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Story Start

3 months later

It's been three months since Naruto almost killed Kakashi, immediately afterwards he was taken off the team and worked solo he cracked a smile thinking about the meeting


Yugao shunshin Naruto to the council chambers and left after bidding him goodbye. Sighing Naruto turned to the Clan heads that made up the Shinobi council

"Good Day Honorable Shinobi Council." Naruto greeted while they nodded back the elders glared when he didn't do the same to them

"Aren't you going to show the same respect to us as well?" Homaru asked

"Not a chance in hell!" Naruto replied immediately causing them to glare

"Sarutobi, I don't know why you left this de-urkk!" Koharu started before a chakra chain wrapped around her neck to the shock of many.

Anbu jumped down with their tanto's pointed at Naruto's vital spots which he ignored

"Finish that sentence hag and lets see how easy it'll be for me to actually embrace what you were just about to call me!" Naruto said smirking darkly as spikes started jutting out of the chain

"Enough Naruto!" Sarutobi shouted causing Naruto to sigh before he retracted the chain and Koharu gasped for breath massaging her neck

"Why am I here Hokage-san?" Naruto asked as everyone gasped at the honorific while the Anbu inched their tanto's closer

"It's Hokage-sama boy." one of the Anbu hissed

"No it's Hokage-san, why should I had sama to a man who I don't see as my superior." Naruto replied "Do they know whose property they are on at this moment Hokage-san?" Naruto asked as Sarutobi paled "You didn't tell them?"

"Tell us what?" asked Tsume Inuzuka

"That the property that Konoha was built on was the joint property of the Senju and Uzumaki clans." Naruto said as everyone gasped in shock "I'm sure the Daimyo told him, it's one of the reasons that the Uzumaki swirl was removed from all flak jackets, based on how I was treated."

"How do you know this?" asked Danzo

"The Fire Daimyo." Naruto said simply "He gave me all documents and since Tsunade isn't in the village at this moment I'm head of the Namikaze, Senju, and Uzumaki clans." Naruto smirked

"So it's true you know of your father." Shikaku said

"And my mother. Both of my parents left pieces of their souls inside the seal, when Mizuki hit the seal with some type of technique they were their waiting for me in my mindscape." Naruto lied

"How do you know that it wasn't the Kyuubi?" Inoichi asked

"Because the Kyuubi had no reason to lie to me or take over my body." Naruto said seeing every shocked faces he continued "We worked out a deal, and my father agreed to it before he released the Kyuubi into a separate dimension with me being the only person able to access it." everyone looked shocked and fearful while Danzo looked enraged

"WHAT! How could you do that ?" he shouted

"What I do have nothing to do with any of you, that was clan business. Plain and simple." Naruto replied coldly "I already sent word to the Daimyo and he gave me his support. Now why am I here?" Naruto asked remembering himself explaining the truth to the Fire Daimyo last night

End Flashback

After putting the matter to rest they took him off Team 7 immediately, and replaced him with some kid named Sai. Naruto was currently sitting on the roof of his house looking up at the moon, Anko was on a mission so he was going to be alone for the next week.

"sigh what can I do to pass the time." Naruto muttered to himself before he caught sight of Kurenai who seemed to be looking for someone. Shrugging he jumped to the main gate of his compound. "Hello Kurenai!"

"Hello Naruto-san, I was wondering have you seen Asuma around?" she asked curiously

"No but I can help you look for him." Naruto offered while she smiled thankfully

After the meeting Anko introduced them to each other, he and Kurenai had grown close to where she knew a couple of his secrets, the only thing they disagree on is her relationship with Asuma.

Naruto had his Juubigan activated as he walked toward Asuma's chakra signature with Kurenai. He sensed something that could hurt Kurenai was about to happen so he turned his eyes off and looked to her.

"He's in here Kurenai-chan, but I should warn you I feel something's going to hurt you in here. I don't know what, but I feel it." Naruto said while Kurenai looked worried for a second before she grabbed his hand

"Well at least you'll take care of me right?" she asked causing him to nod and return her smile as he squeezed her hand reassuringly. Before they walked in

As they walked p the stairs they came to the door that the clerk pointed them to and they were shocked to hear the sound of a woman's obvious fake moans, trembling Kurenai reached for the doorknob but Naruto caught her hand and shook his head knowing that she'll be hurt if she sees what's going on behind the door.

