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I am bored! Mostly because I miss Bella and I am lonely. Jasper just flew to New York to surprise Alice for Valentine's Day, and Bella was still there for another week or two.

I sat at the counter in the front of my shop and waited for the rush. The day before Valentine's, I always had male and female shoppers. Women wanted that extra something sexy to surprise their men. The men would come in and try to find the sleaziest lingerie they could find, because that's what they wanted to see on their wives or girlfriends. Men are so stupid!

Thanks to Muzak, I had romantic love songs piping throughout my shop and candles burning – an attempt at romance. I was hoping that the right ambiance would allow for more money to be spent.

Devine Designs had been my brain child since I was eighteen. I had wanted a place where I could choose what the styles and the sizes were. I knew that not every woman in the world was a stick, and that bigger girls liked to be sexy, too.

I looked up from my musings as the chime above my door sounded. I was in no way prepared for the man that crossed the threshold.


Emmett grinned at me and strolled toward me. Leaning across the counter, he pressed his lips to my cheek. "Hello, Gorgeous."

I was stunned. "What are you doing here?"

"Aren't you happy to see me, Rosie?" Emmett's blue eyes met mine.

"Of course I am, but what about your classes? You've taken a lot of time off lately."

"Rosalie Lillian Hale, I wanted to see you. I took three personal days; they can live without me for that period of time. Now, how about giving me a proper hello?" He stood back and opened his arms.

Grinning, I leapt from the counter and launched myself at him. I sighed once my lips were against his, finally feeling at home. Who would have thought that I would fall for my best friend's brother?



I crumpled yet another piece of paper and launched it at the wall. Unfortunately, I missed and hit my brother instead.

"Alice!" Edward's head snapped to me. "I am trying to clean this place up! Will you knock it off, please!?"

"I'm sorry, Edward. I just can't get this design right and I have to have it by tomorrow," I whined.

I watched my brother walk toward me with a pile of crumpled paper in his hands. Edward dropped them all on the table before me, and slowly smoothed each one out. He examined each piece before looking at me. "Can you tell me exactly what is wrong with all of these? They look fine to me."

I huffed loudly. "Edward you are such a guy! They don't look right at all!" I looked away from him and went back to my sketch book, once again getting lost in my design.

I was so lost in my world of fashion that I didn't even realize that the doorbell had rung until I noticed a shadow fall across my paper. Without looking up, I waved my hand at Edward. "Go away, Edward!"

"Sorry, Darlin', no can do."

I looked up at the sound of that drawl and met the cool blue gaze of Jasper. "Jazzy?"

"Hey, Sugar."

I squealed and jumped up from the table and into his waiting arms, planting kisses all over his face before finally meeting his lips. We were so focused on each other that we never heard Edward leave.



After leaving my sister in Jasper's capable hands, I headed to the hotel where Bella was staying. I had a deal worked with hotel management and had been able to gain access to an empty room that was three doors away from Bella. I had Maggie meet me there with the meal that I had prepared, and she helped me set it up.

I was taking a huge risk with my kitchen, but I knew that she could handle it. She was ready.

"Thanks, Mags. Sorry about leaving you tonight, especially since it's Valentine's Day…"

Maggie held up her hand to stop me. "Don't sweat it, Edward. I can handle it. This is what you have trained me for."

I nodded, smiled and thanked her again before sending her on her way. I pulled out my phone and sent Bella a text confirming what time I would pick her up.

Hey, beautiful! Just making sure that we are still on for 6? ~E

Her response was almost immediate.

Hey. I'm gonna try, but I am swamped. Laurent came back this morning. ~B

I felt my heart sink. I had put a lot of work into this evening, but maybe it was too soon for her. I was quickly falling for her, but I had noticed in the last week that she had been pulling away from me.

Edward? ~B

When her message came through, I realized that I hadn't said anything back to her. I wanted to play it off like it was no big deal, but it was. I wanted to wine and dine her. She deserved some romance after what that idiot had done to her. Swallowing my pride, I texted her back.

