Chapter 12

A couple of days have passed since we visited Undertaker's undertaking establishment. Both Madam Red and Lau returned after finished having a small discussion of infiltrating Viscount Druitt's party. I found myself with nothing to do once more; one would be glad to have this type of moment, but as of now, not me.

I've been spending my time lately in the library and the recreation room, where I've been studying, reading or playing games to pass the time. Ciel and the rest of the household were occupied with their own respectable tasks, leaving me alone and… taskless. However, Rei has been a dear and has been entertaining me as much as he could during this. As I was making my way to the library, I was greeted with Madam Red's ever so cheerful greeting along with Lau and Grell following behind her. "Good evening my dear! It's certainly nice to see you again!" She hugged me and smiled gleefully.

Madam Red was dressed rather fancily tonight. She was wearing an exquisite scarlet red dress and Lau was wearing a tuxedo. I had never anticipated to see him wearing a tuxedo as I've been accustomed seeing him in his Chinese outfits. There was numerous of big luggages right next to Grelle; curious, I pointed at it and asked. "That suitcase looks awfully heavy... and full. What have you got there Madam Red…?"

"It's all the stuff that I brought especially for tonight" she replied whilst giving me a bright smile. I gasped in surprise, not expecting her to bring such a large amount of stuff for our disguise. "Whilst we're on this topic…" She grabbed one of the suitcases and passed it on to Sebastian. "Here are Ciel and Rei's outfits. You're in charge of preparing them. I'll be helping Rui to get ready. Now… off you go." she passed him two suitcases and shooed him away.

"But I- "Rei moaned

"Go and get ready with Sebastian and Ciel." She sighed and pushed him away to Sebastian. He hesitated, but knowing that he wouldn't win against Madam Red, he bowed and followed the Earl's butler.

She turned to me with sparkling eyes. "I have just the perfect dress for you Rui! I bet you will look adorable in it" She chirped, grabbing my hand and dragged me to an empty room. She opened the suitcase and pulled out something out. Smiling, she held it to show me. As soon as it caught my eye, I knew it would highlight my posture - with that delicate curve at the hips and sparkling pearls on the sides, looking as if they came just from the azure sea. The V shaped cut is slightly embarrassing, but I know I will look affable in it.

I cannot comment on her choice, it was flawless, the colour, the shape, the patterns. I knew I would look like a moving wave when walking, which might be slightly radical, and slightly amazing. Small reflective tiles would create me a living highlight at the ball, I am not sure I would love that sort of attention. As she brings it closer, I note the tenderly crafted florine shapes. The white chemisette shaped my body perfectly without much discomfort, it was a modernised substitute of the corset or that's what Madam Red said anyway. I knew not much about the time period, but I accepted it anyway.

A flawless ribbon was tied to my back and I stood in front of my reflection. I was searching for words, but I was short of them, only one played a note in my head- "beautiful", and I felt slightly selfish when thinking about myself in that way.

As she helped me dressed, she then passed a pair of opera gloves, black in colour, reaching past my elbow, they seemed to make my hands smaller and more delicate, I almost felt like a lady.

"You look stunning darling! How I wish I had a daughter like you..." she took a step back and looked at me, I spin around for the effect. I note the fading light in her eyes as she reminisces something, probably the said daughter. She blinked few times, regaining her usual composure. "But never mind that. ... What do you think? Do you like it...?" She asked.

"I..." I was rendered speechless. Words could not describe how much I adore this dress. "Like it..? Honestly, I love it." I said, for once smiling with all my heart.

She smiled brightly and pushed me down onto a chair. "I'm glad that you liked it. Now, I'll do you hair. Go and get seated. As instructed, I sat on a chair and waited until she had finished it. A few twist and curls later, she fixed my hair into place and it was done.

"The others should be ready by now. Let's go and meet up with them." She said, taking my hand once again and dragging me back to the front hall where Lau and Grell stood. We walked further along so that we were standing right beside them. "What a shame… It really is the last day of the social season" she lets out a long sigh and whined.

Lau looked at us and smiled, crossing his hands over his chest. "Well… it will make tonight more enjoyable than ever then." Madam Red was conversing with Lau whilst waiting for the others to arrive.

"Don't you dare mess around. If he suspects anything, then it's all over. Keep in mind that we're not here to play. Don't let your guard down." He hissed harshly from the shadows of the hallway. He stepped forward, revealing his complete outfit.

A voice none other than Rei followed after "Yes, of course Ciel". He walked in just after Ciel and Sebastian. He seemed uninterested with Ciel's banter. Instead, he was occupying himself by buttoning his sleeves. My eyes widened in surprise seeing him in a totally different outfit and all. He was wearing a black suit, and a lacy ascot tie accompanied by a brooch and white gloves.

The others' attention was focused at the prideful Ciel Phantomhive who was wearing a pink, frilly dress. Madam Red leaped and hugged him.

" .! Super cute!" she squealed, swinging him around.

"Let go of me! Why do I have to be dressed like this?!" Ciel complained, shouting at the top of his lung.

"Oh my… A lady shouldn't behave with such manner…" Sebastian said mockingly, stepping forward to reveal his disguise.

"Right!" Madam Red declared, priding herself in her victory and preparation. "I see that everyone is ready. You all look wonderful! Now to reveal the roles you will play…"


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