Naruto was walking with Sakura and Kakashi as they walked with a short black haired man. He had on a pair of green lenses glasses with a thin silver frame. He walked wearing a business suit as there were two gas masked samurai wearing the same uniforms of purple pants and purple cloth over their left shoulders.

Naruto groaned as he said having his hands at the back of his head, "Why are we escorting again? I mean, what kind of enemy ninja can be after our person in need of protection? I mean, it can't be the Mist, Stone, Cloud or Sand. They're all allies now and plus we can't be after them I mean that would be stupid."

Sakura exhaled as she said to him, "Naruto, before you continue. There are many ninja villages such as the Rain, Waterfall and Sound if you have forgotten. Sure, none of them are as strong as the five great villages. But, that doesn't mean that there aren't enemy ninja. According to the mission data, this is an unknown ninja group."

Kakashi then replied as well, "But, don't worry we have contacts in the village. Tazuna and Inari should be there to help us."

The person who was being guarded then lifted his head as he asked in slight fear, "Hopefully, not Inari of the Shooting Wind. He's supposedly in charge of this rogue terrorist cell that the land's government does not approve of. I'm just trying to open a glass factory and now my own company's security can't even protect me. Rumor has it that the leader of the Tidal Wave Five is none other than this Inari of the Shooting Wind. He's supposed to be as skilled with the wind as he is with his cross bow and arrows."

Naruto waved his arm as he said to him, "Nah, not this kid, maybe another Inari. But, not this one, Inari is a carpenter like his old man."

As the group approached the bridge Kakashi stopped as he looked at the bridge carefully. He then looked up and saw in the distance a pile of crates. Naruto was about to take a step as Kakashi then put a hand up to stop him, "Naruto, why would there be crates on a complete bridge. And shouldn't there be a toll booth? Enemies of the country can get into this bridge too easily with what appears to be no protection."

Sakura then said to her sempai, "Of course, Kakashi sensei. Hmm, I think this is a trap."

Suddenly an arrow flew down at them as Kakashi was hit he turned into a log substituting. Sakura then popped into a cloud as it turned out to be a hendged Naruto clone. While the real Naruto took out his kunai and leaped into the nearest try. Out fell a black haired young man wearing a silver skull cap. He landed on his back as he rolled to his feet. His tank top was black with a green vest on his body and his pants being blue with several one handed folded crossbows. His belt was green and had a dozen cross bows on it that are folded just like the ones placed into pockets along his legs. On his back waist was a large long pouch with a single flap leaving it closed. On his back was a quiver missing a few arrows. He wore a black cloth over his lower half of his face and had black eyes.

Leaping from the tree was Kakashi holding a two handed cross bow as he tossed it to the Naruto clone. Kakashi then pulled out his kunai as he and Naruto who had landed were ready for combat. The enemy ninja had pointed at his skull cap pointing out the palm tree with a rain cloud above it symbol was scratched in. He then announced himself to them, "Leaf Ninja, I am Inari the Shooting Wind from the Village Hidden by the Rain Forest. And you are protecting an enemy of the state. I don't care if you are the Great Naruto, the hero hailed by the Land of Waves and the next hokage candidate. I will not let you into my land without a fair fight."

Yelling came from the sky as Sakura came down with a chakra powered fist. Looking up Inari formed a set of hand seals as he then ended with Naruto's clone seal. Naruto looked in awe as three swirls came around the enemy that formed into wind clones. These clones has looked like their creator only their waists and legs were funnels of wind pulling up dirt and leaves. One of them aimed his arm as it turned into a crossbow. The arm fired up a blast of dirt and leaves at Sakura as she covered her face and carried on with her attack. Breaking was the ground as chunks were disturbed and the ground being fractured.

When the dust cleared Inari was not seen as two arrows flew at Sakura's back. Naruto leaped up as he deflected the arrows and growled. Sakura stood up as she then smiled and said to him closing her eyes, "Protecting your damsel again, huh?"

Naruto then grinned as he told her, "Believe it."

She then kissed his cheek as she then pulled out from his pouch a kunai. She then leaped out and ran up the tree as she threw the kunai into the brush. Leaping she spun kick the tree as it began to fall from where she kicked it. Naruto pulled out two kunai as he threw them at the falling person.

The person lowered his head blocking the kunai with his skull cap. The person was Inari as he landed and dropped two of the folded one handed crossbows. He then reached into the pouch as he pulled his hands out with chakra strings. A puppet wearing a green cloak came out that was about the size of 4 feet tall. It had brown wooden skin with a wig of hair that was long and white. On the arms were crossbows with a small gattling gun on it's chest.

Inari then said to the group, "Meet, Shooting Wind, your last image of my skill."