Bella, if this isn't what you want tell me now. I'll back off. ~E


I sighed when I read Edward's last text. I did want him, but I was afraid that it was too soon. I knew that my relationship with Garrett had been over a long time ago, and I knew that he had left me long before I had let him go, but I just didn't feel ready to jump into something with the man that was quickly becoming a part of my heart.

"Qu'est-ce qui vous préoccupe, Bella?"

I looked up at Laurent and sighed. I wondered if I should tell him. I needed someone to talk to, but my best friends were unavailable. Emmett had gone to California to surprise Rose, and I knew that Jasper had flown in to be with Alice.

I sighed again, "Vous rappelez-vous l'homme du restaurant?" Laurent nodded, so I continued. "Il a fait des plans pour nous ce soir. Je ne suis pas sûr que je suis prêt à commencer à quelque chose de si peu de temps après la mort de mon fiancé."

Laurent actually stood up and placed his palms down in front of me on the desk. "Isabella, sortez votre cul de cette chaise et aller mettre une robe et laisser vos cheveux vers le bas. Qui a dit que vous aviez à sauter dans le lit avec cet homme?"

I smiled at him. "Oui, Monsieur!" I mock saluted him before I rose and we shut everything down for the night.

I sent Edward a quick text and let him know that I was on my way.

I'll be there soon. We need to talk. ~B

His response was almost immediate.

Okay. I'm in the lobby. ~E

I smiled and hurried out to the car that was waiting for me. The drive back to the hotel didn't take long since there was almost no traffic – something unheard of in New York. When the car pulled up to the place that had been my home the last few weeks, I quickly got out and headed inside.

I saw Edward when I walked in and felt my panties get damp at the sight of him. He was wearing a black Armani suit with a red tie. I knew that it would match my dress perfectly, and couldn't help but wonder what he had planned.

Edward smiled when he spotted me and stood up, heading in me direction. "Hey."

"Hi, sorry I'm late."

"You're not late. We have plenty of time." He led me to the elevators and we silently rode up to my floor.

When we got to my room, I invited him in and told him to have a seat while I went to get ready. I pulled the red sheath dress with the twisted lace front out of the closet and laid it gently across the bed. I went in to the en suite and stripped before getting in the shower.

Once the grime of the work day had washed down the drain, I stepped out and set about styling my hair in loose waves and putting on a little make-up. Once I was satisfied that I didn't look like I was trying too hard, I slipped on my panties before I put on my dress. I looked in the full length mirror and thought that I looked very…sexy, although I wasn't trying for that.

Not able to hide any longer, I stepped out of the room and heard Edward's sharp intake of breath.

"Bella…you, umm…wow!" Edward stuttered.

I smiled. "Thanks." I started for the door. "Should we go?"

Edward nodded, "Yeah, but we aren't going far." I looked at him with confusion on my face. "Just trust me."

I nodded and followed him out the door. Instead of turning toward the elevators, he headed the opposite way and stopped three doors down.


"Trust me," he pleaded. He opened the door and allowed me to enter first.

What I saw took my breath away. Edward had lit candles on every surface. A small table was in the center of the room, set for two. The intimate setting brought tears to my eyes – not just at the gesture, but at the thought that he was trying so hard to romance me and I wasn't ready.


"I know, Bella. But just let me pamper you for one night, okay?"

I turned and looked into his sparkling emerald eyes and knew that this was going to not only be the easiest time I spent with him, but also the hardest.

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Laurent: What is troubling you, Bella? (Qu'est-ce qui vous préoccupe, Bella?)

Bella: Do you remember the man from the restaurant? (Vous rappelez-vous l'homme du restaurant?)

He has made plans for us this evening. I'm just not sure that I am ready to start something so soon after the death of my fiancé. (Il a fait des plans pour nous ce soir. Je ne suis pas sûr que je suis prêt à commencer à quelque chose de si peu de temps après la mort de mon fiancé.)

Laurent: Isabella, get your ass out of that chair and go put on a dress and let you hair down. Who said that you had to jump in bed with this man? (Isabella, sortez votre cul de cette chaise et aller mettre une robe et laisser vos cheveux vers le bas. Qui a dit que vous aviez à sauter dans le lit avec cet homme?)

Bella: Yes, Sir! (Oui, Monsieur!)