Chapter Thirteen: Rumors and Theories

Mike sat on his bed that night deep in thought. His mind was thinking of two things. One was why the gap sensor had gone off but no nighlock was found. The other thing on Mike's mind was what he would tell Emily the next time they talked. He had no excuse as to why he said that besides the truth. He would have to tell her how he felt the next time they talked.

Not only would he have to explain his feelings, but he would have to explain a nighlock was possibly out to get her. After the team had thought about it for a bit, they decided the only logical explanation was that a nighlock had appeared but immediately left through another gap. It was decided that the only reason this would happen is if the nighlock was looking for something, more specifically someone. After hours of brainstorming they could only think of one person the nighlock could possibly want besides the current samurai rangers: Emily.

So it was in everyone's best interest to tell Emily. Unfortunately Mike was given the task of telling her because they were the closest, much to Mia and Serena's dismay.

Mike had tried to tell Jayden that somehow else should tell her, but no argument had worked. He would have to talk to Emily and soon. Something Mike, for the first time, was not looking forward to.

So Mike sat on his bed late and night and wondered how he would explain the situation of the nighlock and his feelings for her. Soon though he passed out from exhaustion and laid down to sleep.

***Going Home***

"Morning Haley!" Emily said happily as she walked over to her seat in her first class of the next day.

Although the past day had been rough, Emily had to look at the bright side of things. She had made a new friend and Mike had told her he loved her. At first it had been a very big shock. But as the shock wore off Emily could not remove the smile from her face. Finally the boy she had been crushing on for almost a year had told her he liked her back. She could only hope that he had meant it though and it wasn't some huge mistake. But Emily, being Emily, decided to think positive on the matter and assumed he had meant what he said.

"Someone is rather happy this morning." Haley commented as Emily sat beside her.

"Very.." Emily said with a smile.

"Oh! I forgot I had something to tell you!" Haley said excitedly.

"I have something to tell you too!" Emily said.

"Me first. Do you remember yesterday when I was telling you about that guy on the soccer team who actually isn't a dick?" Haley asked.

"Alex right? You said he was the only 'cool' guy who you approved of?" Emily asked.

"Yeah! That one. Well I so happened to talk to him yesterday, and you somehow came into the conversation." Haley started.

"Oh gosh.." Emily sighed nervously.

"He told me he thinks you're cute!" Haley said happily.

"Doesn't he know who I am? Social reject? Loser? Alleged whore?" Emily asked.

"I told you he's actually nice. He doesn't really care about the whole popularity thing." Haley was practically jumping in her seat.

Emily smiled halfheartedly.

"What's wrong? Cute boy thinks you're cute!" Haley repeated.

"Nothing's wrong. Actually something is right. It's what I was going to tell you." Emily said.

"Hmm.. What?" Haley asked curiously.

"You remember Mike, the boy I was telling you about?" Emily asked.

"The one you have the biggest crush on?" Haley confirmed.

"Yeah, that one. So we were talking last night. He said he loved me." Emily could not contain the smile on her face.

Haley broke out in a grin along with her friend, "I am so happy for you! What'd you say after he told you? I want all the details!"

"After? Well I hung up on him." Emily blushed.

Haley's jaw dropped, "You what?! Why?"

"Well I wasn't expecting him to say it! He had to go so I said goodbye, then he said 'Bye Emily! Love you.' and then I got nervous and hung up right away." Emily said embarrassed.

"Gosh Emily. I have so much to teach you about boys.." Haley said.

Emily turned around to see Travis Manson again with his football buddies laughing. She didn't know what about, but she knew it couldn't be good.

"What are you laughing at?" Haley asked when she noticed Emily looking at the boys behind them.

Travis stopped laughing for a moment to explain, "You? Giving her advice on guys? If she can get pregnant, I think she knows how to act around guys." Travis and his friends continued laughing.

