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Story Start


Naruto was woken up from his nap, he looked up to see a pink haired genin "Sakura, if my memory is correct" he thought

"Naruto, move out of that seat, you useless orphan Sasuke-kun wants that seat." she yelled " Why are you even hear you are nothing but the son of a who-urk" she didn't get the chance to finished as she found herself suspended in the air being choked by Naruto while all the kids in the classroom gasped in shock as it was known that Naruto worshiped the ground Sakura walked on.

"I dare you to finish that sentence bitch" he said while she looked at him in fear "you have a lot of nerve calling out some ones parentage when your mother has basically slept with every member on the civilian council, now listen up and this goes for all of you. Fuck with me again and I'll beat you to an inch of your life and that's a promise." it was at this time that Sarutobi and the Jonins appeared

"Naruto stop" Sarutobi commanded

"hump" Naruto proceeded to throw Sakura away from him and she crashed into the chalkboard trembling in fear

"Is that anyway to treat your fellow leaf nin" Kakashi asked

"asked that question to all the bastards in this village that same question pertaining to me?" Naruto said while all the Jonins flinched "besides she's going to die on her first Crank mission along with all the other fan girls here might as well put her out of her misery now" he finished smirking

"What happen to you Naruto" the rookies thought

"This is the deadlast he's nothing like we heard" the Jonins thought

"so this is the boy Anko has a soft spot for" Kurenai Yuhi thought "I'll investigate more to see if he's dangerous"

"That's enough Naruto, sit down while we do team placements" ordered Sarutobi "I guess we all deserve this Minato-kun doesn't seems to care about the village anymore" he thought


Naruto was sitting in his seat listening to Hiruzen preach to the Genin not even telling them what the life of a Shinobi entails

"Disappointing, to think that this is what the academy has turned into. What the hell has he done since he's been in office?" Naruto thought to himself

(Teams 1-6 skipped)

Naruto listened as the old man list the teams as the Jonins took their teams away. He perked up as Sarutobi announced Team 7, and he had an idea that it would be him, the emo, and the howler monkey. The hunch was proven correct when he heard a familiar screech proclaiming something about true love.

After ditching his team as they went to their meeting spot leaving a Shadow Clone in his place as he went home he entered to see a note on the table left by Anko telling him that she'll be back later Naruto nodded to himself before he walked through a portal that appeared.

Tsukiyomi's Realm

Izanagi walked out of the portal into a throne room with women walking around with paperwork knowing what he was here for he vanished to see his intended target sitting on a cliff looking into the sea.

"Hello son" Izanagi said


Naruto had been here since his father had took over his body. Since time ran very fast here he had time to grow mentally as well as spend time with his mother and train with her.

"It's embarrassing to my clan that I acted like that even if those seals Hiruzen placed on me were to blame." he thought "15 years I've spent as an idiot, if Tou-san had never sent me here I probably would've gotten worse."

"Hello son" he heard a voice say as he turned to see his father smiling with his hands in his pockets

"Father!" said Naruto as he rushed his father and hugged him

"How've you been my son?"

"Great! Mother has taught me a lot of things to help me. I can't wait to get back to the mortal world." he said " but I have a question, since you and Kaa-san are gods what does that make me?" he asked

"me and your mother are gods but that doesn't make you one. If that was the case our children would be arrogant and selfish something we don't want." said Izanagi as Naruto nodded "We don't abandon them if that what you were thinking our children are able to get in contact with us when ever they want you are a different case we died the night of your birth so we weren't able to take care of you"

Naruto looked sad as he remembered what happened

"I'm currently in your body I've reworked it and as of now am naming you my successor our minds will merge completely so are you ready?" asked Izanagi while Naruto looked shocked before he nodded.

Izanagi placed his palm on Naruto's chest and Naruto vanished in a white flash as their minds merged together.

"I fell great, so much power! Here I come Konoha." Naruto said as he vanished in a red flash


Training Grounds 7

At Training Ground Seven, Sakura and Sasuke had been waiting for their sensei and their other team-mate.

They had been at the training ground since five in the morning and had been waiting for them for two hours. By which time both of them were reaching the end of their patience. Before they could leave the training ground Kakashi appeared there with puff of smoke.

"Good morning" Kakashi said.

"Your late." Screeched Sakura.

"Sorry, I got lost on the road of life ... Hey, where's your third member of your team?" Kakashi asked.

"We don't know." Sakura responded quietly remembering what happened yesterday

"I am here." They heard a familiar voice came from a tree they looked at the direction of voice. They saw Naruto who was sitting on top of tree branch and he was chewing on a stick of Dango.

"I didn't sense him." Sasuke thought.

" I didn't sense him at all, Hokage-sama said he was hiding all his skills but the demon brat shouldn't be to much of a problem" Kakashi thought.

