Author: Sybil Rowan

Pairing(s)/Characters: Youji Kudou/Asuka Murase (Neu), Youji Kudou/Mayumi Tsuji, Youji Kudou (Ryo Itou)/ Asuka Itou. Mentions of Nagi/Tot, Aya Fujimiya/Asami. Implication of Ken Hidaka/Aya Fujimiya. Of course, hints of the xxxHolic characters in the background having complicated love lives, but nothing spelled out.

Rating: T

Summary: This explores Youji's desire and angst over Asuka during Kapital, Glühen, and post Glühen; it's with the back drop of him going into Yuuko's wish shop a couple of times. Weiss Kreuz and xxxHolic crossover.

Warnings: All the violence is the same people have seen in Kapital and Glühen. Ken calls Knight some harsh names behind his back, but nothing terribly dirty. Of course, I took some of the dialogue and actions from the Kapital and Glühen and put Youji's thoughts in.

Author's Notes: Okay, xxxHolic has been my pet hobby horse for several weeks. I didn't bother with it until lately. I started reading it over on Manga Fox and I'm totally hooked. It's the perfect setting to do crossovers with.

Disclaimer: Weiss Kreuz, its names and characters belong to Koyasu Takehito, Project Weiss, Marine Entertainment and Animate Film; xxxHolic, its names and characters, belong to CLAMP.

Beta Reader: WingedPanther73

Date: December 2, 2012, 6:45 am

Word Count: 19,516

Part One:

Youji looked up and noticed a girl dressed in a school uniform different from the regulars. She, unlike the other teen girls, was actually shopping and not flirting. He was impressed by her cascading, dark hair and her charming smile as she examined each arrangement. She was the type of girl, if she were just a couple of years older, he'd hone in on and ask for a date. She was certainly a stunning beauty. If Omi were here, he would encourage him to ask her out; she just exuded that much of a sweet gentle nature on top of her attractive appearance.

Youji made his way through the after school crowd and gave her smile. "You haven't been here before, have you? Anything I can help you find?"

"Yes, sir, I'd like to buy a gift for a very special person."

"A boyfriend?" Youji probed, hoping to hook Omi up, since he was so down after loosing Ouka.

"No, this is for a lady. My friend works at a shop and the owner did us a great favor. I'd like to send her my thanks."

"Oh? That's interesting." His detective's curiosity hit.

"Yes, she's a very elegant and intelligent lady. I need to show her my gratitude. She's something... something very special. So I need something uncommon or that conveys what I want to say to her."

The way the girl gushed, he wondered if the girl had some sort of oddly romantic school girl's crush on this shop owner. She was certainly getting pink enough on her cheeks. Now Youji wanted to see the type of woman that could elicit this sort of response in this beauty of a teen girl, but Ken was on deliveries today.

Youji got out his order pad and pencil from his apron and asked, "Your name?"

"Kunogi Himawari." She said brightly.

"Ahhh... sunflowers... Is that what you'd like to send to this lady?"

"Oh... I don't know...," the girl said blushing furiously now. "It might seem too personal."

Rather than embarrass the girl with his advice on how to approach someone she admired, he took a more innocent track and asked, "What message did you want to send to her?"

"That I'm happy again after she help my friend. You see, he's extremely important to me and she save his life."

"Oh wow, that is something interesting. Tell me what happened."

"I really shouldn't tell you details, Watanuki and the owner of the shop he works at are very private people."

"So this Watanuki... you want to send him flowers, too? You seem fond of him."

"I do, so very much. But... I just can't get close to him. Now wouldn't be the right time." There was a trace of sorrow in her eyes that pricked at Youji's heart. He couldn't imaging any teenage boy ignoring this girl at all; she was too much of a catch. "But at least our friend Doumeki can keep him company and can keep him from harm." Her eyes lit up again. "At least he has someone that can protect him."

There were some gaps in this intriguing puzzle for Youji, but Ken was really desperate to leave the shop and run around town. There was no way he'd trade so Youji could entertain his frivolous curiosity.

"Okay, you said you wanted to tell this lady you were happy once again. That would mean Lily of the Vally. They're a pure white flower." He guided Himawari to the cooler with vase full of them.

She gave him a bright smile and nodded. "Perfect! She'll love them."

"And the ribbon you want me to tie them with? What color?"

"Use these," she said, loosening her thick, lustrous pigtails and handing him the ribbons. They were identical to color of a soft white snow. "Two of my friends used these for something special before, so I want to give them to her as a thank you as well. She'll recognize them."

He took the ribbons and avoided looking at her wondrous, cascading hair that called his fingers to it. It was the most attractive thing he'd seen in months, and he wanted to avoid touching it; she was just too young for him.

"What is this special lady's name and address?"

