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AN: So this is the product of a random plot bunny that just inspired me to write. I've loved all the fics I've found where Kurt and Blaine are each other's soul mates and have names written on their hands. I don't know who had the idea originally, but all credit goes to them. I also thought it would be interesting to have Burt be the president and see what challenges that presents to Klaine. For the purposes of this fic Dalton is in D.C., Kurt/Blaine are the same age, and are both seniors. With that said, I hope you enjoy!

A Love That Lasts


Kurt Hummel

It was the name that would change Blaine Anderson's life forever. Like everyone else in the world he discovered the name of his soul mate when he turned thirteen. When he woke that morning the letter were mysteriously etched on his hand, and that was the day that he acknowledged that he was gay. For a long time he suspected he was since Blaine couldn't help but look at the guys he passed curiously, but seeing a boy's name on his right hand was all the confirmation he needed. He was gay.

It took another year before he finally told his parents the truth. Blaine's older brother Cooper was nothing short of supportive, but his parents were another story. They were conservative in all things and having a gay son was a bit of an embarrassment. Blaine's father would spend bonding time with his son doing activities that he hoped would turn his son straight. Of course nothing worked and Blaine's parents tried to deny the truth, at least to themselves.

Blaine could've saved himself a great deal of trouble by showing them the name written on his hand, but that was a deeply personal thing. Nobody went around showing their names and people general wore gloves to hide it until they met their true soul mate. Most people eventually found their soul mate as if they were drawn by an invisible string, but there were those who never did. Blaine's parents for example were not each other's soul mates, and their union was of convenience. They had their marks surgically removed after their marriage, and were quite content to never meet their soul mate.

Blaine wanted nothing more than to meet his soul mate, to meet Kurt. Cooper had found his wife Sarah in California, and they were now married and had a child on the way. He grew up hearing how people found their soul mates and lived happily every after, but somehow Blaine doubted his story would have such an ending. For one thing he had a boy's name on his hand in a world that was still full of homophones, but that wasn't even the worst part. Blaine knew exactly who his soul mate was, and there was no way he would ever be able to talk to him. You see Kurt Hummel was the son of the President of the United States.

It was two years previously when Blaine first heard the name of his soul mate. He was in the living room doing homework one afternoon, and the tv was on but Blaine wasn't really paying attention to it. At least not until he heard the newscaster say the name Kurt Hummel. He felt as though he had been zapped with a thousand volts of electricity and felt a shudder go through his body as he stared at the screen. They were talking about Burt Hummel's bid for presidency, and about how he had an open gay son Kurt.

Blaine felt like all the air had been sucked out of the room as he looked at the image of Kurt Hummel standing with his father, step-mother, and step-brother. He was nothing short of remarkable with his coiffed brown hair, a body to die for, and eyes that seemed many colors all at once. It was enough to make Blaine's head spin, and he recognized the symptoms immediately. He was reacting the way people did when they met their soul mates for the first time, and Blaine hadn't even met Kurt yet.

It turned out to be a big problem. Blaine almost obsessively followed Kurt's progress in the media, and it really wasn't a surprise when Burt Hummel became the nation's next president. The fact that Burt had an openly gay son led to Kurt being put under a microscope of scrutiny, especially by the conservative media. Kurt's step-brother Finn was straight and had found his soul mate already, so he was never a target of the media the way that Kurt was. It made Blaine want to comfort him or hold him even.

Blaine's parents were not fond of Burt Hummel or especially his 'fag' son. It angered Blaine to hear his parents talk so awfully about his true love, but of course they didn't know the truth. It was bad enough they were embarrassed to have a son that was homosexual and now they thought the country was going to be screwed up by Burt Hummel's homosexual son. Sometimes he felt like screaming at them or at the very least knocking some sense into them, but Blaine knew it would never work.

Since he first saw Kurt Hummel in the news Blaine desperately wanted to meet him. He wanted to know the man he was destined to love like no other. Despite the fact that Blaine went to an all boys school and had more than one person ask him out, he refused to date until he met his Kurt. As long as Burt Hummel was the president Blaine didn't have much hope of getting to meet Kurt in person, yet he longed for the day with each passing breath. Someday he thought, I will meet my Kurt. Little did he know how soon the meeting would come.

AN: I hope you enjoyed this so far, and I hope you will stick around for more. Blaine already knows who Kurt is, but what about Kurt? Should I continue with this? Thank you for reading and I would really appreciate any feedback!