Hi everyone! This is a little chain of oneshots I've started. I'll be making some up, and if you want, you can send in Oc's and I 'll make you one too! This is basically to cure my writers block and get my creative juices flowing. Enjoy!

BelieversNeverDie18's: Brooke.

Study Session:

A low C? Really? I have A's in all my other classes. Doesn't that give me any advantage? I seriously need to invest in a tutor. I work my way through the cafeteria not paying attention to where I'm going. And...Oops! There goes clumsy ol' Brooke knocking herself over. The guy that I bumped into didn't even move. Dammit.

"Oh My gosh! I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going! I didn't mean to- Oh. Well I was sorry." I spat looking at him.

He smiled smugly at me. Logan Mitchell. Seventeen year old hockey player. Hockey jock. Absolute god to my idiotic friends. Grade A douche. I hate this boy with a burning passion. He smiled that crooked arrogant grin at me. I didn't resist the urge to roll my eyes. He shoved his hands into his teal varsity jacket cocking his head slightly. His black skinny jean contrasted against the bold color. Black and white chucks adorned his feet, as he looked down at me.

"Damn, baby. I know girls are literally throwing themselves at me but I didn't know you were that desperate." He flirted.

And not in that, 'I have a crush on you and I think your really cool way, I'm totally just messing with you' way either. In that taunting, 'I'm picking on you cause I don't like you' way I glare harshly at him as other students chuckle. I quickly struggled to my feet, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Oh please! Dream on Lo-gay. You'd definitely bottom, I mean everyone knows your just looking a guy to whore yourself out to," I smirk in return.

The cafeteria erupts in laughter at the red faced, jerk. I flip my hair, smiling smugly as I strut to my table. Logan stomps to his too.

"Dang B! I swear you have balls of steel." Chloe, my best friend, giggles.

"Um, physically impossible!" Max cuts in. "But I'm pretty sure Logan does give her: The Clit Of Steel." He laughs. Logan's table, the jocks laugh at that statement. Mind your on, meatheads!

"Max!" Us girls gasp. He laugh harder. Chloe and I hit him.

"Ow!" He complains. Me, Chloe, and my other friend Destiny all stand up linking arms. I blow raspberries at Max as we walk away. Jerk.

Logan's POV:

I can't believe that stupid bitch went there. She'll be sorry. Ghetto ass, hoe.

"The nerve of some of these bitches." Kendall mutters.

"I know right? Bitch betta recognize she can't talk to people like me that way."

The other guys and girls laugh and continue lunch. Slutty bitch...


Brooke's POV:

Hey bitch! Do you really,really,really wanna go hard?

Sneak in the crib, steal your step fathers credit card.

In the car do circles in the parking lot.

Scream at the top of my lung like, La la la!

I sing along with Kreayshawn. I'm jogging to work. I volunteer at the local ice rink. I increase my pace knowing that I only have a few hours before my class arrives, and I want to get my ice legs. I teach kids that have mental illnesses how to skate. I think it's really cool that they can go to school and say, 'Oh hey I know how to do that to', or 'Yeah my other friends and I go and do that,'. Chloe and Destiny teach them cheerleading.

I burst through the door of the inside rink. I'm all sweaty so I should probably go change. Sweat and ice do not mix. I make my way to the locker room, waving at some of the employees. Entering the locker room, I see a flurry of brown hair but ignore it.

It's probably just another one of the employees. For a moment I stand there and think about it. I'm the only one hear with brown hair. Everyone else has blonde, red, black, or some other odd color. I shiver as I think of Anastasia's creepy green hair. Curiosity get's the better of me and I peer cautiously around the corner.

This is a sight I'll never forget. I whip out my iPhone and snap a picture. This is priceless. I pull away looking at the results. On my camera is a picture of Logan decked out in complete nerd gear.

A way over sized brown,green, and tan sweater vest adorns his frame as he scribbles furiously into his note book. Tan corduroys hang low on his hips. And lastly beat-up converse replaced the fresh, clean new ones he had worn earlier. He starts to mumble, so I press record.

