School, Love and Mafia Things

Pairing: R27

Rated: T

Disclaimer: I do not own KHR, but if I do, I will be studying all day without fanfiction!

Genres: Romance, Adventure, Friendship, and Family

Chapter 1: the Home Tutor Hitman, Reborn

It was about 2 am and Tsuna couldn't sleep. She was trying to, but she was too tired to try. She was thinking about the test today. She had to go to Namimori High School or her dad will go overseas from Italy to Japan just because he want to meet her little daughter. Tsuna didn't forget to study, but her body was saying that she had to study more. Tsuna's big brown eyes were fresh and she didn't feel sleepy but she couldn't stay in bed any longer or she would die with her eyes opened. She started to move her legs, she made them touch the floor, and she got out of bed and stood up. She looked around her room and went to her dusty desk, but she wasn't really in the mood for studying at 2 am, so she went out of her room and went downstairs. The house was dark and so quiet because her mum was already asleep. Tsuna never been this awake at night, she realized that at night her house was scary as ever. She went to the living room and turned the lights on because she was really scared of dark, then she turned on the TV and sat on the big sofa alone. She took the remote control from the table in front of her and switched the channel to another channel. She switched and switched and switched, but there weren't any good movies. Then suddenly…


The doorbell rang and shocked Tsuna.

'Who the hell came to a house at 2 in the morning?' Tsuna screamed inside and rose from the sofa. She walked to the huge door and opened it slowly. But when she opened it, there were no one there.

'Strange… I'm sure I heard the bell' Tsuna was confused, she closed the door so slowly because she was hoping there was someone there. But there was still nothing in her sight, so she stepped to the living room but…


The bell rang once again.

'Who is that' Tsuna wondered and turned around. She opened the door lazily, looked outside and incredibly shocked to see a tall middle age man with a black suit covered his big body and blonde hair standing in front of her.

"Tsunaaa! I really miss you!" The man suddenly hugged Tsuna so tightly with his big arms.

"Dad! What are you doing here at this hour? Aren't you supposed to be in Italy?" Tsuna tried to let go of her dad's hug. Her dad hugged her tightly, making her small and slim body unable to move freely.

"Tsuna, you've gotten so big since I left you. Your hair has become so long, and your body taller and…"

Iemitsu Sawada let his hug go and observed 15 years old Tsunayoshi Sawada or we can call her 'Tsuna'. Tsuna really missed her dad, but why dud her father come home at this hour and right before she had the test? Tsuna thought deeply about it and made her dad's observation become useless. Then suddenly, there was a deep low voice came from outside.

"Iemitsu, can I come in too?"

Tsuna was really confused to hear that. Why there was another voice outside?

"Oh, Reborn! I forgot about you, come in!" Iemitsu looked outside and made the man that he called 'Reborn' come inside. That man was a tall, handsome young man with a black-orange suit and a fedora covered half of his face with a chameleon shifted on the side of his fedora. Once he stepped inside, he raised his head and made his eyes become seeable. His black hair made his amber eyes stand out fiercely. His body was slim but big. He was the type that every girl would fall, so did Tsuna. This was the first time she had met Reborn, but she couldn't resist his handsome face.

"Who is that, Iemitsu?" Reborn talked to Iemitsu smoothly but sure. His deep and bass voice made Tsuna's heart melted.

"It's my daughter. Her name is Tsunayoshi, but we call her Tsuna. Tsuna, introduce yourself to Reborn"

"H-Hi.. I'm Tsunayoshi Sawada. Y-You can call me Tsuna.." Tsuna introduced herself stammered. She raised her face to face Reborn and looked into the amber orbs of Reborn. She blushed slightly as their eyes met, and quickly looked to the floor to cover her blushing face.

The man took a step forward and lifted Tsuna's chin so she look at him again."So you're Tsunayoshi?"

"Eh… Y-Yeah.." Tsuna pouted as she blinked. The man let his hand down and looked to Iemitsu.



"You're right. She is cute" Reborn smirked.

"Right? She looks just like Nana, doesn't she? She's my cute little girl" Iemitsu said it proudly

Tsuna covered her face with her bangs and thought. She had heard how Reborn had described her. Just thinking about it made her face become redder. The handsome man just called her 'cute', is that meant to be a compliment for her? She couldn't let that man see her face. It would be too embarrassing!


Tsuna could hear someone called her name with a deep and gentle voice. It wasn't her father. It was..

"You're interesting"

Tsuna lifted her face and found Reborn standing in front of her.

"Hiee!" Tsuna squeaked and shocked to see the tall Reborn standing in front of her. He was one and a half times taller than Tsuna.

