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I reluctantly followed Jasper out of the club. A part of me felt like I was ditching my best friend, but the other part knew that if she was ever gonna be happy with Edward, then they needed to talk – alone.

"Come on, Ro. She'll be fine," Jasper urged.

"I know that, J."

Jasper hit the button on my key ring, unlocking my black Porsche Cayenne. We had driven it over before picking Bella up from the airport, having already planned to have Edward get out here.

"What time does Alice's flight land?"

Jasper looked at his watch before answering me. "In about an hour. What about Emmett's?"

"The same," I said while fastening my seat belt. "Let's get to LAX; I need to give that big oaf a piece of my mind."

Jasper chuckled, then put the car in gear and headed to the airport. The ride was silent for the most part. Occasionally Jasper would ask about Emmett or I would ask about Alice, and we both found it hard to believe that we had found our other halves from a friendship that I had made through my love of reading.

Half an hour after we left, we arrived at the airport. After we parked my car away from the other cars, we headed inside and looked at the arrivals board.

"What airline is Emmett coming in on?"

"American," I replied without looking at him.

"Alice is, too. We need to head to terminal four."

I just nodded and followed Jasper, all the while wondering how Bella and Edward were fairing.



"So I went out with another man, who decided to use me in his plot for revenge. I am tired, Edward – tired of being used and tired of being forgotten. I want to be loved. I'm ready to be loved, because I love..." Bella stopped her tirade and looked me in the eyes while the tears leaked from hers. "I love you, Edward."

Hearing Bella tell me that she loved me, along with everything else that she had just laid on me, was a little overwhelming. I cradled my head in my hands, "Bella, I…"

I heard movement and raised my head in time to see Bella fleeing from the room. Refusing to let her run again, I went after her and caught her before she could get to the steps. I wrapped my arms around her from behind and pulled her to me.

"Bella, stop, please," I pleaded, my voice heavy with the emotions I was trying hard to suppress. I watched as she slowly turned in my arms but wouldn't meet my eyes. I gently placed my hand on her chin and lifted her face to mine.

I watched her carefully before I spoke. "Stop running from me. You laid a lot at my feet over there. You have to give me a minute to process it all." I gently wiped the tears from her cheeks with my thumbs as I spoke. "I understand why you thought the way that you did. Next time, talk to me. We won't make it if we don't communicate and I…I love you too much to fail now."

I exhaled, having finally expressed the feelings that I have been holding in for months. Bella's breath hitched at my words and I looked deep in to her eyes.

"Say it again," she whispered.

I smiled before leaning down and ghosting my lips across hers, "I love you, Bella."

Once I had made my declaration, I pressed my lips firmly to hers in a passionate, yet gentle and loving kiss. I let everything I felt for her pour into the embrace.

Never removing my lips from hers, I bent and easily swept her up in my arms. I climbed the stairs, only breaking the kiss to ask where her room was.

"Second door on the left," Bella directed me breathlessly.

I brought my lips back to hers and headed in the direction she had pointed. Needing to breathe, she removed her lips from mine, but trailed them down my jaw to my neck. I moaned as she first sucked then licked her way to the hollow of my throat.


I opened the door to her room and carried her inside, kicking the door closed behind me. I walked to the bed and gently placed her on it before following her down and laying my body along hers.

I looked into her eyes, searching for any kind of hesitation. All I found was love shining back at me through her chocolate orbs.

I reached out and gently cupped her cheek, watching as her eyes fluttered closed. "Bella, look at me, Baby." I waited until she opened her eyes and met mine. "I love you, Bella. You have to tell me if I…"

Bella's hand came up and covered my lips, stopping my words. "Edward, I want this. I want you. I love you. Please don't make me wait any longer to be yours."

Needing no more encouragement, I brought my lips back to hers. I swept my tongue along her bottom lip, begging for entrance which she gladly gave. The touch of her tongue to my own after so long sent tingles down my spine. I wanted her naked and writhing beneath me, but I knew I needed to take my time.

I ran my hand from her cheek, down the curve of her neck, to the swell of her breast. I heard her sharp intake of breath as I passed my thumb over her nipple, causing it to harden.


I smiled as my hand drifted down to the hem of her shirt, where a small sliver of her pale skin was exposed. She was warm and smooth. Pushing the material up, I bared more of her peaches and cream flesh to my eyes.

My lips, that had been following the path of my hand, nipped and sucked her exposed belly. I smiled next to her skin as she tangled her hands in my hair.

I continued my exploration by pushing her shirt upward, revealing blue lace. "Holy..." I muttered.

Bella giggled, "See something you like?"

I looked up at her, noticing her cheeks were flushed. "No…something I love."



"Edward…please," I pleaded.

He pushed the lace aside and closed his lips around my hardened peak, flicking it with his tongue and causing tremors to run through my body.

I could feel the moisture pooling at my core, and knew that I wouldn't last long once he touched me.

While his mouth was busy at my breast, his fingers were leaving a fiery trail down to the waist of my jeans. He deftly released the snap and lowered the zipper.

