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Summary Izanagi no Mikoto is bored so he goes to the Naruto Universe were he left his pet Juubi, while there he finds out that the Juubi was split apart, Spending a lot of time there to create a vessel his first vessel was named Dan Kato, he lived a life known as Minato Namikaze and had a child with one of his wives Tsukiyomi who was known as Kushina Uzumaki when he returned to see his son he expected for his son Naruto to be living with his godfather Jiraya learning everything that he could be taught, but what he found was a poor excuse of a ninja whose favorite pass time is playing pranks and eating Raman while screaming about being Hokage and earning respect to a group of people who hate him and neglect his training deliberately, It's time to change that. Overpowered Naruto/Harem Character Bashing

Story Start

Outside Konoha

When Izanagi no Mikoto was bored he came to the Shinobi Universe were he had left his pet Juubi to create it's own safe haven, when he got back he found out that the human he blessed with chakra had sealed it away and split it apart, he spent years with each piece and taught them some moves and trained them in their specialties, after traveling some more he decided to interact with the humans his first vessel was named Dan Kato he told his fiancée Tsunade Senju when he was dieing that he'll be back and for her to not give up on him that he'll return to her though she thought it was just him rambling and he blamed himself for her fear of blood and her bitterness at life, he's been living as Minato Namikaze with one of his wives Tsukiyomi who was known as Kushina Uzumaki.

Today was going to be another happy day for the god of Creation Izanagi no Mikoto and the Goddess of the Moon Tsukiyomi. they had just given birth to their son Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze but it seems that Minato's student Obito Uchiha was still alive he had extracted Kurama from Kushina and now her human body was dieing.

Minato appeared with Kushina in his arms. In the same room that he had left Naruto in earlier to get him away from the battle that was about to ensue.

"Tsuki-chan stay here with Naruto-kun, this might be our last night in the mortal realm for some time" Minato said while Kushina pulled the infant into a hug with tears streaming down her face.

"Minato kun" Minato looked back "please show no mercy, he isn't the Obito we knew anymore" said Kushina weakly while Minato nodded before vanishing in a yellow flash while Kushina stared at the full moon trying to regenerate some more chakra so she could help.

Hokage Monument

Minato appeared to see Kurama gathering massive amounts of youki into his mouth for a Imari

"sorry Kurama but I cant let you do that here." Minato said before going through hand seals.

Kurama launched the gigantic Imari toward Minato, the massive sphere of youki headed towards the monument before it slammed into a invisible wall while black kanji's appeared in thin air and the blast vanished only for a dome of youki to appear outside the village walls

"that was close" Minato thought before he turned around with a roundhouse aimed for Obito's head only for him to faze through "Kamui huh that must be the way he was able to move Tsuki-chan so quickly, well I guess I have to get him with a counter attack" Minato thought before he grabbed the mask of Obito and teleported them away in a yellow flash.

With Minato & Obito

Minato appeared with Obito and slammed his head into the ground only for Obito to slip underground and appear in front of him.

"That was an impressive show of speed Yondaime." said Obito

"You should know I'm a fast person…Obito" Minato said evenly while Obito gasped "Though I must say I'm impressed that your Mangekyo gives you the ability to use Space/Time Ninjutsu."

"How could he know who I am and that my Kamui is my Mangekyo ability, no this can't be happening he will not interfere with me and Madara's plan." Obito thought "I have no idea who or what your talking about my name is Madara Uchiha" Obito lied

"Fat chance that's true, I don't care who you are, the Obito that I taught is dead and gone you are a threat to my family and threats to my family get dealt wit." Minato said before he jumped in the air and did a corkscrew flip with his leg extended and vanished to the Hiraishin he placed on Obito's mask and nailed Obito in the face shattering his mask as Obito skipped across the landscape.

