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Pairing Naruto x Harem

"Mito" Demon

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Story Start


Naruto landed in the village of the Uzumaki clan, as he looked around he saw corpses of all sizes, narrowing his eyes Naruto saw headbands on some o f the corpses, ranging from Iwa, Taki, and Kusa. Putting his hands in a seal he got prepared to make some shadow clones before he sensed a chakra signature in the distance, narrowing his eyes he vanished in a flash step.

Royal Uzumaki Family Estate

Naruto appeared on an rusty lamp post, as he looked down he saw an orange haired man wearing a black cloak with red clouds on it, as he looked harder he noticed multiple piercings on the guys face

"Wait, those aren't piercings, those are chakra receivers." Naruto thought as he activated his Juubigan, he saw the Rinnegan in the figures eyes as well as the chakra that was running through the receivers "It seems that who ever is controlling the body charged those receivers for a while, so he wouldn't have to be near by when controlling the body." Naruto thought as he looked around but couldn't see or sense any other chakra signatures around.

Looking back to the path that was about to enter the estate, Naruto vanished in a burst of speed before appearing behind the path and grabbed it in a sleeper hold, as the path struggled to break free Naruto whispered in the paths ear something that caused the one controlling it eyes to widen "Human Path." before he pulled the soul that was tied to the body out and absorbed it to see the memories thanks to his Juubigan, before he destroyed the body. Thanks to his Juubigan he was able to use the Preta path and the Human together.

"Interesting, this Nagato guy doesn't seem to know that collecting the Biju would create another Juubi since Tensa isn't in this realm anymore and the fact that he plans on using the Gedo Statue. So that's Obito's plan." Naruto thought before he summoned a horde of clones

"I want half of you to go give the Uzumaki clansmen proper burials, burn the corpse of any non Uzumaki, the other half split up and find everything that has survived it doesn't matter if it's readable or not, just seal it away and bring it to me." Naruto ordered while the clones scattered and he walked into the estate


Nagato Uzumaki otherwise known as Pein was in a state of shock, he had sent his Naraka Path to gather up all of the Uzumaki clans treasure, the path had to force it's way in, but as soon as it was about to walk in, the path was grabbed from behind and someone used a Rinnegan ability and destroyed the connection, he would've been able to still watch through the eyes of the path but the body was destroyed soon after.

"What is it Nagato?" a voice asked from behind him, he turned to see 'Tobi' and Konan looking at him

"S-Someone, destroyed one of my paths, using a Rinnegan ability." Nagato said causing Konan's and Obito's eyes to widen

"Impossible!" Obito thought

"Are you sure Nagato?" Konan asked

"Yes, he used the Human Path ability to rip out the chakra of the path." he said unaware that Naruto also ripped out a piece of his own soul and now knew all of Akatsuki secrets that he knew of.

"Are you sure that he didn't get any information, from using that path?" Tobi asked

"Yes I'm positive, I have experimented with my paths, it's impossible for the Rinnegan to extract memories from another path."

"Good." Tobi said as he walked from the hall "Things aren't going according to plan, if someone else is out there with a Rinnegan then he or she needs to be found. First Minato-sensei and now this!" he thought before warping away

"Nagato, should we search for this person, who ever it is could be a threat to our plan for peace." Konan asked curiously while Nagato looked out into the rain

"No, whoever it is might have the same eyes as me, but I had them longer and he will fall to the might of God!" Pein said while Konan nodded

Next Day

Naruto was walking around wave country looking at the condition of the place, he had to shake is head at how these people seem to have given up hope for themselves, as he continued walking he heard a commotion that drew his attention.

"Watch where your walking brat!" cried a voice Naruto turned the corner to see a obese thug with a sword looming over a kid who was looking up at the thug in complete fear. Naruto looked around to see which of the villagers was going to step up, but all he saw was people looking away. Shaking his head at the people's cowardice.

The thug was going for another punch when Naruto decided to step in

"I advise you to leave the boy alone." Naruto called out coldly getting everyone's attention

"Hump, you should watch were you stick your nose brat, this has nothing to do with you." said the thug

"Well I'm making it my business, you think you're a man bulling little kids, well lets see how your fat ass handle someone who fights back!" Naruto said, before he vanished and appeared and sent a roundhouse to the thug's head sending him tumbling when the thug sprung up, Naruto reappeared and stomp on both his knees and using his face as a spring board Naruto flipped while in air and channeled chakra into the palm of his hand creating a Rasengan before he drove the technique into the thug's belly forming a huge crater under him before dust kicked up covering both of their forms.

As the dust cleared Team 7 along with Tazuna arrived to see Naruto standing over the corpse of the man he just killed, as Naruto stepped away from the body he felt someone pull on his pants leg, he looked down to see the boy smiling up at him.