"Ha! The trajectory of this angle is all off! Her trig skills are sad. That garden would never fit!" He says loud enough for me to hear and record.

I notice that he left his hair down and let his hair fall into his eyes. He gives a crooked smile and he actually looks kind of... sweet. That all American boy next door smile was a killer. What am I thinking?! No! You do not find Logan cute and or attractive. But he is hot... No! Brooke Natalia Chandler, get yourself together! In my haste to snap myself out of that stupor I end up knocking a whole crate of dirty clothes on top of Logan.

"Ahh!" He shrieks like a girl. I giggle loudly and he his head snap up in my direction. I press stop on my camera, so I don't record anymore. His eyes land on me, than my phone.

"Oh hell no!" He says.

"Uh well I was just- and then I was gonna- so you see- what had happened was, right?" I trail off trying to stall long enough for a running head start.

Logan begins to stalk towards me. I let out a nervous giggle, and stay in place. Logan breaks out in a run and so do I. I push other crates down behind me trying to create as much distance between us as possible. He jumps over them like hurdles and wraps his arms around my waist. I struggle and wiggle under the strength of a teenage boy.

Realizing that I won't stop moving, Logan pushes me into a laying position and straddles me pinning my wrist down. I battle his strength futilely, trying to escape the grips of evil itself. I finally relax and stop moving staring into his burning eyes with hatred.

"Let me go, dick-wad!" I squeal trying to somehow gain the upper hand.

"No can do, princess. And don't you dare even dream about showing someone what you just saw, So help me god I will fuck you up bitch and-" I knee him in the balls and flip us over, so that I'm on top. He groans loudly.

"And what are you gonna do, NerdHerd? Throw a pencil at me? I can show anyone I want Bi-och," I smirk. He grabs my hips and pins me under him once again. He glares at me for a few minutes, and then says the lamest thing ever.

"I will pee on everything you love." He mumbled out. I laugh.

"Just admit it, Loser! I finally have the power. And the proof. So come Monday, you'll be the schools biggest joke." I smirk. I pin him under me again, before climbing off the futile being.

"Wait!" He call after me. I turn around placing a hand on my hips.

"What?" I hiss.

"I will do anything!" He begs. For a second, I thought I saw tears in his eyes. The wheels start churning in my head.

'Smarticle nerd, willing to do anything + Low C in math = Free Tutor! Woohoo! '

"You tutor me in math. For free." I state clearly.

"Please hoe, I'm smart not a magician. Besides, I don't teach retards."

"Okay," I grab my phone and select the video. I press the 'send to All Contacts' button and show it to Logan.

"Five... Four...Three... Tw-"

"Fine, fine, fine!" He screeches. I press the home button.

"I have a class to teach. You will wait in the bleachers and my brother will pick us up later." I say. I flip my hair and just like that, I'm gone.

~`~`~Whoa Whoa Whoa Oh! THE RING DIDN'T MEAN A THING!~`~`~

BEEP, BEEP! My brother honks the horn. I slip my jacket on and wave Logan down from the bleachers. He stomps down the steps, pouting like a little boy. I can't help but to admit, it's kinda cute. He's changed from his nerd attire back to his normal look. We climb into my brothers car with smiles.

"Hi, Ry!" I sing. He gives me his subtle, 'the fuck is this nigga' face and I laugh.

"Ryan this is Logan. He's a friend, and he's gonna help me with my homework." I smile.

"Sup bro?" My brother says. Logan responds in weird guy language, and they both laugh. I'm so confuzzled! Twenty minutes later were pulling up to our cozy little home. Logan get's out and looks around while I lean down to talk to my brother.

"Okay," He whispers. "If he puts his hands on you, what do you do?"

"Kick him in the balls, yell rape, and run out the house." I respond.

"Right. Mom wants me to do some painting and heavy lifting. I also have the graveyard shift at the firehouse, so you won't see me for a couple days." He sighs out.

"Okay," I respond.

"Alright, gimme kiss." He orders. I lean in and kiss his cheek.

"Love ya little sis! Nice meeting ya Logan." He yells out. I roll my eyes and sashay to the front door. I turn the key in the lock and open the door. The house represents the both of us very well. It's got the playful side of the both of us, yet maturity is in there somewhere. I grab two soda's and shake his up.