Naruto then shouted at him, "Now, look kid you may think you got skill. But, honestly, you don't have that much power. I mean come on, sure you're a good shot. But, you're no ninja with just a puppet. You got to be properly trained to use that thing effectively."

Chuckling Inari then pulled his finger as the left cross bow launched at Naruto a rather lengthy arrow. Naruto then leaped out of the way as he began charging throwing a kunai. The puppet had it's now unless arm open up with four long panels in an 'X' formation. The seals along it glowed as wind came up and formed into a shield for the kunai. The blade hit the wall and then bounced on the ground.

Naruto then leap back as he threw four shuriken at the puppet as the wall went down. The mouth opened as a fan inside the back pulled air in. The pectorals expanded like lungs and the mouth fired like a cannon of air hit the shuriken. The shuriken flew at Naruto as he then created a clone, the said clone pulled the original out of the way.

The clone popped as Naruto landed and made four clones. Two clones went to the original as they began making a rasengan shuriken while the other two went on the attack. Inari then sighed as he stood up straight and dropped the strings on one hand. Inari pulled out a tag and slapped it on his shoulder as he then said to Naruto, "So, you want to go in for the finish? I'll show you that I am a ninja."

The seal glowed as wind gathered in a funnel as it formed a second arm for him. The funnel hand and released hand began forming hand seals. The puppet fired it's Gatling gun of needles at the two clones. Naruto had gathered his rasengan shuriken as he began running into battle and then leaped at Inari.

The last hand seal was complete as Inari held his hand into a fist with the index finger extended. Air gathered around his arm as opened his palm into an open hand. A long arrow head formed of wind around his arm.

Sakura and Kakashi were shocked at the amount of chakra that was ripping off the wind arrow. Inari hefted his arm to the side as he dropped his puppet. The arrow faced Naruto who was coming in for a blow as Inari then made a fist with great stride. His eyes closed for an instant as he fought the pain. The arrow of wind flew off his arm as scars ripped up along his arm.

He screamed in pain as he threw his head back. Kakashi leaped as Sakura saw the scars form along the arm of her enemy. The rasegan shuriken flew and collided with the arrow of wind. The arrow ripped through the shuriken as Naruto looked absolutely shocked. Sakura leaped for her lover as she grabbed him and pulled him down dodging the arrow. But, not the wind that surrounded the arrow as the pair hit the ground roughly.

Inari pulled his undamaged hand as chakra strings appeared to his puppet. The puppet then had it's leg lift up and fire into the sky. Kakashi looked up as he pulled his wire to bind the enemy ninja. He saw the leg blow up into a green cloud.

Kakashi then hefted up the young man as he tossed him roughly against a tree stump. He then said to him looking at his eyes, "So, who are you? You can't pull off a jutsu like that without training."

Inari then looked up as he reached with his free hand at his mask. He pulled it down as he gritted his teeth showing he was Inari the grandson of Tazuna. Kakashi was shocked as he asked him, "I hope you know that you just declared war against the village of the leaf. The very village that forgot about your grand father's debt and protected him anyways."

Inari then looked at him, "Yeah, I know I do. But, what you don't know is. That I just sent a signal, to the four shinobi that took down Hidan the unkillable. When your village lost him, his old village put a hit out on him. And the ninja who went to take him down, was me and the Tidal Wave Five. We have his body, the Sand have his scythe and you got the head back. If only five of us, low rank ninja could take him down. Imagine what we could do to you. You have no idea what we are capable of."

Naruto was being healed by Sakura as she shushed him. He then groaned as he closed his right eye and grunted sitting up. He then said to her, "Hey, thanks."

She smiled as she then kissed him and felt the rush go through her. She felt herself gain some of his chakra as she then used it to make her hands glow red. The red chakra healed him extremely fast as he then stood up. He walked over to Inari and was shocked with Sakura standing behind her lover just as stunned.

Naruto then hit the boy as he yelled at him, "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING?! YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN YOURSELF KILLED!"

Inari turned to Naruto as he said to him, "I was following my dream soon to be hokage. The dream to protect my people from corrupted damiyo. And now, you'll have to fight your way into the Land of Waves."

The leaves began blowing as Kakashi leaped into the air and threw down a few kunai. The kunai were hit up deflected into a spin by an antler as a head of long brown hair whipped. A girl with long brown hair stood as the three kunai hit the ground. Along bang hid her right eye and left her left eye to show people her blue eye. She had a single antler on the right side her head that had seven points going up nearly four feet tall. While the left antler only has three points and was badly damaged going about a foot and a half. She had a pair of breasts that were rather large and are a pair of E-cup with her butt being rather fit with her legs. She wore an orange tank top with a blue head band that sports the same seal that Inari's skull cap had on it, only the headband was tied to two points on her broken left antler. Her pants were baggy with a few pouches and were green with a pair of brass knuckles hanging by chains along her wrists.

