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Pairing Naruto x Harem

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Story Start


Anko entered the Namikaze Estate tired and sore from getting things prepared for the upcoming Chunin Exams. The Sandaime had been running her ragged first an S-rank mission, then straight to plan the Chunin exams.

Sighing she made her way up to her room and got some clothes before moving to the closest bathroom. She opened the door and placed her spare clothes up, and took off her trench coat and short skirt leaving her in her fishnet; she turned to the bathtub to turn on the water. But when she looked she saw that the tub was already full with white flowers floating in the water. Raising an eyebrow she reached into the tub and grabbed a flower before a hand shot out of the water and grabbed her wrist.

Shrieking in surprise Anko substituted with a towel, as she got into a fighting stance, Anko watched a Naruto rose from the water naked causing her too blush. Before she noticed his skin was red but it was healing rapidly

"N-Naruto-kun? What the hell were you doing, and why are there flowers in the tub?" she asked after taking a deep breath

"I was getting use to one of my main weaknesses as a vampire. The flowers in the tub are called vervain." Naruto explained stepping out of the tub not bothering to cover up.

"B-But you're a god." Anko said still trying to get her blush under control

"Right, but in the event I seal away all my godly abilities I won't have to worry about my weaknesses coming to bite me in the ass." Naruto said smiling as he was now in Anko's personal space

"That's smart," Anko muttered "Will you turn me?" Anko asked the question she been asking since she moved in

"Ok fine, I'll turn you when your finished taking a bath." Naruto said before kissing Anko and groping her ass, and leaving the bathroom.

Anko sighed before she smiled in content that she would get the gift of immortality, something her traitorous sensei still seeks to this day it was euphoric for her. She didn't have to experiment on herself or create sick jutsus all she had to do was find the right man, who had the power to give her anything she wanted, and all she had to do was love him and never betray him.

Hokage Tower

Naruto now wearing black jeans with a red vest, and steel toed shoes, was in front of Sarutobi.

"So let me get this straight, you want me to fill in for Sai for the Chunin exams. Need I remind you that people are known to die in these exams, what's to stop me from killing them when I get the chance?" Naruto asked with a smirk

"You won't, no mater what body your in, or how angry you are you wouldn't kill two children Minato." Sarutobi said with conviction

"Heh, you believe that if you want to." Naruto whispered "fine I'll do it, I expect that I'm being paid for this?" Naruto asked

"Yes, this is a S-rank mission, be on the lookout for Orochimaru as well Jiraiya told me that Orochimaru might make a move to get Sasuke." Hiruzen said "Go and meet with Team 7, at their training ground now."

"Right." Naruto nodded before he walked out of the office "So it's time to put the plan into action. Orochimaru can have the Uchiha, for all I care. All I need is that tablet for now." Naruto thought with a smirk

Namikaze Estate

Anko just got dressed as she walked into the kitchen. She looked to see a cup with a note in front of it walking towards it, she picked up the note and started to read it

Anko, in the cup is my blood, drink the blood and you have to die with it in your system. There are blood bags in the deep freezer. I'll see you soon.

Placing the note down Anko downed the cup of blood before she went to look for some rope.

10 minutes Later

Naruto was walking down the road whistling, he was currently walking to his temporary team meeting place, when he heard a startled and pained yelp that brought him back to reality turning to follow the sound. What he found however was not something he did felt like dealing with. A young boy who resembled a mini-Hiruzen wearing a helmet and a long blue scarf he was Konohamaru Sarutobi. He was being held in the air by some foreigner wearing a completely black suit with what looked like cat ears and wearing make up on his face. Finally he noticed the Suna hitae-tae resting on the boy's forehead. Finally he had some kind of large object on his back which was wrapped in bandages, that Naruto knew was a puppet.

Behind him was a girl with long blonde hair split into four ponytails. She wore a white battle dress that stopped a few inches above her knees. A red sash was tied around her waist holding the dress together. Judging by the netting around her neck she wore a fishnet shirt beneath the dress and had her hitae-tae tied around it. The sash also secured the large metal object to her back.

"That hurt you gaki, maybe I should teach you to watch where you're going." Said the cat suit wearing boy

"Kankuro just drop the kid, we aren't supposed to be starting trouble." Said the girl with disinterest shining in her eyes.