"You're cute, but ridiculous, Tsuna" Reborn talked straightly. "So, should I call you… 'Dame-Tsuna'?" Reborn touched Tsuna's cheekd and made Tsuna look at him. He stared into Tsuna's big caramel brown eyes and made Tsuna blush even more.

"D-Dame Tsu-Tsuna?" Tsuna tried to talk while she was avoiding looking at Reborn's amber orbs. Looking at the two of them made Iemitsu decided to start talking. It was definitely an awkward situation.

"Tsuna, it's already half past two and you have to go tobed. Your test is tomorrow right?" Iemitsu pushed Tsuna from Reborn's reach and made Reborn gave him a death glare.

"It's today, dad" Tsuna corrected her father's statement. She quickly turned to Reborn and grabbed Reborn's pale hand to shake it.

"Nice to meet you, Reborn-san!" She showed Reborn her smile, it made him a slight blush but didn't looked like it. Then Tsuna let Reborn's hand go and went upstairs to her room. Reborn just stared at her.


"Cute isn't she?" Iemitsu broke Reborn's daydream and patted Reborn's shoulder.

"Who?" Reborn looked to Iemitsu with a cold looking face.

"Tsuna of course"

"She's definitely interesting" Reborn answered Iemitsu while stroking his chin.

"Do you have a crush on her?" joked Iemitsu and made Reborn unable to speak anything.



"Who do you think you're talking to Iemitsu? Me? I would never have a crush on her." Reborn stated as he took of his fedora that covered his face. His spiky hair shown as he put his fedora on the table in front of TV.

"Don't lie, Reborn. I don't want you to tease her and just because you are going to be her mafia tutor."

"Relax, Iemitsu. I won't have a crush on her okay?" Reborn walked to the room near the living room and left Iemitsu alone.

Iemitsu kind of disbelieve what he just saw. Actually, he knew that Reborn kind of like her that way and he just worried for his daughter because a hitman that was going to become her tutor had a real crush on her.

"Tsu-chan! Wake up! Its alrealy 6.45 and you have a test at 8 am!" Nana shook Tsuna's body with strength.

"Yes, mum" Tsuna opened her brown eyes and looked to the clock beside her bed. Its 6.45 am, she had to take a bath quickly and get ready for the test. She rose and sat on her bed. She stretched her body and rubbed her eyes so she didn't feel as sleepy as before. She stood up from her comfy bed and walked to the bathroom lazily as she saw her mum left her and went downstairs. She stripped herself and took a bath. She thought about her dream last night. She had a weird dream. Her dream was that she had seen her father and a handsome man name Reborn while she was watching TV in the living room. It felt so real, but she thought it was non sense. Her father, the one that seldom come home, showed himself in front of her at midnight and brought a man? It was DEFINITELY impossible! But now, she had to forget about that and focus on having a bath. She covered her small body with soap and brushed carefully. Then she made the soap flow from her body to the bathtub-hole with the cold and freezing water. She felt as fresh as the water flowed down through her pale skin. After done with the shower, she dried herself and rubbed her body with a soft pink towel she usually uses. She wore her underwear and some casual clothing, a blue long-sleeve T-shirt with a black hoodie sweater, tight jeans, and a white wool scarf. Then she took her handbag and went downstairs. When she looked to the kitchen, her mom was cooking something.

"Mom, what are you cooking?" Tsuna asked and went in the kitchen.

"Tsu-chan! Have a breakfast first. It's tempura ramen. You like it, don't you?" Nana showed her cheerful smile on her beautiful face.

'Tempura ramen?' Tsuna started to confuse. Her mom cooked some tempura ramen? It's really unusual. Her mother doesn't really like ramen. She usually cooks it when her father was at home, and her father seldom comes home, so she seldom cooks it too. But even it was seldom, Tsuna like ramen but not as much as her father. She always ate ramen with her best friends, Haru and Kyoko when she was in middle school. But in high school, Haru will be in all-girls school, so Tsuna will just be with Kyoko this time. Kyoko's brother was in Namimori too, since Tsuna had already thought Ryohei as her best friend too, it will be fun. Wait, back to tempura ramen breakfast. Was her mother making a mistake cooking food that she doesn't even like? So does that mean…

"Nana! Can I have my breakfast?" Tsuna shocked when she heard the deep loving voice that called her mother.

"Oh, good morning dear! I cook your favorite food! Call Reborn so he can have some breakfast with us"

'No way..'

"Okay. Reborn, let's have breaksfast!"


"Yes, Iemitsu"


"Oh, Tsuna! You're awake! Come on, let's sit!"

When Tsuna looked behind, she found herself seeing two men. One was wearing boxer and a sleeveless T-shirt, her beloved father, and the other one was already wearing a black-orange suit and a fedora, it's ….Reborn…