Emily bent her head down and refused to make eye contact when Haley looked at her. What Travis said reminded her about the note and flowers she had received from Jessica the day before. She hadn't had the chance to tell Haley yet, but she had been planning to tell her at lunch.

"She did not get pregnant!" Haley screeched at Travis and his friends.

"That's not what Jessica said." one of Travis's friends, Emily remembered his name was Marcus, called.

"Haley, I need to tell you something." Emily told her, trying to get Haley to stop talking to the boys. She needed to tell Haley about the note sometime, and then was as good a time as any.

"What?" Haley asked as she finally turned around in her seat to face Emily.

"Yesterday Jessica left a note and flowers on my porch. Here." Emily said and handed Jessica the note that was attached to the flowers.

Haley read it before standing up from her chair, "That bitch is going down."

"Haley! Wait!" Emily called after her and got up to follow her to where Jessica was seated.

"Yeah buddy! Cat fight!" Travis yelled from the back. All of his friends burst into laughter.

"Jessica, I am getting real tired of your shit." Haley declared once she was standing beside her desk.

Thankfully Mrs. Johnson was out of the room, probably getting her morning coffee. But at this moment, Emily wished she was in the classroom. She could break up this fight before it started, if only.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Jessica said with a smirk.

"Yeah, she doesn't know what you're talking about." Sharon added.

"Of course you know. I know about the rumors you've spread, I know about the flowers you left Emily, and I know you've been a major bitch to her." Haley announced loudly.

At this point the entire class was watching the exchange between Haley and Jessica. It made Emily feel uncomfortable as she tried to blend into the background.

"Haley, darling, I think you're mistaken." Jessica said in her snotty voice.

"Yeah, mistaken!" Sharon emphasized.

"Sharon, shut up. Please" Jessica said sounding very annoyed.

"I'm not mistaken. You are. Just watch your back Jessica, cause soon you'll get what's coming to you." Haley threatened.

"What is that supposed to mean?!" Jessica screeched.

"Girls, sit down. Class has started." Mrs. Johnson said as she entered the room with her coffee.

"You know what it means Jessica, so be careful." Haley said as she went back to her seat with Emily close behind.

After a few minutes had past Emily threw a wadded up paper at Haley. Haley unraveled it and saw something was written on it.

'Why did u do that?'

Haley grabbed her pen and wrote a response before tossing it back at Emily.

'No 1 gets away w/ hurting my friends :)'

Emily smiled and looked over at Haley who was giving her a thumbs up. She smiled again, shook her head, and tucked the note away in her binder.

***Going Home***

While Mike was still asleep as a result of staying up so late, everyone else was gathered in the kitchen eating breakfast. They had thought about waking Mike, but had decided against it. Mike was still upset with over half of the team and the only people he was speaking to were Serena, Kevin, and barely Jayden. So in the end they let him sleep and hoped when he woke up and he would be calm.

"So do you guys seriously think the nighlock could be after my sister?" Serena asked everyone who was awake.

There was a moment of silence. Each second felt like hours for Serena. Finally though Jayden responded.

"It's very possible." He said.

"That's what I was afraid of.." Serena sighed.

"But we don't know for a fact they are." Mia added.

"There is a decent chance though." Kevin said before he was nudged in the ribs by Mia.

"Not helping." Mia whispered to him. Kevin just shrugged and turned his attention back to the conversation.

"I still just don't get why." Serena thought out loud.

"Emily's vulnerable. She's out in the country without much protection. It does make her a pretty easy target. The nighlock are going to play dirty to win. I have to admit, it would be smart for them to go after Emily." Jayden replied.

"Jayden, please can we go out there? I need to make sure my sister is okay. I want to see for myself that she's okay and there are no nighlocks out there." Serena begged the red ranger.

"I don't know Serena. We can't just all get up and leave. We would be leaving the city wide open." Jayden said hesitantly.

"Please! Just send me and Mike then! We can go check on her and you guys will still be here to protect the city!" Serena begged once again.

"I'll think about it." Jayden said as he stood up from the table and walked to his room.