"Why are you eating Naruto-baka sensei told us not to?" Sakura screamed

"Kakashi only suggested it, Haruno...so shut your mouth or have you forgotten what I said yesterday?" Naruto said in cold tone.

'Who is this kid?' Kakashi thought to himself, narrowing his eye. 'He's absolutely nothing like the reports said if the demon is showing his true colors we'll have to end him, then I'll get all of Minato-sensei's belongings hehehe" he thought

Deciding to defuse the situation before things got violent. Kakashi brought a pair of bells from his ninja pouch.

"Alright, here's how the test is going to work" Kakashi said, getting their attention. "There are two bells here. Your mission is to take them from me. This will be full combat. You can use anything in your arsenal against me." Sasuke's and Sakura's eyes widened at this, while Naruto just smirked.

"he's using the bell test from tou-san's memories this test is tradition for team 7" Naruto thought.

Tying the bells to his belt and pulling a pair of Bentos from his pouch, Kakashi walked over to the memorial stone and placed them in front of it. Then put an alarm clock on one of the training poles.

"At noon, those who don't get a bell will be tied to a post. If no one gets a bell, then I'll eat them in front of you." Kakashi said two stomachs grumbled while Naruto just shook his head

"And there's one more thing." Kakashi said. "If you fail to get a bell, not only you will be tied to a post and not get to eat lunch, but you'll also be sent back to the academy."

Sasuke and Sakura's eyes widened, though Naruto just raised an eyebrow.

"But sensei...there's only two bells" Sakura said, unease obvious in her voice.

"Wow way to state the obvious Haruno" Naruto said, making her glare at him.

"Well, yeah. One of you will be going back to the academy. That's why you'll have to come at me with the intent to kill." Kakashi said.

Not one second after he finished speaking, Naruto appeared in front of his punching him in the face sending him back as he regained his composure he looked shocked

"I couldn't keep up with him, and that punch it almost broke my jaw." he thought shocked

"I never said to start Naruto." Kakashi said

"The enemy won't wait for someone to say start" said Naruto as he looked behind him to see his 'teammates' had went into hiding. " idiots how'd they get top scores they should know that genin can't fight jonin one on one. Well I'm technically a genin but this is different." he turned back to see Kakashi had disappeared as well

With Sakura

Sakura was laying on the ground, trying hard to suppress her stomach from growling.

"Sakura" A voice behind her replied Sakura jump up and scream and running into the clearing straight into Kakashi.

"I take it you're ready to put your life on the line." Kakashi asked to Sakura when she stop and look at her sensei. Sakura screamed before she fainted Kakashi sweat drop thinking he may have over done it.

"pathetic" thought Naruto

Out of some nearby branches several kunai and shuriken flew. They caught Kakashi unprepared and riddled his chest and arms.

Sasuke watched as Kakashi disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving a bed mattress in his place with his weapons attach. Sasuke seeing this leaped through the trees trying to find a new hiding spot however Kakashi was leaning on a branch not too far from him.

"You really need to learn to read underneath the underneath. Never assume your enemy is simply keeping his guard down. If you do that, you'll die." Kakashi replied as Sasuke reached for his weapon pouch slowly while keeping his on Kakashi. Kakashi watch him in amusement. Quick as anyone could blink, Sasuke launch a handful of kunais and shirukens at Kakashi who jump out the way. The shirukens flew past them and Kakashi landed on the ground below. Kakashi brought his right hand up to catch Sasuke's punch. Sasuke brought his left foot up, trying to kick Kakashi in the temple. Kakashi brought his elbow up and successfully block it. Sasuke didn't stop there he sent his right again trying to kick Kakashi. Kakashi, seeing this coming Kakashi successfully block the attack with his left elbow. Sasuke smirk and reach for the bells. Kakashi, realizing the plan shoved Sasuke away.

"What a guy, I probably won't get a chance to read Icha Icha Paradise"

Sasuke shouted out his seals as he started to form them.

"Snake... Ram… Monkey… Boar… Horse…Tiger…Fire Release: Fireball Jutsu" Sasuke cried as he took a deep breath.


"Impossible.. A genin shouldn't have that much chakra." Kakashi thought as Sasuke release a huge fireball straight towards Kakashi. When the fireball died down Sasuke look everywhere for Kakashi, wondering where he disappeared to.

"Below Earth Release: Head Hunter Jutsu" Kakashi shouted as he pulls Sasuke underground.

"You really need to learn how to read people and not shout out your techniques so carelessly." Kakashi replied calmly as he pokes Sasuke's head calmly.

Kakashi walks away, pulling out his orange book.

"Get back here, we aren't done yet." Sasuke yelled.

Kakashi merely waved his hand without looking back.

