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Pairing Naruto x Harem

"Mito" Demon

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It has been 13 years since Kurama attacked Konoha and Naruto Uzumaki has suffered a lot of pain Konoha has lost everything of the Uzumaki Clan and the Namikaze Clan everything belonging to both clans had been sealed into an infant Naruto by the Fire Lords Seal Master he also had the Uzumaki Swirl removed from Konohas flack jackets. Kurama got his conscious back and tried to take all the seals affecting Naruto Shinobi performance and mental state but it has consequences he wasn't up to try, he just used his chakra to make sure the boy was healthy as all of his heritage was sealed away, but he had a feeling things are about to change for the better.

The Moon

A portal appeared on the moons surface and out stepped a child with black spiky hair that spiked in all directions he had Onyx eyes and was wearing baggy yellow pants and a blue gi with 2 pink wrist bands and black karate shoes but the most notable thing is the brown monkey tail twitching behind him.

"I should've done this the first time I was back here" thought Goku before his form shifted into a 6 ft blond with waist length hair and a Jonin uniform with a trench coat with flames licking the bottom.

"Ah feels good to be back in this form" Izanagi said to himself before he fazed into the moon and found himself

In a humongous hallway he walked forward and enlarged his form as he came to a stop he looked out to see a huge black wolf with 10 tails breathing weakly walking forward Izanagi placed his hand on the wolfs head and channeled his power into it the wolf eyes opened showing a red Rinnegan with 9 Sharingan tomoe it's eyes settled on Naruto before they lit up in joy

"Izanagi sama your back" Juubi said as it nuzzled into Izanagi's chest

"Yeah I'm back Tensa, I'm sorry it took so long" said Izanagi while petting Tensa's head

"It's ok, I've been watching through each of the Biju that damn Sage had the nerve to create from my power"

"You know that technically you are their father right since it was your power that created them" said Izanagi amusedly

"Yeah I know but most of them are sealed away right now" Tensa said

"well I'll try to help them out but I'm about to send you to a different realm where you can get all that energy out of your system I'll summon you when it's unavoidable" Izanagi said

"but what about the moon" seeing Izanagi arch an eyebrow he elaborated "all the power I regain it goes to power the moon, if it doesn't have anything to power it it'll just crumble and fall out of orbit" Tensa finished

"I'll deal with it boy, go have fun create another realm maybe for that supernatural addiction you had" Izanagi said smiling

"It isn't a addiction, I'll appreciate it if you'll stop calling it that" whined Tensa before he vanished in a swirl of black youki leaving Izanagi there amused before he created an orb of energy to last for a couple of centuries.

"Now time to kill my son" Izanagi said sadly

"Don't think of it like that Nagi-kun" a voice said

He turned to see Tsukiyomi

"Then how am I suppose to think of it Tsuki-chan"

"Naruto-kun was never giving the chance to mature or grow his mental state without those seals will turn his mentality back into what it was before the seals were placed" explained Tsukiyomi as a tear slid down Izanagi's eye "It will be us setting his soul free, you can make the Elemental Nations know Naruto's name far and wide" Tsukiyomi finished caressing Izanagi's cheek lovingly

"A situation like this will never happen again love I promise" said Izanagi as he kissed Tsukiyomi

"We have forever to have more children Nagi-kun, now go and set Naruto-kun free." said Tsukiyomi before she burst into white flames.

Izanagi sighed before he teleported away.


Izanagi appeared in the forest outside of Konoha. A sudden crashing sound caught his attention, skidding to a halt, Izanagi looked up just in time to see his son Naruto with the copy of the forbidden scroll he left behind in his arms slam full force into who he assumed was his teacher who he recognizes as that Iruka kid he seen around the village.

"Naruto… How'd you know I wasn't Iruka?" with a puff of smoke, Iruka was gone, replaced with an unfamiliar white haired ninja. There was also a sinister look in his eyes

"Because" Naruto smirked leaning on a tree "I am Iruka" in a puff of smoke Iruka appeared injured "I can't let you kill the demon brat Sandiame-sama has plans for him" Iruka continued

"Pathetic I need to hurry up" Izanagi thought before he concentrated on his sons location and vanished

He appeared on top of a tree. He looked down to see his son hiding behind a tree.

