the golden god, if even for a single night. Thor didn't understand the hardship which came when one was not blessed with Thor's golden looks and fearless charm. When one was Loki. The court of Asgard found his darker appearance strange and unsettling. They didn't trust him. He was considered beautiful, but a beauty associated with the fey creatures. Creatures of mischief and moonlight.

'Have you…I mean…Does she know who you are?' Thor looked a bit awkward but the thought of not aiding his brother didn't even cross his mind.

'She does.'

'Right. Have you…tried to court her?'

'I have not.'

'Why not? Is there an obstacle preventing your union?' Thor meant parents or royal blood. Not what Loki was about to say…

'Yes. It's just…I don't know how to speak to a…' Loki trailed off expecting Thor to understand his meaning. All he received in return was a blank expression. 'A woman Thor. A woman.' Thor's idiocy amazed him sometimes, even after all those years.

'OH! Okay…Right! That's…An obstacle.' Loki looked down at his cup, with a strangled puppy sort of look, while inside he was laughing with mirth. Lying was second nature to him now and he was intelligent enough to use this to his advantage. He wasn't one for women, because he had no interest in women, not because he couldn't get them. There was a reason why he was called silver tongue. He could be charming and alluring like the fey creatures of the forest. Like the call of danger which women found so very exciting.

'It certainly is.' Thor glanced at Loki, who was still staring at his own reflection. His green eyes looked back at him and they were red. The mirroring image seemed to smirk and nod its encouragement.

'Don't despair my brother. I'll help you!' Loki glanced up. Thor was grinning again, a bit forcefully, but grinning nonetheless.

'You will?'

'Yes. You can pretend I'm this mystery lady and practice your courting on me.' Things were working even better than Loki had dared hope. Thor could be so very gullible and oh so easy to manipulate.

'You would do this for me?' Thor turned in his seat so he was fully facing Loki. The celebration around them kept going but both men ignored it.

'For you, yes. But only for you! This is not something I do every day you know…' Loki smirked and Thor grinned.

'Aw…And here I was thinking what a fine woman you would make Thor. A blonde anger with beautiful blue eyes.' Thor's grin dropped like a stone in the ocean. Loki's hand was on his and his fingers moved against it in surprisingly seductive and languid strokes, like an artist moving his brush against a blank canvas to create a masterpiece.


'Yes?' Even his voice was seductive. Hypnotising like a spell. Thor pulled his hand away like it was burned by fire. He coughed to hide his distress.

'I really can't see how you would have trouble with this woman if you talk and act like that. You should try again and I'm certain she would fall into your arms.' Thor scratched the back of his head. Loki watched him with interest and made a mental note of all the flickering reactions that passed across Thor's features. Maybe it was the wine or the ambiance, but the slight blush and the slightly dilated pupils were death giveaways.

'You really think so brother?' Loki acted like a child with a present. He really deserved a prize for his acting skills…

'I certainly do.'

'Then can I be excused from your celebration?'

'Is she not here? I'd very much love to meet her. The women who captured your heart.' Thor was back to his usual self, obviously relieved that he no longer had to act as Loki's pretend woman.

'No. She unfortunately couldn't come tonight, but you shall meet her soon enough. That's a promise.'

'Then what are you waiting for?! Go! Let me know how your evening unfolds.' Another clasp of Thor's mighty hand across his back and Loki was pushed into the table. Thor uttered a hasty 'sorry'.

'I most certainly will.'

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