"Here," I say handing him his. He stares for a few moments.

"You shook mine up. And you knew that I would think that and say that yours wasn't shaken up. Then I would thing again and decide yours is shaken up before going to drink mine. Than the process would repeat." He analyzes. I stare at him.


He rolls his eyes and grabs the one I gave him. He opens it up and It sprays all over his face and shirt.

"I hate you..." I cackle handing him a paper towel. His body is sticky with root beer. He slowly peels his shirt off and rings it out over the sink. I can feel a heavy blush on my face. I can't help but to conceal a look. Six pack. Nice.

"I'll grab you one of Ryan's shirts and put yours in the wash." I grab his shirt and make my way to the laundry room.

I exchange his shirt for one of Ryan's. I saunter back into the room and throw him the shirt. He slowly tugs it over his head. The black wife beater contrast against Logan's pale skin, giving him a glow. A godly glow. I grab my backpack and tell Logan to follow me. I sit down on my bed and Logan follows.

It's kinda hot in here so I take off my sweater, revealing my extremely low scoop tank top. I lean over slightly setting out my books in front of me. I glance up quickly to see Logan's eyes directly staring down my shirt. I keep my head down, but watch him through my eyelashes. He doesn't know that I'm watching him. I lean down a little more and shake them slightly. He bites his lip and looks away. Well damn.


After hours of math I can proudly say, I can do addition! LOL! I'm starting to understand trig better! Logan is actually kind of cool. He's really funny and we've been semi-getting along. Except when he gets frustrated. Right now, we are sitting in the kitchen making sandwiches and playing twenty questions.

"Okay my turn," Logan laughs.

"Why do you hang out with those losers? I mean with a little work you could be sitting at my table." Logan bites into his sandwich.

"Excuse me? Those 'nerds' are my friends! And why do you hang out with the plastics, huh? Your smart, you should be hanging with people on your level." I glare back. I don't mean to be a brat but my friends have stuck by me through everything. Even my time of month when I become, Super Bitch!

"God, you don't have to be such a bitch about it. If you can dish it but can't take it, then this'll never work out." He glares.

"Well maybe if you weren't such an incompetent BASTARD, we would get along-"

"And maybe if you weren't Miss Malibu Bitch we wouldn't have a problem-" We get into a yelling fest and I'm not sure about half the stuff I said. Logan yells something along the lines of,

"God I understand why I've hated you for so long!" I roll my eyes and look down as he goes off into yet another yelling rant. My eyes land on his rather tight skinny jeans. He's sporting a huge bulge. My yelling... turned him on? Hmm...

"Whatever, Logan! Just fuckin' drop it," I cut him off yelling as loud as I can, experimentally swearing. I'm not mad anymore just... curious. He bites his lip and the bulge grows impossibly bigger. I flip my hair out of my face and direct my line of sight to his intense gaze. We stare into the others eyes and something snaps.

"Besides, you can't possibly hate me with how hard your dick is!" I shout. Logan's eyes get huge.

"You want me! You wanna fuck the hell out of me, because even though you won't admit it, You like me."

"You delirious bitch! You have no idea what your talking about!" Here we go again.

"Just admit it! You think I'm hot, and wanna do dirty things with me. That's okay Logan don't be embarrassed. You aren't the only guy." I smile evilly.

"Please, bitch! I can have any girl I want and you think I wanna fuck you? Pathetic ass, whore." Logan laughs darkly.

"Uh yeah. Why else would you torment me? Besides you don't have what I takes to fuck with a real women." I snarl. I turn and start to stalk back to my room, when a sharp voice interrupts my trek.

"Wait, what?" I roll my eyes and continue on. Arms wrap around my waist, and I'm suddenly back in the kitchen.

"You think I can't fuck you good?" Logan asks actually sounding offended.

"Is that not what I said?" I quip. I get my sharp wit from my mom.

Logan looks at me, sporting this calculating look that makes me uneasy. Logan steps forward avoiding my personal space.

"You have no idea what you just did."