"This can't be happening, Zetsu I thought no one knew I was alive" Obito screamed in his thoughts

"We don't understand it either we should retreat now Obito" Zetsu suggested

Before Obito could acknowledge Zetsu he was hit in the back sending him falling forward before a hand wrapped around his neck and he was chocked slammed into the ground as a crater appeared while he coughed up blood he looked up to see Minato looking murderous before a hard open palm strike connected to his stomach as a contract seal appeared severing Obito's contract with Kurama.

"I so want to kill you right now Uchiha, but I have more important things to deal with trash" Minato said before he stomped on Obito's face and vanished again leaving Obito on the ground.

"This was not supposed to happen but he knew who I was and even then that didn't stop him from wanting to kill me" Obito thought before he went unconscious and the last thing he saw was Zetsu standing above him.

Kyuubi Battle Ground

Everyone move out of the way!" shouted the Sandaime Hokage's command as everyone started to counterattack

"Hold on…we've got to hold it off till Yondaime sama gets here!" A Jonin shouted bleeding from a head wound before him and the others charged at the tailed beast once more while it started to form a Imari again.

"Summoning Jutsu" Minato yelled from above the Kurama a huge puff of smoke and Gamabunta landed on Kurama's back. "restriction seal release" Minato whispered as a kanji for 95 appeared on his arm before it descended to 85 (The number represent how much of his power is sealed away.) before he jumped off Gamabunta's head and started weaving through hand seals when he landed on Kurama a flash of light and they vanished while Gamabunta landed on the ground.

"Minato…where did you take the Kyuubi?" Sarutobi thought to himself before a large explosion was heard and seen coming from a few miles away. "Over there" he said noticing the spike in youki

Kurama's Imari destroyed the house Naruto and Kushina was in, Minato reappeared with them both in his arms behind a tree. "I'm really starting to hate teaching the teaching Juubi how to do that, and none of this would have happened if I didn't give that damn sage the ability to use chakra, now I'm fighting the largest piece of my pet demon…sigh…just great looks like Tsuki-chan got some of here chakra back but no where near enough for her to save her mortal form I got 30 minutes to end this." Minato thought looking down at Kushina and Naruto

"Got to put up a barrier." Minato said

"Minato kun I'm using my chakra to keep my mortal form here to help as best I can I only have a little to spare ." Kushina said before she used her chakra chains to tie down Kurama while Minato put up a intertwining cage like barrier around his family and the Kyuubi. While Kurama roared in rage as his malicious nature chakra still consumed his reasoning robbing him of conscious thought.

Suddenly Kushina dropped to her hands and knees coughing up blood as her form shimmered slightly as she trembled to keep Kurama at bay, the quiet thud she landed with woke up Naruto who started to cry

In a panic Minato cried out "Tsukiyomi!"

"Sorry Naruto…I didn't mean to wake you" she said while panting ignoring her husband in favor of looking at her baby for a few minutes.

"Minato kun what are we going to do, Kurama may not be under the Genjutsu any more but he's so angry he is giving in to his instincts and his chakra is controlling his mind." Kushina said panting looking at Kurama whose eyes where all white showing he wasn't mentally aware of what was going on.

"I have to seal him away Kushi-chan, I have to make Naruto a jinchuuriki" Minato explained looking at the blond haired newborn

"What but can't-

"Listen to me Tsukiyomi, Naruto will have Jiraya, Kakashi, and Sarutobi looking out for him I have no illusion that he will be seen as a hero, but I have trust that he will be well taken care of by them I'll be back in 12 years trust me." Minato interrupted showing that he was dead serious

It was at this time that Sarutobi and Enma in staff form arrived outside the barrier that Minato used to keep everyone out ,he saw that they were talking but he couldn't here what they were saying

"But you'll need a vessel for that" Kushina said before she saw Minato look to the side before understanding flashed in her eyes "Your going to use Naruto aren't you" she said evenly