"Calm down Temari, this will be quick. Besides it's not like he's around." Said the now identified Kankuro not even bothering to turn towards her.

"What do you think you are doing?" asked Naruto making his presence known, the two suna nins turned to him and the blonde kunoichi blushed

"Local Hottie!" Temari thought

"None of your business, this is between me and this brat!" Kankuro said raising his fist

Naruto sighed in frustration, he raised his hand and a chakra chain shot out and grabbed Konohamaru before setting the boy in front of him.

"Wha? H-how'd you do that?" asked Kankuro shock while Temari was still blushing as she kept looking at Naruto's body

"Go to the academy kid. Do your best in class no slacking off." said Naruto compelling Konohamaru to listen.

"Hai!" said Konohamaru enthusiastically before he ran off

"Next time you want to pick on a kid, I would advise you to make sure that kid isn't the Sandaime's grandson." said Naruto while Kankuro paled slightly "Why don't you come down here and join the conversation Tanuki." Naruto said not looking away from Kankuro who along with Temari paled drastically.

Suddenly a whirl of sand appeared in between the groups in and, Naruto took this time to look over the boy. He stood about the same height as he himself did 5'1". He stood clad in black pants and a black short sleeved shirt, with a fishnet one beneath that judging from the sleeves. White bandages wrapped the ends of his pants legs and he had a kunai pouch on his right leg. Strapped to his back was a large gourd with a cork plugging it closed. He also had some sort of long white cloth wrapped around his torso from his right shoulder to left hip before it wrapped around and tied in the front from the look of it. It was his face that caught his attention the most though. He had the kanji for 'love' etched into his forehead and dark markings around each of his green eyes. This was all topped off with short red hair.

"Kankuro, you're an embarrassment to our village." Said the teen in a cold voice

"G-Gaara." Breathed out Kankuro with a slight stutter as he began to shake a bit in fear.

Seeing this Naruto raised an eyebrow "Idiots it's partly their fault he's like this, all they had to do was be there for him when he was younger and from what I'm seeing that didn't happen." Naruto thought

"It wasn't my fault; the kid…" started Kankuro only to be cut off.

"Shut up or I'll kill you." stated Gaara coldly causing the two Suna nin to shiver, before he turned to Naruto "I apologize for my teammates it wont happen again." Said Gaara as he turned a cold eye onto Kankuro who broke out into a cold sweat.

"I'll take your word for that, I take it you're here for the Chunin Exam then." stated Naruto calmly as he put his hands in his pocket

"You would be correct. I hope to see you there." Said Gaara before he turned to walk away.

"Hold up." called Naruto causing all three to freeze in their tracks. "Before you go you could at least introduce yourself." Said Naruto with a smirk.

"I am Gaara no Sabaku . I am also interested in your name." replied Gaara "Mother is afraid of this one" he thought

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"I look forward to seeing you in the exams." Said Gaara before he and his teammates turned around to start walking only for them to see Naruto looking Gaara in the face

"Yeah I can't wait to see you either, but a word of advise Gaara-san" said Naruto "You should know that I will kill you if you cause trouble outside of these exams," started Naruto while the three Suna nin's eyes narrowed.

"Is that a threat?" growled Temari reaching for her fan. Hot or not no one threatens her brother

"Relax Temari, it's impossible to hurt Gaara." whispered Kankuro

"It's not impossible." Naruto said surprising the two, as he kept his eyes on Gaara "I can kill him right now, and the Ichibi, won't be able to stop me." he continued causing Temari and Kankuro to gasp. As they watched Naruto pat Gaara's shoulder and his sand do nothing "See ya around." Naruto finished as he walked away from them with a smirk

An hour later found Naruto arriving at Team Seven's usual meeting spot. Naruto approached Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke.

"What are you doing here?" Sasuke asked seeing Naruto arrive

"Sai has family matters to attend to, so he can't participate in the Chunin Exams. So Hokage-sama has put me as his replacement." Naruto said emotionlessly

"Fine just stay out of my way." Sasuke said walking away while Naruto rose an eyebrow

"That's right Naruto-baka!" Sakura said, Naruto looked to her and flinched at her and she ran away getting a snort from Naruto

Naruto then snatched the form from Kakashi and shunshin'd away not saying anything.