Logan's arm wound tightly around me, as he pulls me into him. I look up just as Logan crashes his lips against mine. His kiss is rough and needy. He nips and bites at my bottom lip, forcing a moan out of me.

His tongue forces it's way into my mouth. He licks around my mouth and flicks his tongue every now and then, playing around. Getting a feel for what I like. His tongue brushes against a weak spot, and my knees buckle as I moan helplessly. Logan scoops me up bridal style and heads for my room.

He lays me down on my bed and crawls on top of me. Logan's rough yet soft hands lift my chin, exposing the tender skin of my neck. He sucks a piece of fleshy skin into his mouth. He nips harshly at my tanned skin causing me to let out an indignant cry. The soft wetness of Logan's tongue rolls over the spot, soothing the ache. He leads a trail of kisses up my neck and to my ear.

"God I want you so fuckin' bad! Your little bitch fit got me so hard..." He whispers menacingly. I let out a broken moan.

"Mmm. I wanna fuck that pretty little mouth. I'm gonna make you regret being such a whiny, little bitch." He hisses.

Logan's POV:

I honestly don't know what the fuck came over me. Brooke was being a little whore, and bitching at me, and she just looked so fuckable. I-I don't know. She was yelling and the way she screamed my name was just so slutty. She was screaming like a fuckin' bitch in heat! My dick got so incredibly hard when she swore too.

I could just see her, feel her, under me moaning and screaming my name, while I made her my own, shoving my dick in and out of her tight, little cunt.

"Logan. S-stop..." She begged softly. Holy fuck, I almost creamed myself!

"The fuck? Get off! I don't want this with you, fuckin' prick!" She screeches.

"Too bad. You were being a fuckin' whiny little bitch, and I'm giving you what you deserve. So shut up and take it."

I flip us over so she's on top and move my hands to her tank top. Useless little skimpy thing. And I'm not sure if I was talking about the shirt or Brooke. My hands reach the hem of her brothers black wife beater, pulling it over my head. Brooke glares at me running her fingers down my chest. She's such a tease.

Her pouty lips wrapped around my nipple biting roughly. I guess she was trying to hurt me, but it felt good.

"Mmm..." I moaned softly.

Her lips made a soft trail, ghosting over my skin. She dipped her tongue in and out my belly button. Her fingers tug the curly little hairs right above the v-shape, leading to my favorite appendage.

I bite my lip, tangling my fingers in her hair as she pops the button on my tight black skinny jeans. I raise my hips, letting her drag the material down my legs and off my body. She looks up at me and softly paws at the large tent in my boxers. I moan, a bit desperately.

"Don't tease," I order in a dangerously dark voice.

I can feel her hands trembling as she reaches for the hem of my boxers. She slowly pulls them down, revealing my body with purpose. Her eyes quadruple in size at the sight of my large, hard member. I laugh a little. Most girls look at nine inch cocks like that. Not to mention that it's at least two inches think.

Her innocence is so cute. She looks up at me biting her lip and tilting her head to the side. She looks so hot. Her lips tentatively wrap around the head of my cock. She flicks her tongue before shoving it inside the slit.

"Oh fuck, Brooke!" I groan out.

She pulls off and licks at the tip for a minute. Brooke wraps her tiny little hand around the base, and starts to pump it. Though I would never admit it, I had dreamed of this more times than once.

Brooke looking up at me with those deep hazel eyes. Her lips all kiss swollen. Her tits moving with every pump she gave me.

Her hand grips me tighter, squeezing the precum out of my shaft. Her thumb grazed over the tip of my cock spreading the moisture, and making her movements slick.

I once again tangle my hand into her long, dark, curly tresses. Soft pink lips once again cover the head of my cock, moving down deeper, and deeper. I slam my hips up smirking, as she gags slightly.

Even when her mouth is at full capacity, she continued down my engorged member. She fits my entire member into her mouth, still staring at me with those fiery hazel eyes.

God has she done this before? Her mouth is so warm and wet. Just how I imagined her pussy would feel. As she draws her head back and sucks up my shaft, I can't control the moan building up inside me.