"Only if he doesn't show the mentality of being a Shinobi, I will not have my son be someone people will walk all over he has 12 years I just hope Jiraya and Kakashi honor their promises to us Tsuki-chan" Minato said. "If he does show promise then I'll just merge with him, all I can do is have faith in him Kushi-chan he finished looking down at his son before he created a sealing alter and placed Naruto on it

"Ok…sigh…we just have to hope we placed our trust in the right people" Kushina said while Minato summoned his second wife The Shinigami

From his place, Sarutobi recognized the hand seals Minato went through and gasped "That seal sequence he's doing the Shiki Fuin" Sarutobi said

Before he could do anything else two Jonin jumped down beside their villages previous leader

"what's happening Sandaime sama?" one asked

"Were to late" he answered "They've put up a barrier around the Kyuubi. Whatever they got planned there doing it alone." he said before he swung Enma at the barrier but it just bounced off as he tried to force his way in to help the Namikaze/Uzumaki family.

"Izanagi kun why did you summon me" The Shinigami asked

"Yoruichi-chan I need you to seal Kurama into Naruto{" Minato said looking at the wife he named Spirit Queen before he came to this realm.

"So the baby was born huh I would say congrats but the situation doesn't call for that…sigh but I'll do it." Yoruichi said before she extended her hand through Minato's body ad grabbed on Kurama and sealed away half of him into Minato

Kurama's body sensing what was happening and a weakness in the chain got one of its paws free and thrust its claw at where it knew it's next container was. Minato and Kushina seeing this jumped in front of Naruto and were pierced by the claw

It was at this moment that Naruto opened his eyes and looked at Kushina who smiled at him while blood dripped from her chin. Naruto seeing the woman who he knew was his mother started crying as his eyes shifted into a complete version of the Juubigan shocking them both Minato smiled secretly proud to see hi son already activated bloodline before he frowned since Naruto's photographic memory will allow him to remember everything that happened here tonight "A boys first memory should not be his parents half dead faces being pierced by a claw from a giant fox" Minato thought before he placed his hand on Naruto's forehead and his eyes changed back to their purplish blue showing he got his mothers eyes, Before Minato and Kushina finished the sealing process

Hokage's Tower

It had been a hour since the Kyuubi Attack and Sarutobi was looking down at the form of his successors son who lost his parents and was abandoned by his godfather while his own fathers last student hates him and were among the populous that called for his death.

"I should've listened to Kushina when she said she wanted his status kept secret., I can't let him know about his heritage if he found out about the fact that the Uzumaki clan owns half the village it could be disastrous, I have to make sure he protect the village and wants to be Hokage" thought Sarutobi before he walked up to Naruto's infant form and put Mental Resistance seals, Loyalty seals, and Chakra disrupter seals. "You'll be a great leaf Shinobi Naruto I'll make sure of this" Sarutobi thought smiling

What Sarutobi didn't know was that he was being watched the entire time by Izanagi who was still in his Minato form while his eyes were filled with rage. "That bastard all of them seems we placed our trust in the wrong people, seems I'm going to have to take over in 12 years." Naruto thought with a scowl before he smirked and vanished

Fire Daimyos Home

The fire Daimyo was looking out of his window at the people in his capitol before he was grabbed from behind and found himself in the air above the clouds

"Hello Fire Daimyo we need to talk." Izanagi said

"Take what ever you want just please don't let me go." the fire Daimyo pleaded

"I won't, I want you to increase the taxes the leaf village pays for using the Uzumaki Clan swirl tell them failure to comply will result in the symbol being removed indefinitely as well I want you to keep a close eye on Naruto Uzumaki as well every hospital report down to what he has for dinner do you understand." Izanagi said

"Yes but why."

"We were good friends Shusei I want you to look after my soon." Minato said while the fire Daimyo gasped

"M-Minato" asked Shusei shockingly

"yes now remember what I said friend I'm trusting you" Minato said before teleporting Shusei back to the palace before he left the mortal realm for awhile