Chapter 12: Swan Song

"Can't hear you I'm afraid", Ice King chuckled. "At least I don't think she can"

"Oh shut up", Marceline snorted as she stood. "You won already you frickn jerk"

"…" Ice King tilted his head. "Are you…crying?"

"Stop talking to me!"

"Stop crying"


Simon was trapped in the storm of his mind. The outside world seemed like a dream compared to this nightmare. Outside he felt his eyes squinting in annoyance, a tingling sensation that ghosted the mental image in his mind's body's movements. Simon could see between spirals of air and ice the outside world. Through the pieces of reality he could see Marceline. Her pale face was stained wet with tears and it had always taken a lot for his little girl to cry.


The two powerful, immortal beings stood at a standoff eyes locked and narrowed. Neither moved nor spoke at first. What was there to say? Marceline's shoulders shook as she fought her tears. Really, she hated crying but it had been building inside of her, filling her body till the dam finally burst. And now she just couldn't stop crying. Tears streaked her cheeks, warm and filled with remorse.

"Let him go" her voice was shaken, out of character. "Just let him go, he doesn't deserve this junk. You're such a monsterjerk"

The creature inhabiting her father figure's body leaned to one side, rested his hand on his hip and chuckled. Covering his mouth with a lightly balled fist he muffled a few incoherent phrases. Marceline caught something about her not understanding. Whatever it was he found it utterly amusing. Ice King blinked, breaking the eye contact they shared. He turned his head to the side and upturned his nose.

"A monster calling out a monster", his cackling voice respond coldly. "I should rough you up a bit too, little girl. You're not so much better than me to stand there and judge with those demon eyes"


Simon fell into the bitter pile of snowflakes, which was less soft then it appeared. He clambered through it, snow flying everywhere, clinging to the tattered clothes covering his numbing body as he rose. The snow beneath his bare feet bit into his flesh as the powers of the crown rejected granting him amnesty from the cold. Coughing Simon forced step after step towards what he felt was the center of his mind. If he got there he could face the demons. That was his theory at least.

But when he looked at the journey ahead he felt hopeless.

For miles he saw only white, an endless desert of snow. And it chilled his bones knowing that this was his prison. Theoretically speaking he was only a memory now and could be buried for good, frozen and never again allowed to see the light of day. He'd never see his little girl again. Marceline was on his mind, the force driving his old bones forward.

He would become unlost somehow and find his consciousness. But the wind and ice and snow was everywhere, watching his every move. It was trying his best to bury him. He climbed out, would climb out of the grave as many times as he had to. The people of Ooo were going to suffer if that monster went through with his madman antics.

And Marceline…she won't go along with any of that. Simon shook his head feeling the frustration and anger boiling in the entity's aura. It wanted to hurt her, his little Marci. If he could do one thing till he breached the surface Simon would keep her safe.

"You will not…hurt…her…" he growled as he stepped heavily. "You…will…not…hurt her…"


Ice King faltered, touched his temple in a quick wince. There was a voice in his head, calm and constant. As it repeated he found his magic flickering. The blue aura around his hands wisped into clear smoke. He found himself shaking the last of it off. Some bonds were too strong to break.

"Stop crying", this time he spoke harshly, demanding that she stop. "Stop!"

"Shut up!" Marceline screamed, standing tall and stomping her foot defiantly. "I'll cry if I want to you jerk! What are you going to do about it!?"

"I'm going to make you stop"

His voice was cold. Marceline swayed in the wind surrounding the candy lab. She backed away from him with clawed hands. He threw his arm forward and she crossed her arms in defense. Slushy ice threw her back but by the disgruntled noise that escaped him, Marceline guessed that was not what he wanted. Ice King swung his arms in a large precise circle and the slush swirled around Marceline lifting her off the ground and entrapping her body up to her pale elbows in ice.

Thrashing back and forth she tried to free herself but had little leverage to do so. Her long ebony hair fell wildly over her face and cascaded down the icicle in thick stiff tendrils. Walking up to her the Ice King sneered. As he reached out and gently combed his fingers through the ends of her well kept hair. A single thought consumed him as he breathed in the scent of her midnight glory shampoo and that was to, keep her safe, care for her, and stop the tears.

See her smile.

Hear her laugh.

Make her happy.

"Ice King's going to make everything okay again", he said softly, petting her hair. "I'm going to give you the world", his voice shook, a crazed grin spreading like fire. "And then you'll smile for me…we can smile together my queen"

"What are you babbling about?" Marceline grumbled as she bent this way and that way to get herself free, but to no avail she remained trapped. "Just…let me go"

The softness of her tone overthrew his defenses for a moment. Those red demon eyes of hers pleaded with him to reconsider. And for a moment a warm feeling washed over him. Ice King considered letting her go on her way but then he thought, what would happen to her? She would be out there while the world was falling apart, getting herself into danger. A cold chill brought the king of ice and snow back to his senses.

"Never", Ice King whispered darkly. "I will never let you go"

Slowly Ice King raised his hand and spread his elongated, bony clawed fingers. He pursed his lips and blew. The wind swirled around Marceline's entrapment, blowing her long black hair upward. Ice spread up her arms, creeping over her ghost white face like jagged hands smothering her.

"Simon!? What are you doing?" she sputtered angrily, fearfully. "Stop! Sim-"

The ice that held Marceline linked the floor and ceiling. It was masterful, his best work yet. But deep down Ice King knew he couldn't keep her this way, not like Bubblegum. Marceline could tolerate him if he played his cards right, she would even stay by his side. Simon was that special to her.

Grinning sharply Ice King twisted the ends of his snow white hair, brought a piece to his mouth and sucked on it. He found himself musing on the future, how grand it would be. This time he would build his kingdom as he intended. There would be no time wasted gathering princesses or fighting heroes. It would be an easy war.

"Name's Ice King Sweetheart", he mused as the hair in his mouth fell back into place wet and sticking to his neck. "Now you take a timeout for making me feel things. I'll let you out when I get back"

As Ice King strolled past Marceline he reached up and tapped the ice encasing her body. It was a light, playful tap. He cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders while skipping over the fallen bodies of the heroes of Ooo. He'd deal with them when he returned. Looking over his shoulder he enjoyed his handiwork. A little tune popped into his head and he couldn't help himself.

He began to sing a song as he strolled out of the candy lab and made his way to the unsuspecting citizens above. The tune itself was quite merry but the lyrics held a less jovial meaning. A telling of what was to come.

And this world

It will be mine

For a thooooooousand years time

Every day a penny paid for eeeeeeentrapment

And time wasted

Simon Peeeeeetrikoooov

This is your swan song

Your legacy is in a demon vampire girl

And she's going to help me rule the world

Oooooooh Marceline

Very soon you'll smile again

Ice King's crown will numb the pain

Ooooooo-Oooooof my

My frozen reign

((Author's note))

Started with a song and ended with a song. Um, well endings are hard. And I thought about continuing the story from here but decided i'd rather just make the next part it's own story. So...yeah! Woo I completed a story! But don't tell the other fandoms who have been waiting, okay?

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