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Chapter Sixteen: Bruises and Runaways

Emily woke up the next morning surprised to find herself curled up on the couch with Mike's arms wrapped around her. She didn't remember falling asleep, but she assumed she had cried herself to sleep. Serena and Mike had asked about the bruise on her face the night before when they surprised her, and she had to tell them the truth. It was humiliating to admit that she had already been bullied as far as being bruised. After all her samurai training Emily still couldn't defend herself from the bullies. Emily quickly erased the negative thoughts that were forming out of her mind.

She looked around the living room and glanced out the window. It was still pretty dark, but the sun was now starting to come up. Emily looked around again for her sister and didn't see Serena anywhere. Carefully she crawled out of Mike's arms, trying her best not to wake him.

In the kitchen she saw Serena was making her favorite, pancakes. Emily smiled and looked at the clock. It was 6:30 in the morning. That's when Emily remembered she would have to be at school in less than two hours. She let out a sigh of disappointment, while also alerting Serena of her presence.

"Morning sunshine." Serena chuckled as she greeted her sister.

"Good morning. How long have you been up?" Emily asked with a yawn.

"Not very long, just long enough to get started on your favorite for breakfast." Serena answered.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" Emily asked.

"You and Mike looked way too comfortable on the couch. It was too cute, I couldn't disturb you." Serena said with a smile.

Emily blushed a deep red when she realized her older sister had seen her cuddled up with Mike. She hadn't told her sister that she had feelings for Mike, but she was sure that by now Serena knew. If she didn't she was oblivious.

"Anyways," Emily said trying to change the subject, "I better get ready to get to school."

"Damn, I forgot you had to go." Serena said sadly.

"I'll be back at 3. Besides you're probably pretty tired. You can get some extra sleep in." Emily said as she started walking to go upstairs.

"Okay. But Emy?" Serena asked hesitantly.

"Yeah Serena?" Emily asked, turning around.

"Promise me you'll tell me if something like," Serena gestured to her face, "that happens. You know what happened last time you didn't tell someone. We don't want a repeat."

Emily sighed, "I promise."

"What are we talking about in here?" Mike said as he entered the room. He had just woken up and heard the girls talking in the kitchen and came to see what was happening.

"Nothing, I was just reminding Serena I have school today." Emily replied coolly.

"Do you have to go?" Mike asked.

"Yeah. It's technically my first week, and Haley will wonder where I am." Emily explained.

"Oh yeah, Mike told me about her. Have I met her before?" Serena asked.

"I highly doubt it. She came after I left and you wouldn't have been healed enough to go out." Emily said.

"Oh. Well, I should meet her sometime then." Serena said.

"Maybe I'll bring her by after school then." Emily said with a smile as she walked off towards her bedroom to get ready for school.

***Going Home***

Jayden woke up in the morning and turned to his night table. As he thought, it wasn't a dream. Serena and Mike had left in the night and the note from Serena was there to prove it. Jayden picked it up to read what it said. He hadn't read it the night before, as it was too dark.

'Dear Jayden,

Don't be surprised to see Mike and I aren't there. We left. I know you didn't want us to, but we had to see Emily. Well, I had to see her. I couldn't convince Mike to stay home. Either way please don't come and get us. I swear we'll be home as soon as I see Emily's safe. Mike and I are ready for whatever punishment you're going to give us. If it's any consolation, we are sorry for disobeying, but we had to. I hope you can forgive us. See you soon. Xx


The love struck Green Ranger and possibly temporary Yellow Ranger'

Jayden wasn't at all surprised by the letter, except for the last part. He knew Serena and Mike went to see Emily. He knew they had to do it. He also knew Mike liked Emily, explaining the 'love struck'. What Jayden couldn't figure out was the 'possibly temporary' in front of Serena's title. Jayden shrugged it off and set the letter back on his table, choosing to ignore the ending until the two returned home.

The red ranger left his room and entered the common room to see the rest of the rangers sitting on their stools. When Jayden entered Mia, Kevin, and Antonio immediately looked up. Jayden knew what was coming and decided to get it over with.

"Yes, Serena and Mike have left to see Emily. No, I did not give them permission. No, we are not going out to bring them back." Jayden said before making his way to the kitchen for breakfast.

Mia, Kevin, and Antonio looked to each other with puzzled expressions. They didn't understand why Jayden didn't want to bring the two home. Normally Jayden would have been the first to suggest dragging them home.

Antonio finally stood up from his seat on his stool and followed Jayden into the kitchen.

"But Jayden, why aren't you upset and trying to bring them home?" Antonio asked.

Jayden turned to face the gold ranger, "I am upset. But going down would only leave the city wide open. Also, Serena left a note. It sounded like she will be returning as soon as she sees Emily safe. Presumably Mike and Serena will be home by the end of the day. If they aren't I will call them and demand they come home. When they return they will be punished." Jayden replied.