I was panting with need when I felt him slip his hand inside my panties. Wanting to feel his skin against mine, I quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him up to me. Fusing my mouth to his, I made quick work of the buttons on his shirt. Once it was open, I ran my fingernails down the hard planes of his chest and abs.

"Ung…Bella!" Edward ripped his lips from mine.

Pressing lightly against his shoulders, I gently pushed him to his back before moving to straddle him. I sat up, pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it somewhere across the room, my bra following right after.

Edward reached up to cup my breasts in his hands, running his thumbs over my already hard nipples. "You're so beautiful."

I leaned down to meet his lips with my own. The feel of his naked chest pressing to mine was almost too much. I rocked my hips against the bulge that was pressed against my heat, and Edward's hands came up to still them.

"Baby, as good as that feels, I want to be inside you when I come."

Edward sat up and kissed me again as my hands reached between us and unsnapped his jeans. He rolled us and made quick work of removing my jeans and boy shorts. I pushed his pants down his hips until I couldn't reach. His erection bobbed free and I groaned at the site.

Edward removed his jeans the rest of the way, and they joined the pile of discarded clothes on the floor. He crawled up the bed and leaned down to kiss my lips while resting his weight on me. I relished the feel of his skin against mine.

"Edward, please, I don't want to wait anymore."

Never breaking eye contact, Edward dipped his finger into my slick folds, making sure I was prepared for him. Finding me ready, he lined himself up at my entrance.

"Bella, do we need…?"

I shook my head. "I'm on the pill and I trust you."

"I love you, Bella," he whispered as he slowly pushed into my hot center.

"Oh, my…" I moaned.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes," I panted.

Edward gave me a moment to adjust before he began to move leisurely in and out, slowly building the pleasure. I lifted my hips and met him thrust for thrust and with each stroke he brought me closer to the precipice.

"Edward, oh…so close…" I panted.

"Cum for me, Bella. I want to feel it," Edward moaned, picking up the pace of his thrusting.

Edward shifted his hips and started hitting that spot deep inside of me that sent me into my release, and caused me to cry out his name.


It wasn't long until he followed me into the abyss with a guttural cry of his own.

He collapsed on me but rolled us so that we were lying chest to chest and still connected. We stayed that way as our breathing returned to normal. When he finally slipped out of me, I whimpered at the loss.

Edward reached below us and pulled the comforter down before drawing it up to cover us. I rested my head in the curve of his shoulder while he made lazy patterns along my spine.



I took a deep breath. "I'm sorry." I lifted my head to look in his eyes.

Edward looked down at me. "For what, Baby?"

"For taking so long to figure out what everyone else already knew. For putting you through so much…"

"Bella stop." Edward covered my mouth with his finger, much like I had done to him earlier. "Baby, I don't regret a thing. If it means that I get to keep you like this, with me, then it was all worth it."

A lone tear slid down my cheek. "I love you."

"I love you, too. Now let's get some sleep." Edward tucked my head back against his shoulder and under his chin.

I smiled my first genuine smile in weeks before closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep to the rhythm of Edward's heartbeat.



We left the airport after collecting Alice's five bags and headed for home. When we finally pulled up, I noticed that it was dark save for a lone light that was shining from the living room window.

"Rosie, are you sure that my sister is here?" Emmett asked.

I looked at Alice and smiled at her. "Yes, Emmett, she's here. She's probably sleeping."

"Yeah, Em, so don't go roaring in the house. Got it?" Alice asked as she flicked his ear.

Emmett ducked his head. "Dammit, Alice! Leave my fucking ear alone!"

"Aww, poor Emmy," Jasper chuckled.

"Let's just get the bags and go inside. I'm tired," I ordered.

The four of us each grabbed some luggage, Emmett more than the rest since he was the biggest, and headed inside. The house was quiet as we made our way up the steps. Emmett followed me and put his stuff in my room, while Alice followed Jasper.

After Emmett's bag was stowed in my room, I wandered back down the hallway. I stopped when I reached Bella's door, leaning my ear against it and listening for movement. Satisfied that all was quiet, I slowly opened the door. The sight that greeted me brought a tear to my eyes.

Bella and Edward were sound asleep, wrapped around each other. Their clothes were strung around the room making me smile.

"Is she in there?" Emmett asked from behind me.

"Jeez, Emmett!" I put my hand to my chest. "Shh! Yes, she's in there."

Emmett peered around me and caught sight if his sister in bed with Edward. "What the…"

I reached my hand up and smacked him in the back of the head. "Do you see what almost didn't happen because of you and your stupid matchmaking?"

"Ow! Yes, Rosalie, I see." Emmett actually looked sorry. "Sorry, Bells, Edward," he whispered to the sleeping pair. "I'm going to bed."

As he slunk off back toward my room, I heard laughing coming from Bella's bed.

"Nice one, Rose," Bella giggled.

"You, too, Bella." I smiled. "Night you two."

"Night, Rose," they said in unison.

From somewhere in the direction of Jasper's room, I heard, "Goodnight, Jon Boy!"

Laughter filled the house before all was quiet once more.

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