Kakashi only walk a short way before he stops. Standing in the trees was Naruto.

"So you've come out" Kakashi said.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the man. "I'm not the one who ran away like a bitch." Making Kakashi glare at him

" lets see what you got Inu-san." Naruto said as he stepped forward already knowing that the council was watching this fight

Council Meeting

Currently sitting & watching Kakashi's genin exams in the council chambers were Hiruzen Sarutobi with the Elders and the Shinobi Council. The Elders were Sarutobi's teammates Koharu, Homaru, and the former commando Root Danzo. The Clan Heads were Hiashi Hyuga, Shikaku Nara, Inoichi Yamanaka, Chouza Akimichi, Shibi Aburame, and Tsume Inuzuka. As well as Kurenai Yuhi and Asuma Sarutobi

"This is bad." everyone heard Sarutobi say

"What are you talking about Hokage-sama? He know Kakashi's Anbu codename can't be all bad." said Asuma

"No you fool Kakashi purposely slacked of in his duties to protect Naruto and last night Naruto's seal released a fragment of his father and his father left knowledge of his abilities." Sarutobi said "What the hell was that I meant to tell them that Minato is controlling Naruto's body."

" who is his father Hokage-sama?" asked Inoichi

"Oh Kami it's not that hard to figure out. Take away the whiskers and who does he look like?" said Tsume everyone thought about it before their eyes widen

"Oh no" whispered Asuma as they all turned back to the screen

Training Ground 7

Kakashi eyes widen before he was forced to duck under a right hook from Naruto only for a knee to hit him in the face sending him back into a tree holding his nose

"I can't keep up well I guess I'll have to use it." thought Kakashi as he lifted his headband to reveal a Sharingan.

"Taking this seriously I see. Well then fight me with your all Copy nin." Naruto said

Not wanting to wait for whatever Naruto had in store for him, he created an earth clone, twenty meters on his left and replaced himself with it before starting the handseals for a fireball,

Like a rocket, Naruto charged the clone and rammed a fist into its gut completely destroying it. Without stopping he rushed toward the original Kakashi and delivered a straight kick on the Jonin, forcing him to stop seal his sequence.

Acting on instinct, Kakashi parried the attack with his crossed forearms. Yet the blow was strong enough to push him back a few meters. He recovered just in time to dodge a kunai that flew by his face.

But at once, Naruto was upon him again, delivering a combination of punches and kicks, never giving the Jonin the chance to come to his senses. Whenever Kakashi tried to get some distance, Naruto would throw a weapon at him and use his phenomenal speed to close the gap.

Not used to such fighting style, Kakashi was quickly overwhelmed and dropped his guard, long enough for Naruto to take advantage of it. Getting inside Kakashi's guard, Naruto punched his ribs, almost cracking them, and kneed his kidney before finishing with a powerful four punch combination.

"Hado #33: Sokotsu(Blue Fire Crash Down)!" Naruto said

The attack was so strong Kakashi was propelled several meters away, until he came to a stop, having used his hands to get a grip on the ground.

Coughing blood, he looked at Naruto, eyes wide. He's fast this shouldn't be happening. I should be pounding this demon into the ground!" Kakashi thought in rage as he searched Naruto's gaze until he made eye contact with the blonde. "Got you!" He thought as he immediately tried to ensnared the boy in a genjutsu.

As he expected, Naruto's body froze immediately afterward.

"Hehehe let him think genjutsu actually works on me" he thought

Using what he thought was a distraction, Kakashi went through handseals and put his fingers beside his mouth, "Fire Release: Great Fireball jutsu" expelling a huge fireball at the unmoving Naruto.

The council could only widen their eyes as the attack collided with Naruto.

Kakashi waited for the dust to clear to witness the body of the demon that killed his minato-sensei. Only for Naruto to come walking through the dust unharmed

"Thanks for the juice." he brought his head back before he unleashed a black fireball at kakshi who barely managed to dodge.

After dodging Kakashi just barely managed to parry a kunai strike from Naruto. The boy had appeared out of nowhere, standing behind the Jonin, as if he had always been there, which made him wonder just what the hell was happening.

Twirling the weapon in his right hand, the boy used his left to launch a shuriken at close range. Kakashi moved his head aside, dodging the weapon, while snaking his hands around Naruto's, capturing the appendage in a vice grip.

"I got you now!" He exclaimed in triumph while jumping backward.

"Really…Really….Really grow up man you never should've done that." Naruto said as steam started rising between Naruto's hand and Kakashi's grip. Kakashi's eyes widen before he jumped back with his hand steaming as flames appeared in Naruto's hands.