"Okay.." Antonio said, backing away.

***Going Home***

Emily walked into her class and took her seat next to Haley. Today more than before, all she wanted was to get home. There was no doubt in her mind that Jessica or Travis had something new planned. Along with that, Emily wanted to get back to her sister and Mike. She didn't know how long they would be there, but she assumed when they left she wouldn't see them again until the war was over.

"Hey, how are- woah. What the hell happened to your face?" Haley exclaimed once she got a look at Emily's purple and blue face.

"Travis and the football team. I'd rather not talk about it." Emily replied.

"Why did they do that?" Haley asked worriedly.

Emily was about to answer when she heard a burst of laughter from the front of the room. Apparently Travis and his team, along with Jessica and Shannon had seen Emily. They were no laughing at the damage they had done the day before. Emily held her head down in shame.

"Hey ass wipe!" Haley yelled at them.

"What did you call me?" Travis shouted as he walked over and stood threateningly over Haley.

"You heard me. What the hell is wrong with you?! Do you not see what you did to Emily?" Haley said angrily, not backing down.

"Why do you think we were laughing?" Travis said as he gestured to his group of friends still at the front of the room.

Haley let out a frustrated cry and punched Travis square across the face. Travis stumbled back in shock while holding his face in his hands. He would never admit it, but Haley was tough. The girl could hit hard.

The whole room could hear Jessica screech from the front of the room as she raced over to her boyfriend. She glared at Haley and Emily before turning her attention back to Travis. Now the whole class was interested in what would happen next. Not only had someone hit Travis, which never happened, but it had been a girl.

"You're gonna get it bitch.." Travis said as he aimed his fist at Haley's face.

Before Travis's fist could connect with Haley's face, Emily intervened. She used her samurai training to stop Travis's fist in mid air. Travis looked back at her, completely confused and shocked. Haley looked at her friend, surprised but ecstatic that Emily had saved her from a bruised face.

"You little shit.." Jessica said before slapping Emily across the face.

Emily stumbled back and held her stinging cheek. If it weren't for the bruise already on her face, Emily was positive it wouldn't have hurt nearly as bad. But because of her previous beating, her face hurt like hell.

"That's enough girls, and boy." Mrs. Johnson said upon entering the room and seeing the exchange.

"All four of you to the principal's office, now." Mrs. Johnson said sternly.

As they left a round of 'ooooh's erupted from the students when Emily, Haley, Travis, and Jessica walked out.

"This is all your fault." Jessica spit at Emily.

"My fault?!" Emily shrieked.

"How is this her fault? Out of all of us, Emily is the most innocent!" Haley defended her.

"Bull!" Travis said as he was dragged to the office by Jessica.

"Watch out Emily! I'm so getting revenge for this!" Jessica yelled from half way down the hallway.

"I don't care what happens, it was so worth it to see you punch him in the face." Emily mumbled to Haley.

***Going Home***

"Emily!" Mike yelled as he rushed to give Emily a hug, which Emily eagerly returned. Mike and Serena had gone down to the school after hearing Emily had been in a fight. They were currently in the office, since both of Emily's parents were walking in the fields they couldn't be bothered. But Serena was convinced the principal would be just as happy talking to her.

"What the hell happened?" Mike asked worriedly, all without letting Emily go.

"Haley yelled at the guy who beat me up yesterday. Then she punched him. He was going to hit her but I stopped him. Then Jessica slapped me, there were some swear words in there too." Emily sobbed into his chest.

Mike rubbed circles into Emily's back, just like hours before. He looked around the room and saw a boy Emily's age sitting in a chair, with a big bruise on his jaw. Next to him was a blonde holding ice to his face. Mike assumed these were the two responsible for Emily's pain.

In the corner was a girl with dark brown, almost black hair. She was wearing skinny jeans and combat boots, Mike knew this must be Haley. Mike walked with Emily back to the chair so they could both sit down. After a few minutes of waiting, with Mike holding Emily the entire time, Serena and two parents walked out of the principal's office.

"C'mon Em, we're going home." Serena said with a slight smile.

"What happened?" Emily asked, unmoving.

"I'll tell you when we get outside. Grab Haley too, her parents couldn't be here and I told the principal I'd take her home with us and let her parents know." Serena said.

Emily left Mike's side and walked over to where Haley was sitting in the corner. The principal had heard she was the instigator and demanded she stay away from the others while they waited.

"You're coming home with me. Let's get outta here." Emily said as she held her hand out.

Haley took her hand and stood up. The two girls walked over to where Serena and Mike were waiting by the door. All four of them walked out of the school and started to walk home.