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Chapter Fourteen: Middle of the Night

Later that day, after Serena explained her proposal about her sister to Mike, Jayden called Serena into his room. Serena had her hopes up high, and was anxiously awaiting Jayden's decision about the farm and Emily. Unfortunately for her, he was rambling on and on.

"And that's why this isn't an easy decision. You know that, right Serena?" Jayden asked, snapping Serena out of her thoughts.

Serena blinked a few times, then nodded her head.

"That's why I have to tell you no. We can't leave the city, and I can't permit you and Mike to leave either. I'm sorry." Jayden said.

"But Jayden!" Serena protested.

"But nothing. My decision is final. Now c'mon, it's almost time for evening training." Jayden said as he pointed Serena towards the door.

Serena reluctantly walked out of the room and towards the dojo. Once there, she went straight to Mike.

"So what'd he say?" Mike asked anxiously.

"He said no." Serena answered.

"But.." Mike started.

"He may have said no, but we're still going." Serena said with a smirk.

"How?" Mike asked curiously.

"We're sneaking out, tonight, so be ready at two am. We're going to see my baby sister." Serena smiled.

***Going Home***

Mike heard his alarm go off and quickly jumped out of bed. It was 15 minutes before he and Serena were supposed to leave and he still had to pack. He didn't know how long they would stay or what they would need so Mike packed a few pairs of clothes and his favourite video game. Once he was done he slipped his backpack on and slid out of his room. He gently shut the door, careful not to wake a sleeping Kevin.

Mike made his way towards the common room to wait for Serena. It was now almost two, and Mike was certain they'd be leaving soon. As if on cue, Serena stepped out of the hallway and into Mike's vision.

"We ready to go?" Mike whispered as he approached her.

"Almost. I just have to drop this note off in Jayden's room and then we can head out." Serena replied quietly.

"Can't we just leave the note on the table? I'm sure the others will find it." Mike questioned.

"I'll be right back, stay here and don't do anything to wake anyone up." Serena said, avoiding the topic as she tip toed back down the hallway.

She silently got to Jayden's room and opened the door as quietly as she could. It was times like these Serena wished she was trained as a ninja instead of a samurai.

Once she was inside she made her way to Jayden's bed. She looked down at her sleeping leader and instantly felt a pang of guilt. Serena knew this was a direct defiance of orders but she felt she had to do it. If she didn't go she couldn't be sure her baby sister was safe from the Nighlock.

Snapping herself from her thoughts of guilt, Serena placed the note explaining where Mike and herself left on Jayden's bedside table. She leaned down and gave Jayden a kiss on the cheek before whispering an apology.

When Jayden was sure Serena was gone he opened his eyes. He had awoken when he heard his door open and had the sense to pretend he was sleeping. Now he had two choices. He could either drag Serena and Mike back then punish them for disobeying, or he could let them go and pretend he had no idea they snuck off during the night.

After a few minutes of deliberation, he decided it would be best to let them go. If he dragged them back they would only get angry, and possibly try again. It would be easier to let the two leave and come back once they were sure Emily was safe. His only concern was that Emily may not be safe.

But Jayden pushed the thought to the back of his mind and lay his head back down onto his pillow. He let out a sigh and tried to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. After all his tossing and turning though he realized something.

"I will not be getting much sleep tonight." he mumbled.

***Going Home***

"Psst! Mike wake up." Serena hissed at the sleeping green ranger.

Mike woke with a jump and immediately got up to his feet. He stumbled for a minute before finding his balance.

"Sorry, but it's two in the morning and I'm usually sleeping. You were taking awhile." Mike explained.

"It doesn't matter. Let's just go before we get caught." Serena whispered and headed towards the door.

The first few minutes of walking were silent, as neither wanted to make any noise to alert anyone of their leaving. Also, neither knew what to say. They shared a common goal, to see Emily, but they were still practically strangers.

"So are we walking the whole way or what?" Mike asked once he was sure they were far enough away to not be heard.

"No. I figured we could walk into the city and catch the bus."

"Oh, okay. So tell me, how long will it take to get there again?"

"About an hour or two."

"And what will we do when we show up on your doorstep at 4 o' clock in the morning?"

Serena turned around to look at Mike when she realized he had a point. She hadn't yet thought of where they would stay or for how long. She also didn't think of the fact that by running away in the night, they would get there before the sun rose.

"Well…" Serena said as she tried to think of a good answer.

"You have no idea do you?" Mike asked, reading her mind.

"Not a clue."

"Sounds good to me." Mike smiled as he continued walking towards the bus stop.