"Now's my chance" thought Izanagi as he vanished in a burst of speed and appeared in front of Naruto and placed his hand on his sons forehead before he could react and was drawn into Naruto's mindscape


Naruto Uzumaki had no idea what happened he had failed the Graduation Exams for the third time, every time he would try to quit he would get a headache and suddenly have the instinct to shout about being Hokage, he had got ready to leave the village when his academy teacher Mizuki told him about the makeup exam. He had stole the scroll and learned a clone Jutsu but then Iruka showed up as well as Mizuki who proceeded to tell him that he was the Kyuubi and Iruka took a shuriken to the back, and lied to him that he was his friend, he recognized the glint in his eyes it was the same as everyone else that hated him. And he ran when he felt a pain in his stomach and he suddenly found himself in a sewer and heard two voices talking in the distance.

"Maybe they'll know where I am, I could have sworn I was in the forest." Naruto said to himself before he walked forward

With Izanagi

Izanagi appeared in front of Kurama's cage see the fox sleep Izanagi walked into the cage and placed a hand on Kurama's muzzle, waking him up

"Good to see you Kurama" Izanagi said

"I-Izanagi-sama, your back that's great" said Kurama in joy

"yeah I'm going to take over now, but first I'm going to send you to the Fox summoning realm Kurama you'll also be getting your full power back." Izanagi said as the cage disappeared he heard a gasp from behind him, he turned to see Naruto looking at him and Kurama in fear

"K-Kyuubi" Naruto whispered as he backed away in fear

Izanagi vanished in a burst of speed and appeared kneeling in front of Naruto before he pulled him into a hug

"I'm sorry sochi, I never meant for anything like this to happen to you. I'll make sure your name is known far and wide always" Izanagi whispered before Naruto burst into green energy.

"thank you Tou-san" was the last thing Izanagi heard as a tear streamed down his eye

"Kurama go" Izanagi said

"I'll be there when your ready to summon me Naruto sama" Kurama said referring to the new identity Izanagi was about to take. Before he vanished in a swirl of flames(Izanagi will now be referred to as Naruto)

"I guess I could change some stuff up about this mindscape" Naruto thought before the sewer changed into a field he concentrated and 5 of his favorite Avatars appeared in front of him.

The first was a child with black spiky hair that spiked in all directions he had Onyx eyes and was wearing baggy yellow pants and a blue gi with 2 pink wrist bands and black karate shoes but the most notable thing is the brown monkey tail twitching behind him, he was Son Goku.

The second had Orange hair that fell over his eyes(Dangai) he wore a black shihakusho and with samurai shoes, with a 5 foot long black katana with a long chain attached to the hilt wrapped around his arm, He was Kurosaki Ichigo

The third was a spiky red streaked blond haired man with veins on the side of his eyes with blood filling the sclera of his eyes with fangs grinning while blood was dripping from his mouth wearing a leather jacket and black jeans, this was Izanagi's favorite vampire form.

The forth was a old man wearing a red robe with a golden hairpiece in the shape of a flame with amber eyes, he was Avatar Roku

The last one was a waist length silver haired man with green catlike slitted eyes, wearing a black trench coat and had on black pants, and black combat boots, strapped to his pants was a 6 foot long katana. He was Sephiroth

"These forms will be a lot of help here" Naruto said to himself before he made sure his chakra changed his body so it was comfortable before he vanished out of the mindscape.

Real world

Naruto appeared to see he was now 5'6 with the jumpsuit he wore was hugging his form at the sudden growth spurt

"I'll destroy this monstrosity later" Naruto thought before he vanished to Iruka and Mizuki location.

He appeared behind a bush to see Iruka talking about him just making sure that he wasn't overheard speaking ill about him incase he was in the area.

"If you use the skills and Jutsu in that scroll, you can do whatever you want with those powerful techniques." explained Mizuki "There is no way that the Kyuubi no Yoko wouldn't try to use that kind of power, unlike what your assuming" he continued

"Yeah…" Iruka started "The Kyuubi no Yoko would do that…but Naruto is different." he said taking a deep breath "He is…I mean I acknowledge him as one of my excellent students"

"please…how pathetic can you get, shit I'm the boys father and even I say he was pathetic" Naruto thought thinking of the memories his son had before he released his spirit.