She looked as as she then reached for her brass knuckles. She trust her hand as the seals on the brass knuckles glowed. Blasts of air were made as she punched and trees fell down as she stood where she was. Kakashi leaped out of the way of the punches as he couldn't believe that just with raw strength and chakra the enemy could keep him at a distance.

Sakura then looked at Naruto who then said to her darkly as if betrayed, "Heal his arm, he has a good technique there. Talent like that shouldn't be wasted."

Naruto turned around as he then moved his head back. He barely dodged a shape blade of a triangular shield of brass. The girl with green hair that was wavy flippy hair that was shoulder length stood in front of him. Her eyes were brown and she had on a blue cloth head band with the village seal engraved on a plate. She wore a pair of brown slacks with suspenders going over her a-cup breasts. Strapped to her arms were narrow triangular brass shields and on her back was a shovel. Strapped to her waist is a hard hat with a light on it that was orange.

She then grinned as she then thrust her other arm as Naruto knocked it to the side. He leaped back as he pulled out a kunai and looked back as he ducked. A dart flew past his hair as he stood up to look at the woman that landed behind him.

She had a bob cut of blonde hair with it being brushed back and spikey. Her eyes were green and sparked a glint of fun as she smiled. Her breasts were a rather decent c-cup and her butt was round and thin. She wore a black skin tight one piece suit with a v-neck cut showing some cleavage which pissed Sakura off. She had a metal plate at her bellybutton that had the seal that was worn by the three shinobi before her. Wearing a thin green vest that ended at her breasts and had a spider monkey on her left shoulder. The spider monkey had on his back a small quiver with darts in it.

She then took one of the darts as she threw it after bending her arm three times. The dart had chakra flying off it as it went into a super speed scratching Naruto's ear. He then had his eyes grow distant as he then groaned and wobbled a little. Naruto then growled as he then said to them, "I'm through with this."

Chakra began ripping off him as his eyes became red and became the kyubbis. Suddenly his seal appeared as he threw his head back and roared. The girl with the shields gasped as she then moved out of the way. Naruto leaped into the air as he went on the attack, throwing his fist at her.

Leaping the girl with the monkey rolled into a ball and hurled through the air. She let go of her ankles that were bent in front of her face. Her feet flew into his arm pits throwing him into the air as she then landed on the ground. She then had chakra rip off her body as green aura flew around her as she leaped into the air. She then said to him as she appeared in front him, "I believe this is called the first gate the gate of opening! By the way, name is Ayumi Setsu!"

She thrust her flat palm at his chest as Naruto flew down and saw a the girl with the shields there. She had threw her shields down as she took up her shovel. Swinging her shovel Naruto flew as he was knocked in the head. He spun as he hit a tree and slid to the ground, grunting he struggled to get up. Suddenly a pair of fists struck the tree as Ayumi appeared and said to him, "Second gate open, gate of rest!"

The tree shattered into a storm of bark and wood. Naruto was cut up along his flesh as she then said to him spinning into a kick, "THIRD GATE, GATE OF LIFE! HIDDEN RAINFOREST TECHNIQUE SPIDER MONKEY TAIL THRASH!"

The green chakra wrapped around Naruto as she swung her body twisting her legs and arms. She folded her arms to slip into her folded crisscross style legs. She pulled her head through next as she yelled out sending down a cone of green chakra down. The blast made the ground shatter scaring Sakura into thinking out loud, "WHAT KIND ATTACK IS THAT?"

Inari who's arm was now barely healed, "We have the Rainforest are more complicated than you think."

Suddenly Sakura felt ill as she then paled and looked up. She saw something that frightened her.

A light blue tinted skined girl with pale skin and black spots along her skin sat on all fours against the tree trunk. Her eyes were red frog like eyes and her lips painted with a dark blue lip stick. Her hair was wild downward spikes of dark blue and her bust being about a b-cup with her butt being rather large to support her frog squatting state. She wore a pair of jean short shorts of green with an orange tank top and thin green vest. In the middle of her tank top is a plate that is metal and has a symbol of a palm tree with a three line rain cloud above it.

She then licked her lips as she leaped at Sakura. Sakura jumped back as a small blade came out of the girl's pocket. The wire was cut up by the jagged blade as Inari stood up brushing the wires off. He then said to her, "Thank you, Rin. I wasn't expecting you girls to get here until later. Shika I expected to get here first."

The antlered girl then threw down a punch as she then said to him, "Thanks." The punch threw up the ground pieces as she then kicked one piece up and threw a punch with her free hand. The chunk of earth flew at Kakashi as he then leaped over it. He landed as he made his chidori and ran forward at Shika.