"Thank you mista, for saving me!" Naruto smiled at the boy

"Where are your parents?" Naruto asked as the boy pointed to a man in the crowd who stepped up looking relieved "Go to your father." Naruto said softly while hiding his disgust at the fact that a man is such a coward that he would watch as his own son was assaulted and do nothing.

Shaking his head Naruto burned the body before he went into the forest and sat in a clearing, he pulled out a book to read, as he read he sensed Team 7 coming his way

"Hey dobe!" sighing Naruto turned around to see Team 7 behind him with Sasuke and Sakura looking smug "I want your sword! Give it to me!" Sasuke demanded Naruto only raised an eyebrow before he turned back to his book.

Angry at being ignored Sasuke took a step forward, before Kakashi's danger senses went off and he ignored the pain in his body and grabbed Sakura and Sasuke and jumped back as a ring of black flames surrounded Naruto and pushed to the edge of the clearing as Team 7 as a whole broke out into a sweat from the heat that the flames were giving off. The flames seem to keep growing hotter driving them away from the clearing so they just went to another part of the forest.

With Team 7

"Alright team; now that we have time, and since we are going to be going against Zabuza again I guess it's time for more training." Kakashi drawled lazily as he addressed his team, at this time Naruto had landed on a branch and looked down to see how much Konoha standards have fallen

"Ano Kakashi-sensei, what kind of training will we be doing?" Sakura asked in curiosity while Sasuke was just glad to be learning something new so he can go obsess over his brother some more.

"The training will be…" Kakashi paused as his team leaned in slightly in anticipation. "Climbing trees!"

Naruto face-faulted while Team 7 merely looked at their teacher in confusion, Naruto recovered in an instant and sighed.

"That's a damn shame." Naruto thought shaking his head

"Kakashi-sensei… we already know how to climb trees." Sakura finally pointed out but Kakashi just eye-smiled at her.

"I wasn't finished… you are going to climb trees… without your hands." Kakashi chuckled inwardly at the flabbergasted looks that two of his Genin were sending him.

"Isn't that impossible sensei?" Sakura asked.

"There is no such thing as impossible in a ninja's dictionary Sakura, now does everyone here know what is Chakra?" Kakashi nodded satisfactory as his team answered in the affirmative. "Good, now watch closely."

Team 7 watched with mouths agape as their sensei walked up to a tree before placing a foot on the tree trunk and continued walking straight up the tree, as if it was the ground itself, until he hung upside down on a branch.

"Idiot…" Naruto muttered as he watched.

"This is known as the tree climbing exercise and the point of it is to teach you better chakra control since the bottom of your feet is the hardest place to channel your chakra." Kakashi explained before walking back down the tree and onto the ground.

"What is the point of this exercise; I already can use my chakra to perform jutsus." Sasuke said arrogantly earning a squeal from Sakura and sighs from Kakashi, Naruto, and Sai.

"Chakra control is as important as knowing how to perform jutsus because without proper chakra control, you wouldn't be able to perform higher ranked techniques as they would drain too much chakra. Plus this would enable you to fight on vertical surfaces and on water, which is a practical skill during fights." Kakashi pointed out, to which the emo just 'Hned' in response. Kakashi threw three kunai and one landed in front of each of his Genin. "Use those to mark how high you have gotten and since you are new to this I suggest a running start, also take note that too little chakra and you slip off but too much and you get blasted off." He instructed as Sasuke picked up his kunai he looked up at Naruto who was leaning against a tree

"What's the matter dobe, your so stupid that you can't even comprehend what our sensei explained?" Sasuke smirked his typical Uchiha clan smirk.

"Actually, I already know how to do this? So fag, how come you don't know how to do it? I heard Itachi was already doing this exercise when he was 7?" Naruto asked curiously causing Sasuke to glare at him and grit his teeth and turn away.

"You'll see dobe, I kill you and Itachi after taking your power!" Sasuke thought

"DON'T CALL SASUKE-KUN GAY NARUTO-BAKA!" Sakura screeched with her banshee frequency voice causing everyone in the immediate vicinity to cover their ears lest they lose their hearing.

"Screech like that again and I'll tear out your larynx." Naruto growled causing her to cower

"Sakura get to climbing." Kakashi said seeing how Naruto was close to killing her and he knew he couldn't stop him.

"I wonder what boss is doing?" Naruto thought

At the bridge

Tazuna was surprised when Naruto had appeared at the bridge since he thought he would be training with the others but shrugged as he already knew how powerful the blonde was and was glad that it was Naruto that was guarding him.

