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Chapter One: The Letter

Emily sat on her stool in the common room doing her homework. Since she was missing school to fulfill her samurai duties, her mother suggested online courses so she wouldn't have to catch up on school when she got home. This meant though that Emily spent all her time either training, sleeping, or studying. She barely had time to do anything if she wanted to keep her grades up. This is why on her day off she was doing homework, while her fellow team mates got to relax.

Mike was playing his newest video game, taking his free time to advance as far in the game as he could. Kevin had gone to the pool to catch up on his swimming. He was hoping to defeat Xandred before the next Olympics, so he went to the pool when he wasn't training. Even though swimming was still training, since he was the water samurai. Mia was in the kitchen making a "deluxe dinner and dessert". No one had the heart to tell her about her cooking, so they were all forced to consume her toxic creations. Antonio had gone fishing so he could still keep his business going. Antonio had dragged Jayden along with him saying that if he didn't go, Jayden would be training on his day off. Emily didn't know where Mentor Ji went, although she was almost positive he was in his study doing whatever he did when he was in there.

Emily was trying to write her paper for English when the door bell rang. She looked up, startled. No one had ever rung the door bell before because no one was supposed to know where the Shiba house was located. So when it rang she was instantly alert and ready for the worst. Mentor Ji came out from his study and cautiously walked towards the door. When he opened it up he saw it was simply a mail man with a letter.

"Hello Sir." the man said with a fake smile. He was dressed in a typical post office uniform. It was navy blue, and he even had the stereotypical satchel on his shoulder.

Emily seemed much more relaxed now, seeing that it was only the mail man coming to deliver a letter. Knowing Ji, it was probably a letter from one of his many "friends" he always mentioned.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" Mentor Ji asked the man.

"There's a letter here, for a miss Emily Fields?" the post man said. He wasn't sure if he had the right address, but it had been a 15 minute drive up so he only hope he was at the right house.

"Oh, thank you. Have a good day." Mentor said as he took the letter from the man's hands and slowly closed the door.

"You too, sir." he said as he walked off back towards his big white car.

Mentor stepped back inside and called for his youngest student, "Emily! There's a letter for you."

Emily walked over and took the letter from his hands. Mike was curious to why she was getting a letter and walked over to join her. Mentor retreated back to his room and left the two samurai alone.

"Who's it from?" Mike asked curiously.

"I don't know." Emily said as she began tearing open the letter. She was nervous, thinking the worse. Maybe Serena had died while she was gone, or maybe there was a farming accident and her dad got hurt. Maybe her mom died in some freak tornado.

Emily yelped excitedly when she recognized the handwriting on the letter.

"It's from Serena!" she said excitedly.

"Well what does it say?" Mike asked, happy that his crush's older sister was still alive. And if she was writing a letter she was obviously doing better and could now actually stay away long enough to finish the letter.

"Hold on." Emily said as she started reading the letter to herself. It read, "Dear Emily, I hope you're doing okay and haven't gotten hurt. I've been so worried about you! But guess what?! I have great news! I'm finally recovering! Mom and I went to Sweden and they tested some new medicine on me. It isn't legal in the U.S. yet, but who cares!? The doctors said that it's working and that in a week I should be good as new! Isn't that awesome? I'm so happy! You know what else? This means you can go home and I can take my place back as the yellow samurai ranger. You can go home and not have all this pressure on you. You can focus on school, and you can graduate with the rest of your class! Isn't this awesome? Well, I'll see you this Friday! Love you! Lots of love, Serena Xoxo"

Mike saw Emily's face fall as she got towards the end of the letter. At first her face was bright and happy and smiley. Then she almost looked, sad. Like something in the letter had upset her.

"You okay Em?" Mike asked.

"Great, actually. The letter was from Serena. She said that she went to Sweden and they tried this medicine, and she's recovering. She said she's going to be fine." Emily said, trying to fake a smile.

It wasn't that Emily was upset that Serena would be completely healed. In fact she was so excited about that half of the letter she could have cried tears of joy. She was upset that she had to leave. Although it was sometimes stressful being a samurai and a student, she loved it at the Shiba house. She finally had friends who cared for her.

These friends wouldn't turn their backs on her either. They had showed that they truly cared for Emily. It was the first time in her life that Emily actually had real friends. But now that Serena was coming, she would be sent back to the farm. Back to school, back to the bullies, back to the weak little Emily she was before she came to the Shiba house. While she was there, she had grown a great deal. She was no longer so shy, but she was more outgoing. She was still very accident prone, but she was much better than when she had first entered the Shiba house.

But she was going to lose all of that, she was sure of it. She would revert back to being the shy girl who got pushed around all the time. But this time it would be worse. There would be rumors about where she had gone while she wasn't at school. The kids would beat up on her for all the times they couldn't because she was gone. But now Serena wouldn't be there to comfort her. Emily couldn't go to Serena for help, or just to feel better. She would be on her own, and still worried that any day her sister could die.

"That's great news that she's going to be okay!" Mike said happily.

"Yeah," Emily said half-heartedly, "and she also said she's coming to take her place as the yellow ranger."

"Well what is that supposed to mean?" Mike asked. He was obviously confused and didn't understand what Emily was trying to say.

"Serena is coming here, and I'm going home." she replied.