Alone in the 'Verse

Chapter Six – Yet Another Halloween

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Harry lay in bed early on Halloween morning, just last night he had heard the full story about what Mal and the others had done on Miranda. That conversation had caused Harry to be up all night thinking about what he'd done about Miranda; namely giving all the bodies a proper burial and then disposing of all the government officials involved. Harry really didn't like it when governments used airborne chemicals to do anything! It brought back bad memories of the slaughter of an entire race, it reminded him of just how cruel humans could be when faced with something they couldn't control, or something they wanted to control better.

The PAX used on Miranda might not have been targeted a specific group of people but it was still chemicals being used in a way that ended up killing thousands. What was worse was that Miranda created monsters and the government tried to cover it up. Harry had murdered, in cold blood, every single person who was involved in the conspiracy, and he didn't feel a single shred of guilt. Pictures of what happened on that horrible planet flashed through his mind before he shoved those memories into the NO NOT DISTURB section of his mind.

Harry sighed and pulled himself out of his memories, it did no good to dwell on the past, especially parts that even he couldn't change. So, instead of getting himself worked up about the government, again, he pulled on some clothing and headed to the dining room.

If Harry had realized it was Halloween, then he probably would have faked sickness and stayed in bed all day, but he didn't.

Little did he know, but as he left his bunk, Harry forgot to re-glamour his face, which wouldn't be a problem except that he had a few wounds from one of their more recent encounter with some less-than-friendly Reavers and because of that lovely piece of stone in his chest, they were completely healed in seconds. However, he obviously couldn't just leave his skin as it was, he had to let them 'heal' naturally. This was the first time in 529 years that Harry had forgotten to check his appearance before leaving the privacy of his own room. Maybe he was going senile in his old age.

It was only 6:10 in the morning and Harry was the only one up, so he inevitably fell back into thought once he had his cup of tea. He had been been with the crew of Serenity for over a year now; together they had gotten into and out of various scrapes and tight spots, pulled some pretty spectacular jobs (with and without magical assistance), earned and spent many credits and basically became one of the closest crews around.

This was both good and bad for Harry; good because they were becoming like his family and bad because the closer they got personally, the closer the rest of the crew came to finding inconsistencies in his story, and the closer he got to slipping up and mentioning something he really shouldn't. Some were already getting really suspicious. The worst was Inara who had questions about him from the very start. Speaking of Inara, she chose then to gracefully enter the dining room.

Inara walked through the door to the dining room and wasn't really surprised to see Bill already sitting there; he always seemed to be awake much more than anyone else. What did surprise her was the extremely introspective, glazed expression on his face, it was as if he was pondering the very reason for his existence. Then she did a double-take, the ugly gash on his face was completely gone! There wasn't even a hint of a line where the Reaver-inflicted wound had been for the last two weeks.

"Bill?" Inara started as she sat down across from the pilot, "What happened to your face?"

Harry looked up sharply, he hadn't even noticed Inara come in, he must be losing his touch. It took him a moment to process what she had said, then he reached a hand up to his face and felt the unblemished skin. "Bugger." He said rather eloquently, trying desperately to think of some way to salvage the situation.

"Bugger? That's all you can say? A massive gash disappears from your face along with a bunch of other still-healing scrapes and cuts, and all you can say is one of your random swear words that makes absolutely no sense? I think you have some explaining to do Mr. Mystery Man." Inara said with annoyance.

How did I forget to put my face back on? Harry asked himself as he tried to figure out what to do. I never forget! It must have been all that damn thinking he'd been doing. Well, there was nothing for it, he couldn't have her asking questions like that, and the others were too suspicious as well. It seemed like it was time for memory wipes and a change in occupation, the crew of Serenity were way too curious and way too smart for their own good (except Jayne, he was just there).

So, Harry pulled out his wand and began to incant the spell. He wouldn't have used his wand except for the fact that he really didn't want to make a mistake.


"What the wuh de teyn is going on here?" Asked Mal from the doorway.

"Um..." Harry paused, Great, another memory wipe. Well that's just bloody brilliant. He thought. But before he could start the double wipe, Inara turned to Mal.

"Bill here somehow managed to magically vanish the cuts on his face. Then he pulled out a stick and started to say something when you interrupted him."

Mal looked at Bill and grinned, "You pulled out a stick?"

Harry glared at both of them. "You just had to be curious didn't you? You," He narrowed his eyes at Inara and jabbed his wand in her direction, "Just had to wake up early and you," He pointed it at Mal, "Just had to walk in halfway through the spell. Thanks guys." The two were about to say something but Harry beat them to it. "Obliviate." He said softly and edited the last few minutes for both; their eyes glazed over and they forgot about the entire conversation.

Harry then reapplied his glamor wounds and tucked his wand away; he was glad he had control over his massive amounts of magic, otherwise they would be vegetables and the ship completely dead. However, Harry's good fortune ended there because five minutes later River arrived.

