Two months later Kagome, Sesshomaru and all their friends finished school. After the ceremony was over Sesshomaru and Kagome went back to his house. Izayoi, Touga and Inuyasha were all waiting at the door for them.

Izayoi gave them both a hug. "I'm proud of you two."

"As am I. After all that you two have been through you still managed to finish school at the top of your class." Touga said smiling proudly.

"I'm going to make you a celebration dinner." Izayoi said smiling.

"Yeah, and mommy said I can help!" Inuyasha said excitedly.

Sesshomaru smiled. "I'm sure you'll make us something good pup." He said patting him on the head.

"Come along Inuyasha. We need to start making dinner." Izayoi said.

"Goodie!" He said skipping to the kitchen.

When they were alone, Sesshomaru took her hand and pulled her upstairs to his bedroom. She looked around in curiousity. In all the time they'd been together she'd never been in his room. She had to admit that he had good taste when it came to decorating. She went and sat on his bed as she waited for him to say something.

"Kagome...I need to tell you something."

"What is it Sess?"

He sat next to her on the bed. "I love you so much and I'd be lost without you. You're the reason I breath, you're my everything Kagome. Kagome...will you...will you be my mate?" He asked nervously.

She gasped before throwing herself into his arms. "Yes! Yes I will Sesshomaru Taisho!"

He pulled away and smirked. "I want to do it now. I want to make you my mate right now."

"O-ok." She said blushing.

He smiled before crashing his lips to hers. She moaned when his tongue entered her mouth. In no time at all Kagome found herself on her back. He slid his hand down her skirt and put a finger in her and began to stroke her.

"S-Sess!" She gasped.

He pulled away and smirked. "Do you like that little one?"

"God yes! Please Sess! I need you now!"

"As you wish love." He said smirking. He sat up and began undressing the both of them. He looked at her with hunger in his eyes as she lay naked before him.

"You're beautiful Kagome." He said caressing her face.

"Th-thank you." She said blushing.

"Kagome...I know this is your first time but...it's mine as well." He said blushing.

She smiled. "Then that makes it even more special."

"Forgive me love. I know this will hurt." He said. She nodded and he crashed his lips to hers and thrust into her at the same time. He stayed still to allow her to get used to his size.

"It's ok Sess. You can move now." She said.

He hissed in pleasure as he began to slowly thrust into her. "Oh god! You feel so damn good woman!"

"Oh Sess!"

"Mmm...God you're so fucking tight! Fuck!"

"Faster!"Kagome said. She moaned as he began pounding into her.

"Fuck!" He panted.

"Oh god Sess! I think I'm gonna come!"

"Then come. Come for me love."

"Oh god! Sessshomaruuu!" She screamed as she came hard. He moaned when he felt her walls constrict around him.

"Oh fuck! Fuck!" His eyes slowly bled red as he began thrusting into her wildly with his demonic speed. Seconds later he roared out his release before sinking his fangs into her marking her as his mate.

"MINE!" He growled nuzzling her.

"Yours." She panted as he rolled off of her. He pulled her to his chest as they lay there panting.

"That was amazing." He said nuzzling her.

"Mmhm." She said sighing happily. Suddenly her eyes widened as a thought struck her. "Uh, Sess?"

"What is it love?"

"Do you think anyone heard us?" She asked blushing.

He chuckled. "No. The walls are soundproof. My father got tired of hearing me complaining about hearing him and mother and had the walls soundproofed."


"Are you ready for round two?" He said smiling at her.

"Again? So soon?" Kagome asked.

He smirked. "Yes. One thing you must know about us inu's is that we are well known for our sexual prowess. So what do you say?" He asked nibbling her neck.

"Yes." She moaned.

Downstairs unaware of the couple's activities, Izayoi was just finishing up her cooking.

"Can you go tell Sesshomaru and Kagome that dinner is almost ready Inuyasha?"

"Sure mommy!" He said. He began humming as he ran up to his brothers room. He didn't even knock as he opened the door. His eyes widened at what he saw. His brother was naked and was making noises as he was moving ontop of Kagome. Now Inuyasha may have only been five years old but he knew what they were doing. He shrugged and quietly closed the door before going back downstairs. His mother and father were already sitting at the table.

"Where's Kagome and Sesshomaru?" Izayoi asked.

"They're playing the mommy and daddy game." He said climbing into his seat.

"The mommy and daddy game? What are you talking about son?" Touga asked.

Inuyasha sighed. "Duh daddy. Shomu's putting a baby in her." He said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Touga smiled. "Well it's about time that boy made his move."

About a half an hour later Kagome and Sesshomaru walked into the room. When Inuyasha saw them he hopped out of his chair and ran over to Kagome. He put his face up against her stomache and gently patted it.

"Hey are you in there?" He asked.

"What are you doing Inuyasha?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Checking." He said.

"Checking for what?" Sesshomaru asked.

"To see if it worked."

"What are you talking about?" Sesshomaru asked still confused.

Inuyasha sighed. "I seended you putting a baby in Kagome so I'm checking if it's in there."

"Y-you saw us?" Kagome said blushing as he put his ear up against her stomache.

"Uh huh." He said before pulling away. "There's nobody in there. Brover, you didn't do a very good job." Inuyasha said shaking his head in disappointment. Touga and Izayoi laughed as Kagome and Sesshomaru both blushed.

"If your brother is anything like me, Sesshomaru will have Kagome pupped in no time Inuyasha." Touga said to Inuyasha making Kagome and Sesshomaru blush even more.

"Touga! Stop picking on them!" Izayoi said.

Touga smiled. "Welcome to the family Kagome. I know that Sesshomaru picked the perfect mate."

"Thank you." Kagome said smiling.

"Is daddy right brover? Are you gonna put a baby in Kagome soon? Then I'll have someone to play wiff!"

Sesshomaru smirked at Kagome. "Perhaps I will pup. Perhaps I will."

True to his word, a year later Sesshomaru and Kagome had twins. Sesshomaru was thrilled that his mate had given him both a daughter and a son. Touga couldn't be more proud of his son and Kagome. Izayoi and Kagome's mother were both happy that they had two beautiful grandpups to spoil. As for Inuyasha, he couldn't wait for the pups to get bigger so he could play with them.

As Kagome sat in the hospital bed feeding her pups, she thought about how she had met Sesshomaru and smiled. Even though they had gone through hell, she was glad she was with him and she wouldn't change one minuet of it.