Namikaze Estate

Appearing in the kitchen, Naruto looked around to see the cup he filled with his blood was empty. Naruto then went into the living room to find Anko hanging from the ceiling. Sending a blade of wind to cut the rope Naruto caught Anko and took her upstairs to their room.

Setting her on the bed Naruto went to get a blood bag, and waited for her to wake up

About an hour later Naruto was making his way to the kitchen when he heard something breaking, looking up Naruto made his way upstairs to the bedroom. When he got there he saw Anko standing up with the light bulb from the lamp smashed and on the floor.

"Anko-chan?" Naruto called getting her attention.

Anko turned to Naruto with her hand over her mouth "Naruto-kun, my gums hurt." she said

"I know, and it's perfectly normal." Naruto said softly

"I'm thirsty." Anko muttered as she shunshin'd to the kitchen

"Sigh, juice ain't going to help with that." Naruto said. Using his vamp speed Naruto arrived in the kitchen to see Anko drinking from the juice carton. Shrugging Naruto pulled out a blood bag and took a sip.

Watching as Anko froze Naruto continued to drink the blood, Anko who had placed the juice on the counter walked up to Naruto slowly as if in a trance her eyes focused solely on the blood bag. Reaching up slowly Anko took the blood bag from Naruto who let her, watching as Anko took a sip from the blood, before she bit into it and drunk the rest, when she opened her eyes Naruto saw her vamp features. Before wisp of purple chakra faded from the curse seal.

"So her completing the transition, killed the piece of Orochimaru's soul from the seal." Naruto thought before he went to get Anko's present

Anko felt good, she noticed everything was brighter while the fan that was on felt better on her skin although she wasn't cold, she could feel her body literally bursting with power. She couldn't get her thoughts off blood, sex, and Orochimaru's death. she followed Naruto upstairs when she saw him get a case and open it.

"What's that Naruto-kun?" Anko asked

Naruto looked over his shoulder before he took out, a diamond bracelet. "I got this for you, when you were out. Originally it was to be your birthday present but I decided to give it to you now. I placed a seal on it so it'll protect you from the sun. Wear it at all times." Naruto said placing the bracelet on her wrist.

Naruto looked up to see Anko smiling softly while a tear fell from her eye. "Thank you, Naruto-kun." she whispered before she pulled Naruto into a kiss

Lemon Alert

The soft loving kiss quickly heated up, as Anko using her new strength and speed pushed Naruto to the wall and continued kissing him, which Naruto returned without hesitation. Seeing that he didn't have to hold back against her anymore Naruto growled into the kiss and turned around as he slammed Anko into the wall and continued to kiss her as Anko jumped up and wrapped her legs around Naruto's waist.

Naruto kissed down Anko's chin and came to her neck and started to nibble on it getting a moan from Anko, who unwrapped her legs from Naruto's waist and grabbed Naruto and using her vamp speed Anko rushed upstairs push Naruto along the way crashing into walls while kissing, before they made it to the room as she moved to push Naruto on the bed, she was surprised when Naruto grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder causing her to land on the bed while Naruto turned to look at her.

"You weren't suppose to turn the tables." Anko said with a pout Naruto smiled and crawled onto the bed between Anko's now spread legs, as he came face to face with her Naruto kissed her before he pulled back and smiled

"I'm not submissive Anko-chan, now that you're a vampire I no longer have to worry about hurting you." said Naruto, as he took off his jacket, as Anko wrapped her legs around his waist, and the Namikaze leaned down with her rising to meet him before giving him long heated kiss with their tongues dueling for dominance.

While the two began kissing with intense passion, Naruto's hands ripped off her fishnet shirt while Anko managed to roughly get his tank top off, and was grinding her pussy against his pants to get a feel of his cock behind it. Naruto growled into her ear, as he cupped her ass with one hand, and began fondling her breasts with the other making Anko moan out in pleasure before arching her back when one of Naruto's fingers from the hand on her ass entered her pussy with the tip of his finger putting pressure on her clit. Anko gripped his back and dug her fingernails into his back drawing blood, before trying to scream out in pure pleasure after her mate rotated the tip of his finger around her clit.

