How it started:

It starts off in the clearing scene from the Breaking Dawn book. Since I know not everyone loved the fact Jacob imprints on little Renesmee, I decided to write my version of Breaking Dawn where Jacob finds a girl like him and is not a vampire or a human or a lot younger than him.

Basically this story is for anyone who loves Twilight in general. Either you're Team Edward (Like me XD) or Team Jacob this is for you well unless you believe Jacob doesn't deserve a happy ending, that is.

*Cher Swan*

From hanging in the tallest tree of Forks, Washington's forest, I saw the Cullens and their witnesses on the North side of the clearing and I saw the Volturi leaders and their witnesses on the South side. And it looked like they were getting ready to battle each other. I jumped down onto a closer tree top to see what was going on, and then I saw a woman with rich dark brown hair with tints of red that flowed down to her waist with a heart-shaped face then I knew that this is my sister Bella.

But why is she here in this clearing with vampires and werewolves?

But then I noticed her eyes they were not chocolate brown eyes they were deep crimson red. Which only meant one thing, that vial beast of that goes by the name of Edward Cullen has turned my sister Isabella Swan into a vampire before her full transformation of the werewolf was complete.

Before I could even think again, I was on the ground walking towards the Cullens and the Volturi; I walked until I was directly between the two sides staring at the Cullens. But not just any Cullen, I was staring at Edward Cullen. If I could see my face right now, I would have the face of disgust.

"What is this?" The black haired elder said.

"Aro, we do not know her, she just appeared from the trees." The blonde Cullen leader said, gesturing towards me.

I felt an evil grin spread across my face, and then I heard Aro tell the closet vampire guard to kill me quickly so he may kill the Cullens.

I went on instinct, my back facing the Volturi but I could feel the vampire guard coming up behind me but I did not react immediately, I waited.


I back flipped turning into my dark gray fur while baring my fangs at the vampire the last he saw was my fangs sinking into his neck. I beheaded the vampire in less than three minutes.

I turned back to my human form and looked at everyone's face. Some shock, some surprised, some even looked scared; good. Then I looked at the Quileute's second in command; I believe his name is to be Jacob Black. He was different. It's like Jacob and I have a connection of some sort. I looked directly into his deep brown eyes and I did not see shock, surprise or scared. I saw what looked like love or passion.

I turned my back to him to look at Edward Cullen. But then I noticed a little girl, with Edward's bronzed hair and father's curly wild hair but then I saw her eyes; they were like Bella's human eyes the rich chocolate brown but Edward's face structure. I then knew that this is Renesmee Carlie Cullen, the half human half vampire hybrid I read about in the vampire history.

"You must be little Renesmee?" I bent down so I was balancing on the balls of my feet to be face to face with her.

"Yes, I am" She whispered but I can tell she was afraid of me by how she tried to get closer to her parents.

"Don't worry; I'm not here to hurt you or your family and friends." I whispered and pat her on the head gently but as I did I heard a growl coming from Edward.

I stood up and stood in front of Edward. I don't know what this mind-reader got from my head but I know he didn't like it for some reason because he whispered very quietly that not even Bella noticed.

"Don't tell Bella" and his eyes turned pitch black.

"What are you gonna do? Kill me I don't think so and besides I'm too quick for you. In case you missed it I beheaded a vampire in less than three minutes. Let's see you and me go at it. See what happens." I spit at him, he must have found out that I'm Bella's sister, big whoop.

"Damn Eddie, that sounds like a challenge" The big muscular vampire of the Cullens said while smacking Edward on the back.

"Did you forgot where were at? Pay attention." The blonde leader of the Cullens said.

"Sorry, Carlisle" Edward focused to their rival

"Who are you?" Carlisle turned to face me.

"Oh, Sorry I'm Cher Swan; Bella's sister" I said smiling at Edward

"Sister?" Bella snapped in to focus and looked at me.

"We'll talk about it later, sis" I looked over to the Volturi to see their faces were full of anger

"Oh, I'm sorry Aro. Did you like that vampire? My bad." While laughing.

I walked towards the Volturi but I was stopped by Carlisle and Esme.

"Don't get too close, their quite powerful" Esme put her hand on my shoulder.

"I got this" I walked further into the clearing to stand in the middle.

I decided to show these vampires what I'm made of. Behaved or not. So why not just make Aro and his butt buddies look like fools.

"Sup Volturi" I extended my claws. I bent down so my hand reached the nice cold snow on the ground.

"What is this sup?" The blonde elder said in disgust.

"Oh right, my bad you guys are ancient you wouldn't understand my 'language.' Let me start over."

I smiled and decided to become more rude.

"Hello your royal hiney. I am Cher Swan and I am a werewolf. But don't get your panties in a twist, as you can tell I'm like the Quileutes. So Rawr."

As I said that I made a swipe with my claws like a cat and a feather, to look fierce. Too much to my surprise, it worked.

"What is your purpose here?" The blonde vampire said angrily.

"Caius" Aro said waving him down.

"I smelled a big dose of vampire and thought I'd check it out, but it turns out. I actually smelled trouble, which I love."

Crossing my arms over my chest to seem funny but serious.

"Leave now and we'll leave Bella and her family alone" Caius said with a small smirk staining his lips.

If any of them knew better, you should never lie to a werewolf especially if she's skilled in fighting and is much quicker than the average vampire or werewolf.

"You really think I'll leave with you telling me that. That's like a doctor saying a shot won't hurt you but it does and I know Carlisle agrees with me on this"

I turned to Carlisle to see him nod in agreement.

"So be it, you will die with them, a lone wolf as I presume you are" Aro grinned.

I started to laugh hard enough I started crying.

"You really think an alpha would leave the pack, especially if she is a female alpha. You know nothing of werewolves, so I suggest you shut up; bloodsucker" I was not happy that he had lack of nothing of my kind.

I looked to my left to see my pack of fifteen beautiful males and females emerging from the trees. They were not happy. They walked towards me so they stood directly behind me.

"This my pack, the Inferno pack. The biggest fighting pack in existence. Our pack legends go back farther than the Quileutes. As you can tell my pack is made up of mostly females, the more females we have the stronger the pack, because trust me you don't want to piss off a female wolf or werewolf. So I strongly suggest you leave, this can get ugly. There are more than fifteen wolves in my pack, so scat."

I spit at them through my teeth, I can feel my canines folding down.

"Brother. You know we can't win this, we should go while we have a chance" said the third elder.

"We shall leave but let us make a challenge" Aro sternly said with a smile creeping up on his face.

"What kind of challenge?" I hissed through my teeth

"You see my brothers and I have been on this earth longer than any of you combined. But it is true vampires get bored, over the decades we found something we quite enjoy. The arts. You know the basics; singing, song writing, theater, musicians, painting. The works as you would put it" Aro said

"What are you getting at? Are you trying to tell us you're a singing pansy" I laughed but I also heard Emmett's booming laugh and some chuckles now and then.

Aro took a deep unnecessary breath but continued. "We challenge you to a competition! A competition of the arts. Each of you must perform something or you will be forced to. If we win you're all dead but if you win we will free your friends and leave the Cullens and their friends alone"

I smiled my wicked grin at them.


"We'll give you a year to prepare" Caius hissed.

"Shall we go home?" The third elder asked

"Let's" Caius agreed

"We shall see you soon, little Cher" Aro said

With that said he turned and they all vanished into the forest towards Volterra.

End of Chapter one