"How is that possible you haven't used a single handsign?" Kakashi demanded

"Oh that's simple I've mastered each element to the point I could do anything I want with them." said Naruto as Kakashi's and the councils eyes widen as they watched Naruto stomp on the ground and a slab of earth rocketed Kakashi into mid air he looked down at Naruto to see Naruto doing some kind of dance before Naruto pointed at him and red lightning came toward him

Kakashi looked in shock at the attack, having never witnessed a mastery of the lightning affinity of the sort, yet his instincts prevailed and he flew through three hand seals. He finished just in time for his thrust right palm to meet the attack head on.

"Lightning Blade." A thunder sound was heard as his right forearm was covered by blue lightning.

The two attacks collided and battled for a second, before Kakashi's and Naruto's attacks canceled each other out.

At the same time, he finally touched ground, putting him out of harm way. Not wasting a moment, as he saw Naruto smirking toward him again and wlking his way, he covered his arm in lightning again and moved it in front of him.

'You won't get close this time.'

"Lightning Release: Lightning Beast running"

In a blink of an eye, the lighting covering Kakashi's hand was transformed into a hound that covered the distance between the two, in an instant.

Seeing the approaching beast, Naruto raised an eyebrow

"Well that's new" he thought before backpedaling, dodging the attack. But to his amazement, the beast seemed to pursue him. While retreating, he looked at Kakashi and saw him guiding the attack with his hand.

With but a short observation, he already knew the specific of the technique and stopped at approximately forty meters away from Kakashi. In front of him, the beast stopped too, as if unable to move forward.

Council Meeting

"He was able to deduce the range limit of the attack that fast?" whispered Danzo impressed

" he really is Kushina-chan's son" Tsume thought

"Hokage-sama I move for Naruto to be a special genin" Danzo suddenly said getting everyone's attention

Sarutobi was going to deny when a loud SNAP resounded from the screen


Training Ground 7

On the battlefield, Kakashi grumbled under his breath as he looked at the impassive Naruto. 'Not only did he figure out the range limit of the attack, but it looks like he also knows I can't move while using this technique. Keeping it active is only draining my chakra reserve. I just wasted it for nothing.'

Ready to dispel his attack, he was surprised when the Naruto in front of him exploded in a puff of smoke. Simultaneously, another appeared about 10 meters to his left with his palm outstretched in his direction.

"Hado #33: Sōren Sōkatsui(Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down)" He heard the boy whispers just as a veritable torrent of scorching blue flames was sent his way.

Even from the distance, he could feel the heat of the flames. Already blisters were forming on his hand. With a last desperate move, he launched the still living hound at Naruto, while disabling his connection to the attack.

As the flames finally reached and engulfed him, Naruto's eyes bleed into his Juubigan and using the preta path he absorbed the lightning beast. Landing safely out of harm way from his own attack, he observed the flames slowly recede, leaving behind an unrecognizable ground… but no traces of Kakashi.

'He escaped" Naruto thought dispassionately.

The ground grumbled under his feet, before hands caught them. Naruto looked down and saw Kakashi smiling face, as he pulled him underground.

Or he would have, if not for Naruto quick reaction. The boy shifted his feet and stomped propelling Kakashi out of the ground and grabbing his arm he placed Kakashi into a arm-bar and


"ARGHHHH!" Kakashi screamed holding on to his broken arm as he rolled around Naruto crouched over his stomach with his hand on his neck and his fist cocked back

"NARUTO-BAKA!" Screeched a familiar voice causing Naruto to sigh and look up to see Sasuke and Sakura looking at him in shock, anger, fear, and for Sasuke envy

"What do you both want Haruno I'm busy" he said

"Your trying to kill sensei!" she screeched while he glared at her

"He said come at him with the purpose to kill, I'm just doing what he asked now if you excuse me" said Naruto as he looked down at Kakashi and reeled his fist back further and shockingly metal spikes burst from his wrist (think Spawn the Movie)

"Now where were we?" as he was bringing his fist down on Kakashi the alarm went off.

"saved by the bell." Naruto said not even caring that Kakashi had tears streaming down his face in obvious pain before an Anbu arrived and took him to the hospital. And another appeared waiting for Naruto

"What happened to you!?" Sakura screamed "Were not the killers were the heroes!"

"You need to wake up! This aint no playground we are the killers now. Our purpose is to protect the village and Hi no Kuni by any means necessary. If you don't have the guts to do that then quit because I'll tell you this team 7's history isn't the best but if this if anyone you or others shows any signs of going betraying the village I'll kill the you with a bright smile on my face no questions asked." Naruto said looking them both in the eye as Sasuke and Sakura trembled in fear taking a step back.

"See ya!" Naruto said walking away

"Hey Neko-chan haven't seen you in awhile." Naruto said hugging the cat masked Anbu

"Yeah been busy Naruto-kun we'll catch up later but now the council wishes to see you." Neko said while Naruto nodded.