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Chapter Eight: Don't Tell

When Emily got home, she quickly ran up to her room. She locked the door and stood up so her back was pressed against it. She let out a sigh before she started crying. Her body slid down slowly so she was now sitting against the door.

Emily tried to get herself to stop, but she couldn't do it. Less than an hour of being home, and she had already gotten verbally abused. Things were not looking up for her. As she sat crying, she remembered what she used to do when she was younger and kids picked on her.

Emily would always run to Serena and tell her everything that happened. Serena would always comfort her and make her feel better. But Emily couldn't talk to Serena now, her older sister was at the Shiba house while Emily was still on her farm. That's when she remembered that her friends had bought her a new laptop so she could video call them.

She got up off the floor and ran over to her suitcase sitting on her bed. She dug through the bag until she found the new box containing her going-away present. Tape was covering it though, so she grabbed her scissors and tore through all the packaging in her way. When she finally reached the laptop, she pulled it out and plugged it in so it could charge while she used it.

Emily laid on her bed and opened the laptop. She quickly found the program she needed. It took awhile to load since the internet in the country was so bad, but she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Mike was on. She pulled up his contact. Before she could press the button to video call him, a new window opened up. Mike was already calling her. Emily eagerly pressed accept and wiped away her tears while she waited for her computer to connect to Mike's at the Shiba house.

"Hey!" Mike exclaimed happily. He had been waiting all day to see her. She had only left that morning, but it felt like forever ago to Mike. Because she was taking the train instead of an airplane, Emily hated flying, it had taken her longer to get home. That meant it had been a longer wait for Mike. But now that he was finally talking to her, a smile appeared on his face. He hadn't smiled since Emily had left.

"Hi Mike!" Emily said. Now she could talk to someone about what happened. She hoped it would help, like it used to when she talked to Serena. But she didn't want to tell Serena, not this time. Emily didn't want her sister worrying about her. If her sister knew she was already having trouble, she didn't know what she'd do. Mike was a good substitute though. She felt safe talking to him, and knew he wouldn't make fun of her or judge her. She and Mike had a bond that she couldn't explain. She would never tell Mia, but she considered Mike to be her best friend.

"How are you doing? Did you get there okay? Did anything happen?" Mike asked eagerly.

"Well, now that you mention it… Something did happen…" Emily said uneasily. Emily didn't want to worry Mike, but she had to tell someone about what happened with Jessica. Her parents were an obvious no, they'd go contact Jessica's parents, humiliate Emily, and fuel Jessica's anger even more if she got in trouble.

"What happened?" Mike asked. He was very concerned. He knew Emily had only been home an hour or two at the most. If something had already happened, things didn't look good.

Just as Emily was about to explain the situation to Mike, she heard someone knocking on Mike's door.

"What?" Mike asked angrily.

"Mike we need to talk!" Kevin called from the other side of the door.

"Can it wait? I'm talking to Em!" Mike called back. He was not in the mood to talk to anyone in the Shiba house. Emily had only told them she was leaving the day before, and now Serena was here, and no one seemed upset at all to Mike.

"Fine. As soon as we're done, we need to talk." Kevin said. Mike heard Kevin angrily stomp away.

"What was all that about?" Emily asked, obviously Kevin was mad about something.

"Oh nothing, no big deal. So what were you going to say Em?" Mike asked, trying to take the focus off of himself.

"Well the train was fine, so was the drive home. But uhm.." Emily's eyes started tearing up, yet again.

"What happened?" Mike said sympathetically.

"My mom and I went to the store. She asked me to check out so she could run another errand quick. When I went to check out, uhm.." Emily was starting to choke up from crying. Although what Jessica said hadn't been too bad, it had brought back awful memories. Memories that were only making things worse.

"What happened?" Mike asked again.

"The girl who was at the register, she used to pick on me a lot. I was hoping she wouldn't recognize me. She did." Emily said. Another tear fell of her cheek and landed on her bed.

"Oh god. What did she say? I'll kill her." Mike said angrily. Ever since he had met Emily he had the instinct to protect her. He knew she didn't need it, but he felt like it was something he had to do. So when Mike heard someone was hurting her, it made Mike angry, very angry.

"Well it wasn't much. She asked where I was. She asked if my parents sent me away because they didn't want me. Then she basically called me an ugly whore and asked if I got pregnant. Then when I was leaving she tripped me. But it wasn't that bad, I just knocked over some tomato juice." Emily said sadly, even though she was trying to sound as optimistic as possible.

Mike was furious. No one hurt Emily and got away with it. That girl was lucky that he wasn't there. If he was, his anger would have gotten the best of him for sure. He definitely would have blown up and hurt her.

"I'm so sorry Em. I wish I could have been there. You know none of that's true though, right? Your parents love you, and you are not an ugly whore. That girl is just jealous of you." Mike tried to comfort his best friend.

Emily chuckled, "That's what Serena used to say too…"

"Do you want to talk to her? She can probably help more than I can." Mike asked.

"No! Please don't tell her, or anyone. I don't want to worry you guys. I'll sort it out. I'll be fine here, promise. Just please don't tell!" Emily begged.

"Okay, I won't. I promise." Mike said after a moment of hesitation. He thought Serena should know, but he had to trust Emily knew what she was doing and could take care of herself.

"Thanks Mike." Emily said as she wiped away the remaining tears from her face.

Emily heard another knock from Mike's room. She recognized Mia's voice calling in the background.

"Can we please come and talk to her?" Mia asked Mike.

"Fine, come in." Mike said after he gave Emily a thumbs up and made sure she was ready to talk.

"Emily!" Mia squealed as she, Kevin, Antonio, Serena, Jayden, and even Mentor Ji entered the room to talk to Emily.

"Hey guys!" Emily said, trying her best to hide the fact she had been crying minutes before.