"I-It's ok Naruto-kun, I'm fine." she said as he looked into her eyes for some more and squeezed her hand again before he took his away. Turning the knob Kurenai and Naruto walked into the room toward the bedroom to see Asuma trying but failing to pleasure a hooker who was yawning before she went back to faking the pleasure Asuma thought he was giving her. When Kurenai saw this her face turned cold.

"Asuma" she said emotionlessly getting his attention as he stopped and looked back and his face took on a mask of horror

"K-K-Kurenai it's not what you think!" he said extracting himself from the hooker as his 3 inch penis fell from the hookers folds

"Oh so you weren't trying and failing horribly to pleasure me Asuma-san?" the hooker asked 'Ya know what you're your times up anyway goodbye Asuma-san." the hooker said as she got dressed and walked out the room but not before winking at Naruto who raised an eyebrow

"You know you guys should talk about this alone Kurenai I'll be at home, Kurenai the doors always open." he said as he shunshin away after she nodded

Next Morning

Naruto awoke to the feeling of something heavy on his chest, he looked down to see Kurenai asleep on his chest, smiling softly Naruto created a shadow clone and substituted with it, before making his way down stairs to make breakfast.

As he was setting the plates on the table Kurenai came down from upstairs

"Hey Kurenai, breakfasts ready, why don't you have a seat." Naruto said while she simply sat down as Naruto placed her plate in front of her "Don't develop a Amazon complex Kurenai, Asuma was a dog he didn't deserve you anyway, you'll find happiness just don't give up." Naruto assured causing Kurenai to smile at him kissing her head, Naruto got ready to leave "Hiruzen has a mission for me so, I'll probably be out of the village for a while." Naruto finished

"Ok, I'll see you when you get back." Kurenai said smiling as she kissed his cheek

Hokage Tower

Naruto was looking at Sarutobi who was explaining to him about the mission.

"So you want me to go backup team 7, in the land of waves? Why not just call them back?" he asked

"Because the Genin chose to stay on the mission and Kakashi is called for back up. The Genin that replaced you name is Sai, using his ink Ninjutsu he managed to send for help." Sarutobi said while Naruto sighed

"How far have standards drop Hiruzen?" Naruto asked

"They haven't Konoha is still the strongest Hidden Village in the Elemental Nations." Hiruzen said strongly

"Look at you, you're a shell of your former self. Civilians undermine your authority, they order you around. Look at the paperwork you have I'm willing to bet that most of that is crap that you shouldn't even have. D-rank missions are nothing but stupid chores that the villagers could do themselves, and the academy has so many problems that I won't even start on it." Naruto said shaking his head " And now your telling me that a A-rank nin is letting a group of genin run a mission that they are not qualified for?" Naruto asked sighing Naruto turned to leave "I'll leave immediately." he said before he vanished

After leaving Konoha's border Naruto stepped up his speed to faster levels so he could reach his destination faster.

Wave Country

''Hahaha!, is this all the great Kakashi of The Sharingan is capable of? It's quite pathetic if you ask me!'' said a man who stood at the height of 6'0 and wore white, Grey, black camouflage pants and black Shinobi sandals. He wore nothing on his chest leaving it bare while his arms sported forearms protectors. This man also wielded a giant Zanbatou as tall as himself, he had black eyes and black hair that spiked up in the right. He had bandages wrapped around his face and nose.

This man was Zabuza Momochi One of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen of the Mist, and at the moment he was facing off against Kakashi Hatake.

Kakashi at the moment wasn't fairing so good, first off his team just left Fire country border only to be attacked by two c-ranked missing-nin that go by the name of 'The Demon Brothers'. After this his team decided to go on ahead despite the mission jumping past C-rank and now bordering B to A-rank. He had to send for back-up.