Shika then made a series of hand seals as she then had earth flying around her as she said charging, "GALLOP OF THE DEER NINJUTSU!"

Kakashi was shocked as she charged at him throwing her head at him. The stones arranged into a giant pair of antlers as Shika ran and galloped as chakra feet hit the ground. Holes were appeared as she leaped to the left and then leaped at the right zig zagging with craters in her tracks. Kakashi leaped into the antlers as he leaped off them and slammed his hand into Shika's bad antler as she screamed to the sky.

Her bad antler shattered as she screamed and cried falling down into the ground sending trees back. Kakashi stood up as he threw down the antler and looked at Rin with Inari. Sakura was freezing cold and shivering as she looked pale. Kakashi then said to Rin, "So, poison is your art huh?"

Inari then bent down as he grabbed his belt and put it on. He then pulled off four crossbows and tossed them into the air. He made his wind clone jutsu hand seal as two clones appeared and grabbed the crossbows. Inari then reached for his quiver and pulled out two arrows as he then got into an attack position.

He ran in as the clones fired one arrow at a time. Kakashi then pulled out his kunai as he then deflected the arrows. He kicked Inari's right elbow as he went for a stab at the left hand holding an arrow. The arrow was cut in half as Inari then grabbed Kakashi's bicep. He squeezed as Kakashi's arm became stiff. Lifting his legs into the air Inari kicked both arm pits of Kakashi as he grunted. Rin appeared on the shoulders of Inari as she then licked Kakashi's eye. Groaning he fell down feeling ill to his stomach as he groaned and curled up.

Naruto groaned as he stood up and growled at the opposing two girl shinobi. Ayumi then said as she landed in front of him and said to the shovel wielding girl, "Shīrudo, don't get in the way, while I'm handling this one."

Naruto then said to her, "Don't worry, I can handle you."

Wind twisted through the air as a demon rasegan was made as he threw it at Ayumi. The girl flew into a brush of trees as Naruto then threw his arms down. He pulled out his last kunai from his arm and flew at Shīrudo. The shovel came down as the kunai had red chakra cut the head of the shovel off spinning it into the air. Eyes widened as she then felt chakra surround her as Naruto threw her up into the air with his demon claw arm.

He then turned to Rin as the very blue left her skin as red chakra hit her and thrashed her into a tree. Inari then pulled out from his big pouch on the underside of the flap a scroll. He then unrolled it as he then bit his thumb. He formed several hand seals surprising Naruto who then began turning off his kyubbi chakra.

Naruto bit his thumb as he then summoned up the toad summoning seal. Inari then saw the giant boss toad that Naruto was famous for using soon after the fourth hokage and the Toad Sage. Grinning Inari then hollered as he said to him, "Watch out Naruto! I might just have to top you! Frigate bird brothers summoning jutsu!"

Three clouds appeared as three large frigate birds stood in place side by side. They each stood at about 15 feet tall and had different chests. They each wore brown pilots helmets with goggles as they each also had two extra set of talon like arms that pulled the goggles over their eyes. They puffed out their chests showing that one had a yellow chest. Next to him in the middle was the red chest frigate bird and finally at the right end was a blue chested frigate bird.

Inari stood on the ground in a square that had several seals in it as there were several flags: red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple."

Naruto then said to Inari, "What? You can't even summon a giant summoning like the big bad ass boss toad? Those are flies compared to this guy."

The boss toad then said to Naruto after a puff of his pipe, "Kid, you might want to listen before you just go off bragging about me. Frigate birds create hard light constructs based on flags whirled by this ninja. A certain combination allows different colors to be made and different poses make different constructs. The worst part's to come, these three particular set of three are the only brothers. Frigate birds lay one egg each season the mother of these three laid three eggs being the first set of siblings. They not only are that, but they survived the dreadful Avian War. Where the Birds of Prey made an alliance known as the Hunters and fought all the other birds. It was the bravery and cunning of those three brothers that eventually lead to an alliance win from the Wings. They may be small their species of summon, but they are just as powerful as their biggers and elders defeating Seiyō the bald eagle of the Hunters their mightiest warrior they had to offer. And he had thirty soldiers to help him, think about what they have seen. There was a human among them too, who could summon the wind into an arrow. This all took place a year ago, I'm imaging since these guys are partially blind at top speed are not very trusting of anyone. But, they'll put their reputation and lives on the line for the debt they owe that human."

Naruto then looked at Inari as he then asked himself, "What have you been through Inari?"

Inari then starred coldly as he then thought to himself, I can't believe I'm fighting Naruto. And to think it all started four years ago, about the same time that he went on his trip through the nations.