"Ichihara Yuuko." Youji wrote down the name and then jotted down the address. He was about to protest because that was an empty lot, but the girl insisted he'd find her shop there. He knew Ken would get on to him for sending him on a wild goose chase.

Youji got the flowers and quickly tied them together with the two hair ribbons. He put them in a large gold box, and she smiled in approval and thanked him profusely. She paid for them in cash. Youji called Ken over. Ken was walking up behind the girl just as she was turning to leave. He brushed by her shoulder; she gasped and flinched from Ken. Suddenly, the ex-soccer player flailed forward, his left arm struck the edge of the counter with a hard crunch.

"Ken!" Youji knelt down and was shocked to see Ken's arm was broken. Ken was grimacing and clutching it in pain. Youji looked up and saw the girl was looking down with a haunted look on her face, the hint of tears were in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry," she murmured, and ran from the shop.

Aya walked over and there were plenty of teen girls that clustered around. "Youji, close the shop and make the deliveries for the day. I'll take Ken to the hospital."

"Yeah, sounds good." With that, Aya took Ken out the back door while Youji shooed the girls out. After locking the doors, he placed the orders in the van. He decided to take Miss Himawari's last.

Youji parked the van and took the large, gold box out of the back. He looked at the delivery slip and shook his head over the address; he'd hate it if that cute girl was playing some prank. He walked down the sidewalk where nice, modern buildings lined the street. He headed to the area where he knew an empty lot lay.

He spotted the wood fence and peered through the opening with large, red crescent moons atop polls that sat where the gate should be. His eyes narrowed and there was an older, traditional house in the lot. It looked as if it had been there for an extremely long time, unlike the surrounding buildings.

He noticed a scrawny, teen boy sweeping off the front pouch. The boy was wearing a bandanna and apron over a black school uniform. He stopped sweeping and looked up at Youji. For half a minute, it was as if the boy wasn't sure what to do. He then stepped off the porch and walked over to Youji at the front gate.

Youji was a little unnerved by the mismatched eyes behind the boy's glasses; the right one was a dull brown and the left one a bright blue. "I've come to deliver flowers to Ichihara-san. Is she in?"

"You're not a customer?" the boy asked, truly baffled for some reason.

"No, just flower delivery," Youji answered, now wondering what kind of services were offered behind the fence. His mind went to some more sensual ideas.

"I'm Watanuki, a part-time employee of hers. I'll take you to Yuuko-san," he said, beckoning Youji into the yard with a smile. He lead Youji into the shop, and then into a parlor off the foyer. "Yuuko-san, you have a flower delivery."

"Ah, how nice."

The woman was indeed what the girl said and more. Youji was instantly smitten. She was wearing a dark purple yukata with black butterflies adorning it. The yukata was parted so he could see her long, shapely legs and bare feet. She wore silver ankle bracelets with a multitude of bells adoring them. Best yet, her yukata drooped off of one of her alabaster shoulders, showing off the milky white upper swell of her bosom.

"Yes, a young lady wanted to give you a personal thank you for helping out her friend," Youji explained.

"Ah... It must be from Himawari-chan," Yuuko guessed, putting aside her long pipe she was casually dragging from. She sat upright from her fainting couch as Youji brought the box over. She yanked the top off and clapped her hands in delight. "Yes... happiness has returned to her, Lily of the Vally, how exquisite. It certainly is from Himawari-chan! What a wonderfully, sweet girl."

"Himawari-chan! NO, that can't be! I was the SICK one in bed! Why is she sending you flowers!" the heterochromatic teen shouted with flailing arms in the air. "It's SO unfair! It's bad enough having Doumeki to compete with for her attention! Now YOU? NOT fair!"

Youji flinched back and the loud teen's rant. "Wait a minute, kid. I was under the impression you were ignoring her? You mean you really like her?"

With that, Yuuko fell over on her side and cackled while Watanuki screamed and waved his fists at the ceiling. "Himawari, I love you so much!" Watanuki's head dropped forward. "Oh... Himawari... if you only knew."

"Hey, kid, you should let her know and just ask her out. She said she really likes you a lot. And I haven't seen a cuter girl than that," Youji butted in.

Yuuko stopped her laughter and sat up. She shook her head, growing slightly somber. Her gaze was now cast at her employee. "Watanuki's burdens aren't to be shared by her, but by Doumeki."

Watanuki produced another ear-piecing scream and looked as if he were having a face spasm. "I detest that guy!" he bellowed.

Youji was thankful Omi wasn't anywhere near this high-strung. Yuuko paused and looked down at the bouquet. She picked it up and held it to Watanuki nose. "See, she did send you something special. Remember them?"

