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It was a snowy day winter day. Well, of course it was snowy, it was winter, stupid.

The snow fell softly to the ground while she trudged through it on her way to school. She was sure somebody upstairs hated her. If there was one thing in life that she hated more than anything… no wait, there were three things in life she hated more than anything; spiders - really how could people like them, they're ugly, they're hairy, they're just plain creepy-, winter and the color pink. She was okay with a little pink, even if someone wore a little bit of pink, but the girls in her school were so pink it was nauseating. She had developed a deep burning hatred for it. She just couldn't understand how the hell people could stand that fucked up color, it was all so in your face.

She sometimes had the weirdest thoughts on her strolls. Like, wondering how it would be if aliens invaded the earth? Or, if it wasn't possible to stuff a cork in those clouds to stop it from snowing.

She was walking through the snow, cursing every God she knew in a very colorful way about how she hated them and the cold and snow, it came close to topping her hatred for pink.

She had already slipped four times and hadn't even left her street yet. She looked up through the cold to see where the bus-station was, but quickly buried her head deeper behind the high collar of her black coat and shivered.

"I hate the cold." she grumbled to herself for the umpteenth time before she yelped and slipped, falling yet again, on her ass.

Some bystanders were staring at her and she felt embarrassed. She didn't like it when people stared at her, and right then, all she wanted was to disappear under a thick layer of snow. She quickly got up and moved on, not even bothering to brush off her clothes, thinking it would draw even more attention to herself.

She was really not a morning person, and that might even be an understatement. So she avoided people as best as she could from sunrise to at least noon, since people managed to ruin her day perfectly during that time.

Once she reached the bus station, she had to wait three more minutes before the bus arrived.

She stepped in, this time luckily without slipping and sliding, and she was glad to be out of the cold.

The ride was extremely slow and boring, she had her I-pod in while she pulled out a notepad and a pencil and started writing a bit. She loved making stories with herself in it, especially about dragons or being brought to another world like the world of Naruto. She really loved that show and knew a lot about it.

Another thing she did was writing fanfics. She had a lot of them about the Naruto show, Bleach and some others. Right now she was writing a fanfic about herself in the world of Bleach, another show she liked but hadn't seen much of, only read on the internet.

She was thinking of what her abilities were gonna be when all of a sudden she felt the bus jerk and twist to the left, before suddenly shocking and swinging to the right.
Everyone in the bus -which were six passengers, herself included and the bus driver- screamed in surprise as they held on to the poles in the bus for dear life.
She, on the other hand stayed the calmest of them all. She didn't scream, she didn't panic, she just calmly held onto the seat in front of her. Panicking wasn't her style, she only panic when she had to do a very important exam. Okay, that's a lie.
Right now, she was also panicking like the other passengers but didn't show it as much as they of a sudden the bus jerked and whirled half around and smashed with its side against a pole. The jerk caused everyone to lose their grip and fall off their seats, including her.
She fell out of her chair and hit her head against a pole. She groaned in pain as she saw dark spots cover her vision. She shook her head roughly and pulled herself up by the pole that she had hit. When she looked around, she saw a passenger who had been sitting to close to the pole and had gotten crushed in his seat, looking further she saw a woman who's face was filled with large shards of glass because she had also been sitting too close to the crashing side.

'Damn, talk about chopped liver.' she thought to herself but didn't puke, she only felt a bit of nausea since she had seen enough gore in horror movies to be immune to it, even in real life. Her eyes scanned the rest of the bus and she saw two other passengers laying on the ground. She didn't know if they were unconscious or not but she would figure that out later. First, she needed to get to the bus driver who was bent over. She slowly walked up to him and pulled him up but immediately winced when she did.

A branch from a tree that had stood a bit further next to the pole, had pierced sideways through his chest and neck. She felt for a pulse on his neck but already had a hunch he wasn't alive anymore. She was right.

Sighing, she started to get back to check the other two people. And then she smelled it. Gasoline. Glancing back to the cap of the engine, she saw petrol leaking out of the side. The best part was, there was a fire by the motor. Her eyes widened.

Gasping, she quickly stumbled towards the other two passengers and quickly felt their necks. One was dead and the other alive… barely.

She quickly grabbed the man's arm and dragged him to a window and looked for something heavy to carry. She found an emergency hammer stuck to the wall and with a few trembling hits, did she manage to shatter the glass. She knocked away as many of the sharp pieces as she could and tried to get the man out.

All of a sudden she felt a pair of hands and she looked up to see a few men helping.

She nodded at them and let them pull him out. She then started to follow him out, but when she tried to crawl through the window, her jacket got stuck on a piece of glass on the side.

She silently cursed her luck and tried to rip her way out as the men started walking back towards her to help.

But before they could, the engine exploded with a huge 'BANG'. And then, before she knew it, the bus jerked roughly and her head swung towards the side. She felt something penetrate her skull. A split second before, she saw a flash of fire and heavy burning out of the corner of her eye. She heard herself scream in pain as she was engulfed by the explosion.

And then… nothing. It felt like she was floating. It was as if there was no gravity that was always holding her down. She felt… free.

She forced her eyes open, but the first attempt didn't work. She tried again and this time, her eyes opened slowly, but they felt really heavy.

"Where am I?" she asked softly and she could hear a heavy tiredness in her voice that made her think she was on drugs or something. She forced her body up and tiredly looked around.

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