He shook his head of the thoughts before jumping out of a downward slash from Zabuza before ducking under a sideway slash, only to be kicked in the stomach into the water.

When he swam back up, ''What the? The water...its…dense?'' he said only to hear a cackle behind him. He turned around only to be too late.

''Haha that's right! Water Release: Water Prison Jutsu!'' Zabuza said before water surrounded Kakashi's form trapping him in a sphere of water. Zabuza then turned his head toward the trembling forms of Kakashi's students and smirked.

''Now let me show these greenhorns how a real shinobi fights...''he said before doing a one handed seal. ''Water Clone Jutsu!'' He said before four water clones popped out of the water before they drawled out their zanbato's readying themselves to attack their targets.

With Kakashi's students, Sakura Haruno, Sai and Sasuke Uchiha, were unnerved to see about fighting this man with their sensei trapped like he was, except Sai of course. Sasuke grit his teeth as hr remembered that night the night his clan was massacred by the most important person in his life. He wasn't strong enough to stop Itachi and now was too scared to fight a jounin! He closed his eyes in anger of thinking how weak he was now.

The Zabuza clones were about on them until in a split second they were all gone back into water. It happened in only a second , but that was enough to shock Zabuza, before looking around the area. ''Who did that!'' said the man, but that was when he felt a slight indention in his back and that's all he felt before his body met a tree or should I say trees?

Kakashi blinked in shock at what he just saw and that's when he and everyone in the area heard someone speak, ''Pathetic, I was removed from this team, and yet I still have to protect you idiots.'' said a male voice that very familiar to team 7.

Zabuza who pulled himself out of the pile of trees he hit looked up to see smoke of where Kakashi was and only saw Kakashi's figure still in the water and out of the water prison and another shadowed figure within the smoke. When it started to clear they could see the figure more clearly. Though when Zabuza saw the taller of the two his eyes widened in shock and a little bit of fear at who he thought he was seeing.

Kakashi Sakura and Sasuke though glared. When the smoke fully cleared it showed Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, with Naruto staring at Kakashi's form in pity.

Kakashi growled out to Naruto "What are you doing here?"

Naruto just looked around ''You called for backup and the old man sent me for some reason I'm unable to fathom considering if you guys died I wouldn't give a shit. But I have to make sure you guys are alive." he said

After saying this Naruto lazily turned his head to see Zabuza's now walking form with the mans Zanbato on his shoulder, he could see through the mans bandages face mask he was grinning.

''Hahaha...I see...you...I thought you were the yellow flash but I was wrong. Your probably just some brat that trying to look like him...''he said eyeing Naruto's form

"Actually my father is the yellow flash I don't have to try to look like him." Naruto said causing Zabuza's eyes to widen before he grinned manically

''I see, Iwa would pay me handsomely if I was to deliver you!' he said with glee in his tone.

''Oh really, we'll see if you are capable of backing up your words." Naruto said as he focused and the Statue of Ichigo in his mindscape glowed before Zangetsu in it's release form appeared in his hands

Zabuza's eye's widen at this, "You think a greenhorn like you could go up against me in a sword fight?" Zabuza asked incredulously as he and the audience eyed the blade and saw how unique it was, the blade itself looked to be every swordsman's dream

Naruto just closed his eyes as veins appeared around his eyes before vanishing again before he smirked "I think I can do alright, against the weakest member of the Seven Ninja Swordsman." Naruto said causing Zabuza to glare at him in rage

Up in the tree's a young hunter-nin masked Shinobi could be seen and though his form could not be seen he was trembling in both fear and anxiety. He didn't know why but this man felt very dangerous. He feared for his masters life since this man was honestly beyond their level if what he was sensing correct.

As for Kakashi and his team and a old man by the name of Tazuna looked at the blade. Sasuke was plotting a way to get it. Sakura was plotting a way to get in Sasuke's good graces, Kakashi was thinking about how he could kill Naruto before the mission was over, Sai was paying extra attention to Naruto so he could report anything interesting to Danzo. Before the sound of blades clashing caught their attention.