River walked in and promptly announced; "Mal and Inara have holes." Harry face-palmed and River stared at him. "He knows." She stated.

Mal and Inara came out of the momentary confusion that was the after effects of a memory wipe, "Oh, hey, River. I didn't see you come in." Inara said with a smile.

River frowned, "But you were looking right at me! He did something." She said, glaring at Harry. "Your heads were full and now they have a hole."

With a groan Harry just obliviated all three of them, taking special care with River so she wouldn't notice the difference. As he stormed to the bridge, Harry remembered what day it was. "I fucking hate bloody fucking Halloween." He muttered as he vowed to be more careful in the future and to keep track of the date to make sure he slept through October 31st. He was so annoyed that he didn't notice Zoe and Simon standing just outside the other entrance to the dining room with their jaws hanging wide open, this was really not his day.

Unbeknownst to him, while Harry was busy checking the systems and their course, Zoe and Simon were explaining to Mal, Inara and River what they had seen and heard Evan do. Needless to say, Harry's day was about to go from bad to worse.

"Okay, I know we're all entitled to our secrets but is it just me, or does Bill seem to have more, and weirder ones than the rest of us combined?" Mal asked, once he had gotten over his anger at apparently having his mind fiddled with.

Inara decided to tell the rest of the crew (Jayne had stumbled in just after Bill left) what she knew, or rather, didn't know, about their mysterious pilot. "I have something I should probably tell you about." She said quietly. Everyone looked at the Companion and all seemed to be about to say something, but she continued before they had a chance. "And please don't interrupt me. I promise that to the best of my knowledge, it is all true." This peaked everyone's interest, Inara was telling a story? That never happened. The crew (minus Bill) all settled back into their chairs.

"First of all, remember how Orion Tonks was a client of mine?" There were nods all around and a grin from Jayne. "Well, Bill is Orion. They are the same person. Before you start yelling at me about having on-board relations or 'servicing the crew', he wasn't that sort of client. Orion Tonks was the one and only client with whom I had a completely platonic relationship.

"Now, I first met him he was 20, and this is the weird thing, he looked exactly the same this morning as he did that evening five years ago. But that's not all, when he first got on Serenity I confronted him and during the conversation I asked him how old he was. After claiming to be, and I quote, "538 or 566, depending on how you want to count" he told me to pick an age between 21 and 566. It was so weird that I just put it out of my mind.

"He also told me that he can Read people, but differently from River, he said that he can actually go and look for a specific thought. And he can kill people with his mind, no one can do that, not even River. And now, apparently he can wipe people's memories with a stick and weird words." Inara finished.

The others blinked and tried to process all that Inara had said.

Surprisingly, it was Jayne who broke the silence. "I think he's the devil. He's got those green eyes, that messy black hair, seems to stay young, can apparently heal himself, and wipes peoples thoughts."

Simon looked at Jayne like he was more nuts than usual. "Um." Simon said. "Isn't the devil supposed to have red eyes, horns and a tail?"

"Not that devil." Jayne said, as if he was speaking to a toddler, "Devil Potter."

"You mean the mythical guy who destroyed Earth-that-was? The super-powerful wizard dude blamed for almost everything bad that ever happened there and during the Exodus?" Zoe asked sarcastically.

"Yeah." Jayne replied like it was the most obvious thing in the 'Verse. "My mamma told us all sort of stories about Harry Potter; A mane of midnight black hair which defied the laws of the universe, and glowing green eyes that could kill you with a single glance. He was cursed by the ancients of Earth-that-was to wander the Universe for eternity spreading death and destruction wherever he went. He can't be killed, he can't be hurt and he is forever young... My mamma used to say." Jayne told them.

Kaylee laughed nervously, she had once heard some old women telling her about an evil boy who couldn't die, but the way Jayne told it (or at least his mother), made it seem just a bit more real and a bit more scary. "Uh...I give you the eyes, though none of us are dead and we've all looked at his eyes, and the hair maybe, I mean, yeah, it's a mess but it's not too bad. But we can't really tell about the not aging thing, I mean, five years isn't really that long. Also, super-duper magical powers? Death and destruction? I'm not seeing it."

"Mal frowned as he was thinking. "There's the mind reading thing Inara told us about and then there's all those weird things that happen around us when he's there. You know, like getting out of places that really should have been our graves... And don't forget the fact that he wiped our memories!"

"Still, it seems a bit far fetched." Inara said, despite the fact that she was currently going over all the myths from Earth-that-was she had learned at the academy. The one about Harry Potter was one of the less pretty stories and the thought that Bill/Orion had the slightest chance of being even remotely connected to Potter gave her the shivers.

"I say we just ask him." Kaylee said.

"NO!" Jayne yelled, "He'll kill us all!"

"Really?" Zoe asked. "I don't think so. I mean, he's been working with us for all this time, if he was going to kill us don't you think he'd have done so by now?"

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