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There were five days to go until Thor's coronation. Loki sat on the bed with his book open across his lap. He was so bored….Having read that book for a sixth time. Now going for a seventh. He could probably recite the entire 1223 pages, word for word. Loki hated being bored, more than almost anything else.

'Loki, are you planning on spending another day cooped up in here reading that same book? Did you not finish it for the fourth time yesterday?' Loki glanced at Thor, who as always, let himself in without so much as a knock. Odin forbid he learned some basic manners….

'Sixth time. And yes. That was my plan.'

'That's very boring.' Loki rolled his eyes.

'How perceptive of you Thor. Did you have help figuring that out or was it as a result of your quick wit and keen observation skills?' But all he got in return for his scorn was a hearty round of laughter from the ever merry blonde prince.

'Seeing as you don't have any plan, why don't you join me for a walk in the forest?' That sounded nice…But Loki wasn't about to make Thor feel good about himself that easy.

'I just told you my plan. You will have to find someone else to accompany you.' Loki pretended to go back to his reading. A perfect time to employ his famous skills as a good actor. He looked quite serious and stern.

'Come now brother. Don't be this way…'

'And what way would that be Thor?'

'So…Hard to approach.' Loki raised an eyebrow before going back to his reading. 'Alright. I want to have you by my side because I miss you already. Content?' Loki pretended to think about it. Was he content? Yes or no…Hmmm….Hard decision. 'Loki!'

'Alright, alright. No need to get hissy. I'll join you.' Immediately a wide grin graced Thor's lips and Loki rolled his eyes again. He was like a child with a present…

'Splendid!' Thor turned to leave but then stopped as if remembering something. 'Oh Loki? I was meaning to ask you. What exactly was your plan?' He didn't have to go into further detail about which plan….It was self-explanatory. Loki was silent for a second, contemplating weather he should answer honestly or lie. In the end he saw no point in lying.

'I wanted to seduce you and then throw you out of my chamber unfulfilled. Imagining your face…That would have been quite entertaining.' Loki smirked at Thor's openly shocked response. He hadn't expected for Loki to be that, well for lack of a better word, mean!

'Why? I hardly did anything to deserve that!' Thor wasn't angry per say, just a little irked at the concept. Something that didn't go unnoticed by Loki. And it pleased him greatly.

'You called my book boring.' An absolute silence fell over the room. It lasted circa five seconds before Thor burst into laughter. It was Loki's turn to be surprised. Thor continued to laugh until he was bend double and wiping tears of joy from the corners of his eyes.

'Oh Loki! You can't be serious. Surely that wasn't the reason why you put that entire elaborate plan to action!'

'Not exactly. I was bored.'


'Yes. I was bored and I thought a trick would cheer me up.' Loki grinned wickedly at his brother, and lover. Thor shook his head but he was mirroring Loki's smile.

'And has it?'

'Oh yes, my lord.' And Thor pulled him close in a loving kiss, his arm wound up around Loki's thin waist.

'Then meet me at the front gates. I'll be waiting for you.' Thor left and Loki stared after him. He traced his lips, where Thor's had been a second ago. His masculine smell was still around the chamber and Loki inhaled deeply.

For now they were brothers and lovers, but a lot could change in five days….

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