"Hey Tazuna!" A voice suddenly called out.

"Hmm… what is it Shiro?" Tazuna asked a man wearing a sweatband around his forehead.

"I've been doing a lot of thinking recently and decided… can I stop working on the bridge?" Shiro replied with a sigh.

"WHY IS THAT? NOT YOU TOO!" Tazuna shouted in shock.

"Tazuna I'm sorry but we've been close to finishing for the past week… I really want to help you finish the bridge but I fear that if we continue Gato will come after us. And if you get killed, then what's the point?" Giichi said before looking Tazuna right in the eyes. "Why don't we quit building the bridge?"

Naruto remained silent as he witnessed the exchange between Tazuna and his worker, choosing not to interfere since this was not part of his mission.

"I can't do that because this bridge is our bridge, this is the bridge we started building together… believing it would bring resources into our poor country." Tazuna replied firmly.

"But if we lose our lives!" Shiro tried to counter but was interrupted

"Just leave already old man, if you want to quit don't try putting your cowardice on others. Just remember you quit working on a project that could've saved your family coward." Naruto said coldly

"Don't you dare call me a coward!"

"But it's what your are." Naruto said with a raised eyebrow "Your family, this village is going to get worst. None of you seem to care enough to band together against a midget with only 30 to 35 thugs when you have them outnumbered 3 to 1. But from what I've seen your country is suffering and you only care about yourself, your a real role model." Naruto said sarcastically causing Shiro to look down and clench his fists in shame before he clenched his fist

"I'll prove you wrong" Shiro thought "TAZUNA! I'm continuing to work on the bridge!" Shiro shouted before running back to the other workers with a renewed vigor.

"Kid…I don't know how to thank you; you protected me from that guy with the oversized butcher knife and prevented a loss of a worker." Tazuna said.

"I know it isn't part of my job but I can't stand by and do nothing, and you can thank me by calling me by my name instead of kid." Naruto replied.

"Alright…Naruto." Tazuna chuckled as he went back to work as well.

Several hours later at Tazuna's home

Naruto was at the dining table with Tazuna, Inari and Tsunami since work on the bridge was done for the day when Team 7 trudged in through the door followed by Kakashi, they went to take a shower while Naruto was drawing a seal on the back of his hand. Kakashi tried to get a look at it but the seal faded before he could see it as Naruto clenched his fist a couple of times, before he started reading his book.

The Genin of Team 7 came down and everyone started to eat their lunch. Sasuke finished his bowl of rice in record time but instantly felt sick and threw up afterwards, Sakura shrieked and went to help him but he knocked her hand aside.

"Sasuke you shouldn't eat so much at that speed." Kakashi sighed.

"I have to keep up my strength so I can get back to training." Sasuke replied simply.

"Why do you even try so hard?" Inari suddenly asked.

"What are you talking about brat?" Sasuke demanded.

"I said why do you bother training so hard, Gato is just going to kill you all. Nobody can stop him." Inari repeated in a dead tone.

"I am an Uchiha; a lowly person such as Gato would easily fall to my power." Sasuke declared arrogantly as Naruto rolled his eyes

"You don't know how powerful Gato is, you don't know anything about our suffering!" Inari yelled.

"Don't know anything about suffering? I've had my entire clan killed by my elder brother and he used a Jutsu to make me watch him kill the clan over and over again for seventy-two hours, don't tell me I don't know anything about suffering!" Sasuke moved to punch Inari but Naruto appeared in front of Inari and caught his fist.

"You are not allowed to harm the clients family, let the brat be a coward, he grew up around it anyway, so it's obvious how he'll turn out." Naruto said blankly as he shoved Sasuke back into his seat

"I'm not a coward!" Inari yelled

"No? Really you and everyone in this village watch a man who tried to save you all die. Oh yes I know the story." Naruto said seeing the shock on Inari's face "You just sit here go up to your room and cry, you sit here and preach about how powerful Gato is when the only power he has is hiding behind his money." Naruto said as he grabbed Inari by the neck and flooded the room with his KI "You don't know suffering, suffering is being kicked out of an orphanedge at the age of three and living on the streets for two years before a old man who thinks he can control your life acts nice while lying to your face 24/7. Suffering is being hunted down on your birthday every year and being beaten to an inch of your life while your fathers student watches and does nothing." Naruto growled while Kakashi shivered even more from the KI "There are nine people in this world that knows what suffering is and I'm one of them." Naruto said as he drop Inari and walked to the door before he looked back at the occupants in the kitchen. "Don't come looking for me, or you might just die." he said before he walked out the house and slammed the door causing it to crack

Next morning

The hunter-nin Haku made sure that Zabuza was comfortable before he placed his mask on a nearby dresser and untied his hair, he changed out of his hunter-nin outfit and into a sleeveless pink kimono and grabbed a basket before leaving the house.