"Oh Kami! He always knows the right spots to hit. If this keeps up I'm going to cuuummm!" thought Anko, as she did just that when he twisted her nipple, and sent charka through the finger tip on her clit.

"Such a dirty girl you are. Getting all your cum on my hand and pants," said Naruto, as he lowered Anko down to let her catch her breath before licking his cum covered hand with his tongue, and saw the woman looking at him hungrily when she saw him to that as her vampire features were shown, before her face returned to normal,

Anko said nothing as she moved to the end of the bed, and then began licking his pants along the crotch line where the amount of cum was before she dropped his pants after getting them cleaned up.

"It seems my blood princess wishes to taste my cum," said Naruto, as he saw Anko look at his size in complete devotion, before she looked up at him with lust in her eyes.

"You're so hard Naruto-kun. It must be painful to have such an erection. Let your queen ease your suffering," said Anko, as she wedged it between her breasts while licking the top of the head of the cock with her tongue while Naruto let out a lust filled groan.

"Damn Anko-chan, you're tongue feels so good," said Naruto, as he felt her take the whole thing into her mouth, and began bobbing her head while moving her large breasts around his cock at the same time.

Anko only hummed out a response, as she sucked on his erection, and enjoyed the scalp massage he was giving her in return for the oral service that helped indicate if he loved what she was doing. All Anko wanted right now was her Naruto to fill her holes with cum.

"I'm going to cum Anko-chan!" said Naruto, as he made Anko speed up her motions on his cock while Anko herself was sucking hard to increasing the pleasure, and let out a groan before cumming hard into her mouth.

As for Anko herself, she tried to swallow as much as she could, but there was too much, and to break away from his cock while letting it splash cum over her face down to her chest. The taste of him was something she always found to be intoxicating, as she soon began trying to get every drop on her body into her mouth, and trying to clean it all off.

"Damn you taste good, it's better than it was yesterday!" said Anko, as she looked up at him, and saw his eyes were also burning with lust and love just the same as hers.

"Part of the change. Now are you ready for the main event?" said Naruto, as he saw her eyes shine and instead of answering she licked her lips, and leaped onto his body again with Naruto catching her before quickly thrusting his cock right into her snatch that made the woman arch her back in pleasure.

"How does it feel Anko-chan? How does my big cock feel inside your tight little cunt after rising to the top of the food chain?" said Naruto, as he thrust into Anko hard, and while pinning her to the wall with the said woman having her legs wrapped around him so she could keep herself connected.

"It feels good Naruto-kun! Don't stop!" said Anko in a pleading voice, as she extended her fangs and bit into Naruto's neck while moaning at the taste and from the pounding she was getting

"As you wish," said Naruto, as he thrust into her again, and again while burying his face into her neck licking the spot he was about to bite into all the while letting Anko grip his head while she let out screams of pleasure with each thrust into her body as she continued to feed.

Naruto extended his fangs and bit into Anko as he started to thrust faster, his hips becoming a blur as the wall cracked from the pressure of his thrust

"Oh Kami! He fucking me rough and raw, I love this so much!" thought Anko, as she felt his cock pound into her without mercy while her ass was being squeezed by Naruto's hands, and made sure her rear end wasn't so bruised from the imploding wall behind her when he plowed into her pussy.

"Ah fuck! I love your pussy!" said Naruto, as he did a semi-corkscrew maneuver when he thrust into her pussy, and made Anko nails tear the skin from his back deep enough to make him bleed again, which healed immediately after.

"I love your dick Naruto-kun! Tell me you love me!" said Anko

"I love you Anko Mitarashi" said Naruto, as he looked her in the eye before he moved them to the bed while still thrusting into her every few seconds before he had Anko on the bed, and let his hands play with her breasts while he kissed her so his hips could do all the work now.

"I don't know how much more of this I can take!" thought Anko, as she had been through so many orgasms without crying out because they had bombarded her one after the other, and she could feel her body had basically become like jelly with Naruto giving it to her like she asked.

"I'm going to cum Anko-chan." said Naruto, as he had been feeling her pussy clamping down on him hard to the point it was almost painful to him, and finally released his seed into her pussy making the woman let out a beastly growl at feeling his seed enter her womb.

"That...was...marvelous!" Anko breath as her body shivered

"Were not done yet Anko-chan," said Naruto, as they went on into the night

Story End