Naruto was holding Zangetsu in front of him holding back a struggling Zabuza back from completing a downward slash at him with just one hand! Naruto sighed before pushing Zabuza back making the man skid a few feet away from him, after this Naruto appeared behind Zabuza.

Zabuza's went wide eyed, "Fast!" he twirled around in time to block a slash at his back, but the ground beneath him shattered into a crater. This got shocked looks from some spectators and wondered how strong that attack was. Though Zabuza was thinking something totally different, "What is this gaki, this strength his speed...It shouldn't be possible for him to have this much already!" before he looked into Naruto's eyes and all he saw was amusement and a hunger for blood. He let down his guard and jumped back in time. He looked at Naruto and used his chakra to speed up as he charged at him

Naruto saw his increased in speed, and raised Zangetsu in time to parry a slash from Zabuza before he jumped into the air dodging a decapitating slice from behind. He narrowed his eyes a little seeing no movement on the water before spinning around knocking away Zabuza's attempted slash upon his back. Naruto then took that chance to bring down Zangetsu hammering it down on Zabuza's own Zanbato making the man plummet to the ground.

After this Naruto went feet first landing on the ground creating yet another crater. He looked at Zabuza's prone form before it went up in a poof of smoke, Zabuza appeared behind him mid-way into attack.

That's when Naruto appeared behind Zabuza making the man go wide eyed "what" That's when he felt something going down his left arm he looked down to see a red long gash and in that second blood spurted out. He widened his eyes like others of how he just did that.

''Gurck!'' he grunted before he was on kneed in the spine and as Zabuza was off the ground, Naruto channeled chakra into his hand and orb of chakra formed in his hand.

Kakashi seeing this eyes widen before they were filled with rage as Naruto slammed the orb into Zabuza's back

"Rasengan!" the receiving end of the jutsu sent Zabuza's body skipping across the water before he was knocked into a tree, he grunted once more and before he could do anything else he felt a thunk beside his head snapped his eyes to look on his right to see Zangetsu an inch from his head.

"He...He's been holding back...He beat me so easily...and yet...If he would have moved his weapon just a bit more to the left he would have killed me…He couldn't possibly be a new Genin." Zabuza thought as his eyes landed back on Naruto's walking form. When the red streaked blonde was in front of him he yanked Zangetsu from the tree and pointed it at Zabuza's form.

''Like I said weak, time to-'' he was interrupted when 3 senbon needles pierced Zabuza's neck making him go limp against the tree. He narrowed his eyes when he saw the appearing Hunter-nin kneel before Zabuza's form.

''Thank you for taking care of him, Shinobi-san I shall take him back to finish off the body.'' said a muffled voice.

''Right. But please allow me to take his head for you after all I did all the work I should finish the job." Naruto said walking forward with Zangetsu on his shoulder whiled mentally chuckling seeing the quick stiff of the hunter nin's body before he disappeared in a shunshin. He shook his head before dismissing Zangetsu in a swirl of Reiatsu.

He turned his head toward the audience and sighed in frustration as Kakashi fell over from chakra exhaustion, ''Alright, now with that over Old man!' he said getting Tazuna's attention. ''Lead us to your home" he said.

''U-uh, s-sure!' 'he said in a stutter, with that he lead them ahead with Sasuke and Sai hefting up Kakashi

Next Day

Naruto sat by the wall as far as possible from a now awake Kakashi and his team in a room Tazuna's daughter Tsunami provided for them. He looked up when Kakashi finished explaining to his Genin that Zabuza was still alive.

"Now that Captain Obvious is finished explaining something you all should've knew already, I can say what I have to say." Naruto started as he looked to Kakashi "My mission is to make sure you pricks get back to the leaf alive, I won't help you train, or baby-sit in simple terms. You do you, and Ima do me." Naruto said before he shunshin'd out of the house before Kakashi could say anything.

Naruto appeared on the roof and looked out into the distance toward the direction of Uzushio

"Mother might be a goddess but she said she loved the Uzumaki clan." Naruto thought before he jumped off the roof and flew off into the sky toward Uzushiogakure home of the Uzumaki Clan

And Cut