"He may not be the hardest worker…and he's clumsy so nobody accepts him. He already knows what it feels like to know pain. He isn't the Kyuubi no Yoko and never was" Iruka said

"he had the potential to be more powerful, but you all screwed him over." thought Naruto with a scowl

"He is a member of Konohagakure no Sato. He is Uzumaki Naruto of Konohagakure no Sato" Iruka said with conviction

Mizuki cursed mentally as he glared at Iruka "ok I see" as he unbuckled a huge shuriken on his back. Iruka saw him and tried to move but his wounds were hurting to bad. "Iruka…I said I would take care of you later. But I'm changing my mind as you are becoming a bother." Mizuki yelled as he held out his shuriken.

Naruto narrowed his eyes pulled out a kunai and vanished

Mizuki readied his aim and started spinning his large shuriken rapidly while Iruka thought "Shit I at least wanted to see the demon brat lead Konoha into prosperity. At least I'll see mom and dad again"

"it's time to die IRUKA" Mizuki screamed as he threw the shuriken at Iruka. It split in half before it could hit him.

"what the…?" Mizuki said in shock before Naruto walked from behind him "Kyuubi brat…"

Naruto stopped walking and looked over his shoulder "Your slow…" he said emotionlessly causing Iruka and Mizuki to shiver "Even when dieing" he finished as a line appeared vertically in the middle and Mizuki fell apart in half

Suddenly a dog masked Anbu appeared in front of Naruto. "Naruto Uzumaki come with me, Chunin your dismissed" the Anbu said as he held Naruto's shoulder and disappeared with the use of Shunshin

Hokage tower

Fifteen minutes later, Naruto was in Sarutobi's office with Dog. The Sandiame took the scroll from Naruto and set dismissed the Anbu.

"Naruto are you ok" asked Sarutobi warmly

"I trusted you" Naruto said emotionlessly

"I know, but all I did.."

"cut the shit, you placed loyalty seals and chakra disrupter seals and a handful of resistance seals on my son" interrupted Naruto while Sarutobi paled before the last piece caught his attention

"Your son what do you mean"

"I trusted you, Jiraya, and Kakashi to watch after Naruto when I sealed the Kyuubi into him" he said in angrily

"M-Minato…" Sarutobi whispered in shock

"Damn right" Naruto said he vanished and appeared in front of Hiruzen looking him in his eyes as he started to compel Sarutobi (think Vampire Diaries)

"You will not tell anybody that I am controlling Naruto's body"

"I will not tell anybody you are controlling Naruto's body"

"If anyone ask my attitude changed after I found out about the Kyuubi" finished Naruto as he walked and open the door "I'll be in the home I was suppose to be given" said Naruto before he walked out of the office

"I'm very sorry Minato-kun" whispered Sarutobi

With Naruto

Naruto appeared outside of a Japanese style mansion with a garden arranged in the Uzumaki clan symbol

"brings back memories…sigh…lets get this done with" he thought walking into the mansion up to the master bedroom

"Guess those self cleaning seals around the house powered by Natural Chakra was a good idea," he thought smiling before he jumped on the bed and closed his eyes and he concentrated and Zangetsu and Murasame (IDK if that's how you spell it)

Naruto snapped his fingers and two shadow clones appeared he threw the swords to them

"I want you both to go down stairs and get familiar with using those again I'll dispel you guys tomorrow." Naruto ordered before he got up and went to the closet t change into some clothes he picked out a pair of black Anbu pants and a red t-shirt before he destroyed the jumpsuit which he saw had a tracker seal stitched inside of the jacket.

Suddenly he was filled with the need to feed he got up and put on a black trench coat and walked out into the village looking for someone to feed on 30 minutes into his walk Naruto heard the sound of struggling deciding to investigate Naruto walked into the alley. What he saw filled him with rage three men were trying to rape a purple haired woman his eyes widen when he recognized the woman.

"Anko" he whispered before he stepped out from the shadows

"Let her go now" he said menacingly catching their attention

He recognized most of their faces from mobs that tried to beat on his son.

"Beat it brat, this snake whore is going to make us happy and you should forget what you saw here." one of the man said brandishing a kunai

"Wrong answer" Naruto said before he extended his fangs and vanished he appeared in front of the man and bit into his neck draining him of his blood while Anko and the other two men watch in shock.

