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As soon as his feet touched the carpeted floor, his senses were assaulted by the smell of recently baked gingerbread cookies, toys' unnerving sounds, the blinding shine of the Christmas lights. Pitch looked his surroundings between awe and annoyance. He had never seen the quarters of the Christmas spirit whit detail.

"You are finally here! We thought you lost in the shadows." said a booming voice, startling Pitch out of his skin. He was soon hit by North's hand as he patted Pitch's back gingerly.

"Wish it had happened." growled a thicken Australian voice, followed by a sharp yelp and a giggle. Rubbing his abused back, Pitch turned to see with bemusement Bunny running as carefully as he was his furry head. Jack giggled as Tooth looked smug. Sandy just shook his head.

"Be respectful with Pitch, Bunny." admonished North smiling. Bunny only grumbled. "How about we move to the living room?" everyone nodded and started walking as they talked quite lively, much to Pitch's puzzlement. He found it weird for them to be this comfortable (except for Bunnymund, that is) around him. He had tried to destroy them just hours ago, for pity's sake!

"It's something wrong?" asked Jack, his feet not touching the floor. Pitch surprisingly answered;

"It's just I found it rather… odd that you are completely fine with this. Blimey, I thought you would kill me anyways." he explained, his British accent rolling off his tongue. Jack pondered for a moment and then smiled.

"It's not like we are all 'okey-dokey' but we understand, well almost all of us," he said after an afterthought "your situation and try to help. I'm sorry I had acted like that earlier, I of all people should have understood what you said, after all, I was like you. Not that you are like that too anymore."

Pitch felt warmth embrace him. He looked at Jack, emotions swirling on his mind. Because yes, unlike popular belief that he was an emotionless, cold-hearted bastard, he DID had emotions, the thing was he didn't accepted them.

"Thank you." he choked. He immediately berated himself. 'You are not a crybaby!'

"What for?" Jack asked, taken aback.

"For accepting." he whispered. Jack glanced him for a moment, making him walk uncomfortably, an then chuckled heartily.

"Don't even think about it. Y'know, I think we could be really good friends." he said and stretched his hand invitingly. Pitch looked at the hand with hope, not wanting to make a wrong move and destroy that moment. Hand slightly trembling, he grabbed Jack's and smiled.

"I really hope so." he said truthfully. Golden eyes looked at them with big pride and approval. Sandy pried his eyes off of them and then resumed his conversation with North. When they reached the doors of the loving room, the aroma of the hot chocolate filled their noses. North patted his big belly and sat in a chair near the fireplace, rubbing his arms for warmth. Everyone took seat and took a mug of the brown goodness, except Jack, who had a huge bowl with chocolate ice cream with Smarties.

"Now that everyone is comfortable, it's time to get serious." North said and everyone looked at each other. "We have to discuss about Pitch's duty and the relationship he has with Sophie." as soon as the white- beard man spoke, Pitch's mind travelled where Sophie was, in her big room fast asleep. His fingertips itched and he crossed his legs attempting to be more comfortable. He wanted to be with his kid with so much force.

"It's obvious that you can't change your essence and you duty, but there must be a way of making the process a little lighter for the children." said Jack, scooping a large amount of ice cream in his spoon. Pitch nodded.

"As for that… yes, I've thought about it. I suppose I could make the nightmares less heavy for the kids." he said, frowning. "But I don't have idea how could that affect me." seeing the confused faces of the guardians he explained himself. "Like the happiness and the belief on the kids make you all strong, their fear makes me have a somewhat good condition, because as less kids believe in me now…" he said. The guardians had the decency to look ashamed.

"This is complicated." Said Tooth, a pensive look on her face. "We can't make Pitch make his nightmares less scary, or he would be in troubles. Sandy," addressed the fairy to the little man "couldn't you and Pitch talk to- I don't know- take turns with the kids, you know to compensate?" she asked. North raised his eyebrows, curious.

Sandy pondered for a moment. Then he looked at Pitch and nodded, smiling. The corners of Pitch's mouth turned upwards ever so slightly

"Excellent! Now, about Sophie…" Bunny growled, and Tooth smacked the back of his head.

"E. Aster Bunnymund! You stop this behavior right now! Nobody wants you to be ecstatic with this, but try to collaborate a little more! I've heard you complain about Pitch the entire ride in the sleight. He's saying he will try to change, right?" Tooth had two big red shadows in her cheeks and fire in her eyes. The others recoiled a little in their sits. Pitch nodded a little wary of the fairy. He felt a little better when she defended him. Bunny only nodded a blush over his furry cheeks.

Figures started to appear above Sandy's head fast while he moved his hands everywhere. Pitch found it kind of cute. North nodded while Tooth beamed. The other two guardians were talking between them, or Jack was beating some sense in Bunny's thick skull.

"What does Sanderson mean by 'taking residency here'?!" exclaimed Pitch totally taken aback. No! He meant, yeah he'd be a better spirit and all, but living in the North Pole with the Guardians?! Out of the question.

"Think about it, Pitch. We could help you adjust to this important change, and have time to know you!" said Jack, excited.

"I…" he was at a loss of words. North stood and place a hand over his shoulder.

"You don't have to decide this now. This has been a long day for you. Why don't you rest in one of the guest room. Tomorrow you can talk to Sandy, visit Sophie and I can give you a tour of the factory." He suggested. Pitch half-smiled, grateful. North boomed a laughed and patted the spirit's back.

"Guardians, I think it's time for us to rest." All of them nodded. They stood and parted to their homes. Pitch followed North mutely and was surprised it was a very dark room, just like his lair. "Goodnight Pitch" the elder spirit said as he closed the door.

Feeling tiredness in his bones, he dragged himself to the wonderfully soft bed. He was out as soon as he covered himself with the thick covers. One thought stayed in his mind.

'I'm finally being accepted.'

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