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The life of Gabby Salvatore Chapter 3

Gabby POV

Stefan looked so happy to see me. Oh is he pitying me again? Like he did when we where human?

"Gabby?" He whispered.

"Okay Damon you said you can explain so hurry up and give me your explanation so I can leave" I said showing no emotion. While inside I was feeling happy that my brothers are alive but I was also very angry and scared of them. Damon looked sad but gave me a small nod. Stefan then sat on the other side of me. I guess Stefan was the person Damon called. So what if I'm here, why should they care?

"Gabby we are so sorry for what we said when we where Human, Katherine compelled us" Stefan said. Damon nodded.

My anger got the best of me "No she compelled you to both love her not to hate me!" I screamed glaring at them. Damon flinched at the tone of my voice.

"Gab's we didn't hate you" Damon whispered. Yeah right.

"Oh so you just told me that I'm worthless and not worth anyone's time? Oh and you told me to hurry up and get married! That gives me the impression that you both hated me, just like Farther did!" I shouted.

They both looked hurt. Oh please! They don't know all the pain I have been through, there lives have been a lot easier than mine.

"Katherine was jealous of you" Stefan said. What? Why?

"Why on earth would that thing be jealous of me?" I asked. I wanted to curse but I hate swearing.

"Because you are so sweet and kind" Damon spoke up from beside Stefan. You mean used to be like that before I killed a human. Sure he had it coming to him but now I'm no better than him. I'm now a murderer. And now I have it on my conscience.

"She was also jealous of all the attention we gave you" Stefan added.

"So she compelled us to ignore you" Damon said. That kinda makes sense but she still didn't make them say all that stuff to me. I guess she had her hooks in them so deep that they would say anything/do anything in her defence. I sighed. But can I really trust them? What if they hurt me again. I don't think I can take getting hurt again.

They gave me their puppy dog face. I sighed " I can't take getting hurt again" They looked sad.

I started thinking. Should I let them back into my life? But if they hurt me again then I am so gone!

"Fine you have one more chance" I muted. They grinned and they both ran towards me and before I could step back they both put there arms around me.

I froze and when they noticed that I wasn't hugging them back they looked concerned. "Okay Gab's what happened to you?" Damon asked. I gulped and looked down at my shoes.

"Yeah and why are you a thirteen year old vampire?" Stefan asked. I shivered as I got images of the dreadful night into my head. A few tears fell. Damon put his arm around my shoulders and for the first time in over one hundred years I felt safe. We all sat down together on one couch.

"Okay tell us Gabby" Stefan said. I had their full attention. I nodded. I guess I have to tell them.

"Well when I found out that Farther 'killed' you I hated him and I couldn't bear to look at him so a couple of days later I packed some clothes and food and left, Then when I got to the outskirts of Mystic falls some men found me a-and" I started to cry.

"What did they do to you?" Damon said through gritted teeth. Stefan looked like he was struggling to control his anger.

"I'm sorry! I can't do this!" I cried and ran out of the Salvatore boarding house.

I ran as fast as I could. I ran faster than I ever have before. I keep on getting images of that dreadful night. I could hear the heavy footsteps that I knew where my brothers. I ran a couple of miles into the forest and climbed a tree in an attempt to get my brothers off my trail. I got hit with more images of the group of men hurting me. I wimped. Then the image of Katherine finding me in the middle of a forest and feeding me her blood only for when I was healed to get hurt again.

I started crying hysterically. In a matter of seconds Damon was in the tree and on the same branch as me and Stefan was on the branch bellow us. Why won't the images go away?! I looked at my brothers and they looked frantic.

Damon looked really worried " Please Gabby, tell us what happened after the men found you?" He begged looking extremely concerned.

"You can tell us anything" Stefan said. What if they get angry at me for not getting away from the men in time.

I took a deep breath while still crying and whispered " They asked me if I was lost and started to walk towards me, at first I thought that they where only trying to help me but when they got closer to me one of them grabbed me and held me so I couldn't move, then one pulled out a knife and I started to struggle against his hold but he punched me and I fell onto the floor in pain, everyone started laughing at me and kept calling me weak and then the man with the knife stabbed me in the arm and then they worked together to torture me and then they left me in the forest to die" I was in hysterics by then.

I looked st Damon and Stefan and they looked really angry. Before they could say anything I carried on " Then Katherine found me and fed me her blood and I started to heal but as soon as I was fully healed she continued to torture me and a few hours later she killed me and then I started the transformation into a vampire, I didn't have the will power not to feed off someone so when one of the men that helped torture me I didn't think and I drank all the blood in his body and know I'm no better than him" I cried.

Stefan and Damon looked like they wanted to murder someone. So yet again I cut in and said " That is why I always live in a forest because then nobody is around so I can't get hurt and I also only drink animal blood because I cant bear to hurt an innocent human" I could almost see the steam coming from Stefan and Damon's ears.

"I'M GOING TO KILL HER!" Damon and Stefan screamed. I flinched and covered my ears.


"OH I WISH I COULD KILL THEM!" Stefan shouted.


" can you guys please calm down?" I asked timidly. Stefan's face softened. He pulled me into a hug.

"I can't believe that anyone would want to hurt you" Stefan whispered into my hair.

I looked at Damon and saw that he still looked like he would kill anyone who stood in his path.

"The next time I see Katherine I'm going to kill her slowly and painfully" Damon growled and took me from Stefan's arms and gave me a bone crushing hug.

"So how did you guys become Vampires?" I asked.

"Oh Katherine fed us her blood" Stefan said. Grrrr. I hate her so much!

" We best get back home" Damon said. I nodded.

When we got back to the Salvatore boarding house I sat down on the couch closest to the fire place. Damon and Stefan sat beside me. "Nobody is going to hurt you ever again, I won't let them" Damon said while looking determined. Stefan nodded agreeing with him.

"So what do you want to do?" Damon asked. I looked at the Television and saw some DVD's Damon saw what I was looking at and nodded. I grinned and sat down in front of the DVD I was Narnia! I have seen this film once and I loved it! I giggled in excitement and shoved the DVD in Damon's face.

When he saw the title of the film he started laughing. "I should have guessed" I giggled again. I haven't laughed since I was human and it felt ... really good!

I sat right in front of the TV waiting for the film to start. Damon and Stefan sat on either side of me. When the film started I snuggled into Damon's chest. About halfway through the film Stefan's mobile started ringing. Damon glared at Stefan. Stefan answered his mobile and he suddenly got worried.

When he had finished on his phone he said " Katherine's back" I gasped. Has she came back to kill me? Torture me again? All I knew was that I wouldn't let her hurt me again, and if she trys to well I'm not going down without a fight.

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