The sun was already shining in the sky when Haku walked through the forest; he smiled as a small bird landed on his shoulder and raised a hand to stroke it.

"If I'm not mistaken than the field of herbs should be around he-" Haku's train of thought died as he openly gaped at the scene of destruction that greeted his. As everywhere he looked was blood every where with bodies charred

"What the fuck happened here?!" Haku exclaimed in shock before seeing Naruto sleeping at the base of a tree with blood falling from his mouth. "Isn't that the person responsible for Zabuza-sama's defeat?"

Haku moved closer to the sleeping form of Naruto before noticing the leaf headband tied around his bicep, "He's the ninja so that means…."

"I just have to reach out and snap his neck before searching for his sword and taking it back to Zabuza-sama… just snap his neck…" Haku's hand inched closer to Naruto's neck before some birds flew away startling him as he looked in the sky to see crows flying away, he turned back to see Naruto was gone, he gasped and turned around and saw Naruto standing behind him looking at him intently

"Um, you could get a cold out here sleeping you know?" Haku said as he felt fear welling up inside of him as Naruto tilted his head to the side before his sclera filled with blood and veins protruded from the corner of his eyes, he smirked showing his fangs before Haku's scream was heard throughout Wave country

Outskirt of Wave country- Gato's base

Naruto was outside of Gato's base, after he killed the hunter-nin he had compelled a bandit to give him the location before he killed him. He could sense that Gato was there as well. Naruto thought it would be better to wait for night fall to start the upcoming slaughter he was going to pull off.

"Seems Zabuza is staying somewhere else, that's a shame I can't leave until all of Gato's men and Zabuza are dead…sigh…well I'll be back tonight." Naruto thought

A week later

Naruto was asleep in his room, when a feminine scream woke him up in an instant causing him to look around the room before realizing it came from outside the window. Naruto jumped out of bed and looked out the window to an interesting sight.

Two strange looking, katana-wielding thugs were holding Tsunami hostage when Inari had suddenly ran out of the house and shouted for them to release his mother. Naruto cursed when he saw one of the thugs unsheathe his blade and rushed at Inari, who had closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable.

Tsunami was about to scream when in the place of Inari was just a sliced up log.

"Where the hell did the log come from?" The thug wearing a bandana scratched his head in confusion since he was pretty sure that the log was a small kid a moment ago.

"Well, you guys seem to have escaped from my little slaughter hmm." A voice said from behind them, they turned around to see Naruto standing there with a hand on a confused looking Inari's head.

"It's you!" the thugs exclaimed loudly in fear as they dropped Tsunami and walked away from Naruto fearfully

"You might have escaped once but I guarantee that you won't live to see the moon." Naruto said as he raised his hand and pointed his finger "Bang!" Naruto said a beam of spirit energy wiped them out of existence. Naruto sighed before he looked down at Inari, who was averting his eyes. "What you did was very brave Inari; just make sure next time you can actually defeat your opponent before rushing in."

Naruto ruffled Inari's hair before vanishing in a burst of speed

At the Bridge

Naruto appeared to hear the sounds of battle; Naruto saw that Kakashi was fighting against Zabuza while Sasuke was unconscious while Sakura fretted over him and Sai guarded Tazuna

Naruto shook his head before the sound of chirping birds filled the air and he turned around to see Zabuza pinned by several large dogs with Kakashi holding a lightning-covered fist in front of him. "Finally, after this is the Chunin Exams, that'll be something to look forward to." Naruto muttered

"Lightning Blade" Kakashi screamed and Zabuza screamed in pain before he fell limp to the side, Naruto shunpoed to Zabuza's body and took the head and his blade

Well that's my cue to get the hell out of here, don't worry about Gato old man. I already killed him." Naruto said as he sealed away Kubikiribocho and walked over, and shook Tazuna's hand.

"And where do you think your taking that blade?" Kakashi asked as he stepped forward

"That is none of your business, Hatake-san first come first serve. I'm positive that you would've given this blade to sleeping beauty over there am I right?" Naruto said as Kakashi looked uncomfortable "Thought so." Naruto said shaking his head before he flew off the bridge, toward Konoha as he was so high in the sky that no one could see him he stopped and created a clone

"Go and bury this in Uzu, the new barrier I put up should be impossible for anyone other then me to get into." Naruto ordered as he gave the blade to the clone before flying off again

"I feel like something interesting will happen soon." Naruto said with a grin

And Cut

Not a lot of action, I know but Naruto's mission was to make sure that Team 7 stayed alive so yeah!