"Should of stayed home you bastards you tried to hurt Dango-chan your lives are forfeited." he said before he pounced on them while Anko's eyes widen


A thirteen year old Anko was running trying to find her surrogate big sister Kushina who was suppose to give birth, since Kyuubi was out that meant something bad had happened. She had been taken in by Kushina and her crush Minato after her sensei Orochimaru had abandoned her she knew all their secrets even the fact that they were gods, she just hoped nothing bad happened to them while they were venerable.

While she was running one of Kyuubi's tails, hit a building and it toppled over about to crush her she was filled with terror she closed her eyes when she suddenly felt her self picked by something and wind blow around her signaling she was saved by someone

"Anko are you ok" she heard a voice say, she opened her eyes to see Minato looking down at her

"Minato-ni? Minato-ni what happened, is Kushina-nee ok" she asked worriedly

"she's safe, but Anko I need you to stay here out of the way ok, listen me and Kushina are going to be gone for some time but I'll be back in about 13 years promise me you will not live in the past" Minato said seriously

"I promise Minato-kun, I'll miss you" she said then in a bold move kissed him on the lips before she ran into the estate blushing.

End Flashback

She felt the drug that had been slipped into her Sake wear off she stood up shaking as her savior watched the bodies burned in black flames

"M-Minato-kun?" she asked trembling slightly as he turned to face her smiling while blood was dripping from his mouth

"in this form I prefer to be called Naruto" he said amusedly as her eyes widen in joy and she tackled him into a hug while he chuckled and wrapped his hands around her

'Your finally back" she sobbed while he stroked her hair and they vanished in a yellow flash.

Next Day

Ninja Academy

Naruto had woken up to see Anko with her fishnet suit asleep on his bare chest with a small smile on her face. He had created another shadow clone and switched places with it and left it their to answer any of her questions since she had cried herself to sleep after they had caught up. He then had walked down to the training ground to see the clones still training with slashes and craters everywhere, he had dispelled the clones and the experience they went through had transferred back to him. Currently he was sitting on the top row, as far into a corner as possible everyone was looking at him as he was now wearing red and black Anbu armor, fingerless gloves and black steel toed boots, while his head band was tied around his waist. The entire village knew he killed Mizuki to pass his exam except the genin as they didn't get the details

He looked to the left were Kiba, Chouji, and Shikamaru were standing looking at him

"What do you want" he asked coldly catching them off guard before Kiba's bravado came up

"We want to know how you passed" Kiba asked trying to look threatening

"That's none of your damn business now leave me alone" he said before he turned around while Kiba growled and Shikamaru just pulled him away.

"Something's different about Naruto" Shikamaru thought

A few minutes later

Naruto was woken up from his nap, he looked up to see a pink haired genin "Her names Sakura, if my memory is correct" he thought

"Naruto, move out of that seat, you useless orphan Sasuke-kun wants that seat." she yelled " Why are you even hear you are nothing but the son of a who-urk" she didn't get the chance to finished as she found herself suspended in the air being choked by Naruto while all the kids in the classroom gasped in shock as it was known that Naruto worshiped the ground Sakura walked on.

"I dare you to finish that sentence bitch" he said while she looked at him in fear "you have a lot of nerve calling out some ones parentage when your mother has basically slept with every member on the civilian council, now listen up and this goes for all of you. Fuck with me again and I'll beat you to an inch of your life and that's a promise." it was at this time that Sarutobi and the Jonins appeared

"Naruto stop" Sarutobi commanded

"hump" Naruto proceeded to throw Sakura away from him and she crashed into the chalkboard trembling in fear

"Is that anyway to treat your fellow leaf nin" Kakashi asked

"asked that question to all the bastards in this village that same question pertaining to me?" Naruto said while all the Jonins flinched "besides she's going to die on her first Crank mission along with all the other fan girls here might as well put her out of her misery now" he finished smirking

"What happen to you Naruto" the rookies thought

"This is the deadlast he's nothing like we heard" the Jonins thought

"so this is the boy Anko has a soft spot for" Kurenai Yuhi thought "I'll investigate more to see if he's dangerous"

"That's enough Naruto, sit down while we do team placements" ordered Sarutobi "I guess we all deserve this, Minato-kun doesn't seems to care about the village anymore" he thought

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