"Oh! Yes, I do." Watanuki caressed the ribbons around the stems and adopted a gloomy demeanor suddenly. "That little girl and the hydrangeas... Doumeki helped. Himawari remembered."

"And now, because they were used in such a manner, and because of Himawari's bad luck, they have a certain negative energy infused into them. Extremely negative and full of plagues and sorrows." Yuuko took the hair ribbons off the flowers and found a little wooden box sitting on the coffee table. She put the ribbons in the ceder box with a skull carved on the lid. "One day they'll come out of storage, but you'll know when the time is right."

"Me? I wouldn't even begin to know how you organize that storage..." Yuuko cut off his complaint by pressing the box into his hand and curling her fingers around his.

"Just put them away, Watanuki, before you leave tonight." The boy slipped the box in his pocket and nodded with determination. Youji didn't know why, but he had a feeling the boy would absolutely obey his boss rather than try to steal the trinket as a memento of the girl he was infatuated with.

"Ah, anyway... I should be leaving. Let me have you sign for the flowers."

She signed the receipt. "Now, go get our customer some tea and a light snack," she ordered, picking up her pipe and giving it a light drag.

"Customer? Um, lady, I'm not sure what you sell here, but I'm trying to be a good boy," Youji said, half expecting to be propositioned, but something didn't feel right about that even though the woman was the apotheosis of sensuality.

She gave him a soft smile. "I sell wishes. And you have one. A rather large one that I can grant, or else your co-worker wouldn't have broken his arm and you wouldn't have been able to find this shop on an empty lot."

"What? How'd you know all of that?" Youji asked, getting a cold chill.

"It's all Hitsuzen," she replied, waving her hand at the chair across the coffee table from her. Watanuki left and Youji sat, waiting for tea and wondering about this woman. Maybe Himawari had called her and told her about Ken, but there was something deep inside that said it wasn't the case.

Half an hour later, Youji and Yuuko sat across a table with the most scrumptious homemade raw avocado lime mousse with rice crackers along with green tea laid out before them. She didn't engage in much conversation until her employee came back. He now looked properly demure standing behind Yuuko with a tray in clenched in his hands.

"Kudou-san, if you had one wish, what would it be?" Instantly his mind went to Asuka, but he was hesitant to bring it up to Yuuko. There was nothing to be done about her. "Tell me no matter how impossible it seems."

"I'd wish to see my old partner again, but she's... gone." Youji took a sip of tea to get rid of the dryness. "I'd wish to hold her, kiss her... tell her the things I should have said when she was alive."

"Your wish shall be granted. But there is a rather steep price for that wish."

"She's dead. You can't bring her back. And even if you could..." Youji paused, there was flutter in his stomach at the idea. "... what kind of price would you ask for?"

"She won't remember you. That is the price for your wish. Even if you try to convince her, she'll never know you again as anything but a stranger. She's living a different life now."

"She's alive? How do you know?"

"You, yourself, instinctively know who she is. You just refuse to believe it even though you desperately want to. Nonetheless, you can have a chance to be with her again. Do you agree?"

"To be with her again, but she wouldn't remember me?" Youji paused and thought about it. Would it be the same woman he loved without her memories? Still, if he could have a chance to woo her over from whatever life she was living now, shouldn't he take the chance? "Yes, I want to see her again."

"Fine." Yuuko held up a Lily of the Vally stem and ran her fingertips over one of the white, bell shaped peddles. "There will be a time when you'll leave your night work behind. You'll have peace, but it'll be short lived. That's when you'll meet her again. But I warn you..." Yuuko twirled the stem of the flower and it was now upside down between her finger tips. "...she'll not be the same no matter how much you try to make her Asuka again. Your peace will be short lived and you'll have to go back to doing your night work again because of her."

Youji's eyes narrowed. Somehow the woman knew about Weiss. She was hinting at it. He knew he should tell Omi or Manx, but he really didn't sense any danger from the woman. After mixing it up with Schwarz, he found himself believing more in the supernatural, so maybe she was like Schuldig.

He stood and flashed her a smile. "I can make a fresh start with her, if I have the chance. Thanks for the tea."

He was feeling cheery as he followed the slight teen out into the yard. Watanuki paused at the gate. The boy's mismatched eyes were fixed on something by his van. Youji turned and said, "I could send some flowers to that cute Himawari-chan for you. If you come over to the van, I'll take your order."

"No... I can't leave the shop right at this moment," he murmured and then bolted back inside the shop as if he had spotted something uncanny in the waning sunlight.

Youji shrugged and figured Himawari had strange taste in boys, but excellent taste in women. He headed back to the flower shop pondering what Yuuko had told him. If he had Asuka again, there was no way he'd have anything to do with Weiss. She was too important to him, certainly more important than Weiss.

To be continued.