A Love That Lasts

Chapter 16

"Kurt, why didn't you call me? I waited for hours."

Kurt looked up guiltily into Blaine's eyes as he tried to brace himself for what he had to say. When he got home the previous night, he had been too busy sobbing into his pillow and feeling guilty about the kiss for so long that he cried himself to sleep. His phone had been on vibrate so it had been easy to ignore Blaine's texts and calls.

"What's wrong?"

Those words made Kurt freeze and he closed his eyes as he tried to even out his breathing. He knew instinctively that there was no hiding anything from his soul mate. It simply wasn't possible. And the fact that he had been putting it off had made him feel awful. Blaine had to know the truth.

"Something happened last night," Kurt said, opening his eyes to look at Blaine again.

"Go on," Blaine said gently.

"I was with Sebastian and he," Kurt paused, shame filling him. He looked up to meet Blaine's honey colored gaze and sighed. "He kissed me."

"What?" Blaine exclaimed suddenly angry. "Why on earth would he do that?"

"Because he wants to split us up, because he wants to be famous, take your pick," Kurt exclaimed. "I didn't know he was going to do that, please believe me."

"I do," Blaine replied. "I think it must be a soul mate thing but I trust you implicitly. I know you wouldn't hurt me knowingly."

"Of course not," Kurt said. "You are the only one for me Blaine. We are meant to be together."

"I never doubted that for a minute," Blaine replied, leaning forward to press a soft kiss to Kurt's lips.

"So are we ok?" Kurt asked, hesitantly.

"Never better," Blaine replied. "But I have some business with Sebastian."

Kurt grinned.

"Sebastian!" Blaine called across the quiet senior commons in Dalton that day. Sebastian was the only one in the room and he looked up from his book at Blaine.

"What do you want, Anderson?" Sebastian said, irritated.

"You have gone too far this time Sebastian," Blaine told him as he walked steadily toward him. "I should let Kurt sic the Secret Service on your ass, but I figured I could do a better job myself."

"What on earth, could you possibly do to me?" Sebastian scoffed.

Before Sebastian could so much as blink, Blaine suddenly had him pinned against the wall in a death grip.

"Kinky," Sebastian breathed, grinning.

Blaine shoved him hard and spoke in a low, cold voice. "There is a reason I'm the leader of the Dalton Fight Club, which I shouldn't even be talking about. Don't mess with me Smythe, or you will regret it. Where are those pictures from last night?"

"I assume the photographer has them," Sebastian said, though it was getting hard to breathe. He didn't dare look up to meet Blaine's penetrating stare.

"Don't lie to me!" Blaine yelled, hand pressing against Sebastian's windpipe. "You are forgetting that I know you very well Sebastian, and I know that you probably had a friend take those photos and that you haven't actually delivered them to the tabloids yet."

"Prove it," Sebastian whispered, struggling to breathe.

"They haven't reached the media yet," Blaine pointed out. "If a real paparazzi had those photos then they wouldn't hesitate to print them in a heartbeat. Hand then over!"

Sebastian slowly moved his hand into a pocket and pulled out an envelope which Blaine promptly snatched away before letting the other boy go. Sebastian coughed for a moment and then said in a raspy voice. "Kurt better still stick to his side of the bargain."

Blaine slammed him against the wall again, "And Sebastian if you ever think of kissing my soul mate again then I will be well within my right to kick your ass. Just remember that."

"Blaine, come down here."

Blaine looked up from his desk where he was working on a report for school, he was so close to being finished, and then he could talk to Kurt on the phone. He knew that his father would grow impatient quickly if he didn't go downstairs so Blaine saved his work and closed his laptop. He walked out of his room and went downstairs to see his parents both waiting for him in the living room.

"What's going on?" he asked nervously. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Did you?" Blaine's father asked suspiciously.

"Not that I can think of," Blaine replied casually. "What is going on?"

Blaine's parents shared a quick glance and then turned to face him. "Blaine, I'm going into politics," his father told him.

"What?" Blaine exclaimed, not expecting this revelation in the slightest. "But you are a lawyer."

"I know that Blaine," Blaine's father snapped in annoyance. "But I only plan to run for the House of Representatives."

"But why the sudden career change?" Blaine asked.

"For many reasons," Mr. Anderson said. "For one you are very well aware of my opinion about the inferior work that our President does, and honestly I feel that the only way to get anything accomplished in this country is to get more involved. And I've decided that means running for office."

"What do you want to accomplish?" Blaine asked carefully.

Blaine's father looked to his wife and they both smiled and turned back to him. "I am going to push through legislation to disband this whole concept of soul mates. There is no legitimate reasons that people can't live happy and productive lives without their so called soul mates. And I will finally be in a place that will bring about real change."

"But why get rid of soul mates?" Blaine asked, not being able to stop himself. "What is so wrong about finding the person you are supposed to be with for the rest of your life?"

"It is wrong because nothing should dictate who you love or marry or anything Blaine!" Mr. Anderson said, frustrated. "This country was based on freedom and people are not free when they are supposedly attached to a soul mate for the rest of their lives!"

"What is so wrong with us wanting to believe in soul mates?" Blaine snapped, thinking about Kurt. "Just because you and Mom don't believe in them doesn't mean the rest of us should!"

Blaine's father stood angrily and glared at his son coldly, and his wife put a warning arm on his shoulder.

"You are such a disappointment Blaine," Mr. Anderson said coldly. "You still have that funny notion that gay is something you were born with and not something you chose and now you think that it is possible for you to have a gay soul mate. Grow up Blaine!"

Blaine could feel his anger swelling in his chest and he wanted nothing more than to tell him about Kurt, to prove him wrong. But that would be a huge mistake because he knew that his father would do anything in his power to try and separate them especially if he knew Blaine was involved with the President's son.

"You listen to me and listen to me good," Mr. Anderson said coldly. "You will come to every single function as my obedient son who will do nothing to embarrass me. Also, you will remove that soul mate mark from your hand. You will do it or else."

Remove his mark? Just the thought of removing Kurt's name from his skin made Blaine feel like he was going to get sick. To remove something that was so sacred that was core to his very being felt so completely wrong. It would be an insult to his relationship with Kurt to get rid of those words on his skin. Blaine knew one thing without a shadow of a doubt, they were not removing it no matter the cost.

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