Her tongue licks at the protruding veins, lapping and biting slightly. I pound my hips into her face again, moaning as the tip of my cock this the back of her throat.

Damn, does this girl have no gag reflex? The little whore, builds a steady rhythm,pulling my cock from in between her lips and pushing it back in.

You see, I'm not really a submissive person. So it shouldn't have taken Brooke by surprise when I grabbed hold of her hair, stopping her movements, and thrusting up into her mouth.

"Mmm, fuck yeah baby. Suck my fuckin' dick." I order her.

She responds, moaning around my cock. The vibrations it sent around me had my mouth salivating. Once again, has she done this before? Her hands are pulling and twisting my balls and that just feel sogood. And she moaning around me and God, I just wanna fuck the hell out of her. There a warm feeling bubbling in the pit of my tummy, and she just turns it hotter.

"F-f-fuck y-yeah! Your my dirty fuckin' c-cock-slut baby." I groan. It's like I have no control over my body as my hands go to the back of her head, forcing it down, while I thrust up.

"Mmm... I'm gonna cum, baby," I mumble out as my orgasm approaches.

"Uh, uh... Babe..." I can barely gasp out as my orgasm is right out of reach. She looks up at me and I can see this arrogant twinkle in her eyes. She's looking at me with this sexy stare and she's sucking me so hard that all I can think about is how this feels, sogood.

"Ah fuck! I'm cumming, baby! I'm cumming! Sogood!" I shakily moan out, as my body reaches it's climax.

My vision goes completely white and I can feel myself shaking violently. Cum spurts out of me, while Brooke moans, bobbing her head faster. This is the hardest I've came in a while. Those other bitches just don't do it for me. Brooke continues to suck on me, drawing out my orgasm, until I'm nothing but, a whimpering, shaking boy.

Brooke pulls of my cock and moves to straddle me. Her hand snakes down and pumps me, getting me worked up again.

"N-n-n-no. Still sore," I whimper out.

"I don't care." Brooke fires back. Listen bitch, I just came hard as fuck. I need a minute. I quickly come up with a plan of distraction and put it in gear.

Brooke's POV:

Logan flips us around again, so he's on top. Logan's hand reach around to my back and grasp my bra clasp. He unhooks it one handedly pulling it off my chest and flinging it to the side. Logan licks his lips, staring at the large mounds. I have relatively large boobs and getting this reaction from guys is pretty normal.

He dives in, tugging a nipple into his mouth, without hesitation. He swirls his tongue, nibbling on my hardening nipple. His other hand comes up to tweak and pull at the other, massaging my boob in his large hands.

"Mmm, Logan," I whisper softly.

Logan kisses down my flat tummy, coming to a stop above the top of my skirt. He takes the fabric in his hands, deftly pulling down the zipper and tugging it off. His eyes roam over my lacy red thong.

Upon further inspection, he smirks at the sight of the rather large wet spot in the skimpy article of clothing.

"My favorite color," He utters softly, before moving to take it off.

He drags the useless material down my slender, tanned legs. My legs bend at the knee so that my feet are flat against the bed. Logan spreads my thighs far apart, settling between them. He doesn't do much at first. Not to soothe my literally throbbing clit, or my soaked entrance. He nips and sucks at my inner thighs, teasing me until I'm whining. Whimpering and wailing pathetically. And finally he focuses on what I really want. Logan trials his tongue up and down the outside of my folds.

"Uh! Logan please," I plead.

"Please what, babe? What do you want me to do to you?" Logan asks feigning innocence, before once again licking at my folds.

"Fuck Logan just touch me. I n-n-need you," I pant, grinding my hip up into Logan's face.

"Good enough," He utters.

Logan takes his hand, spreading my folds, and blowing air over my clit. I squirm and Logan smirks. Okay he can be cocky later. Right now all that matters is him doing something to relieve the ache between my-

"Oh!" I squeak when Logan's tongue come in contact with my pulsing clit. He angles his head, and bites softly at my throbbing clit.

"Mmm! Oh fuck!" I squeal out. Logan's biting turns in to sucking.

My body writhes and wiggles, unable to hold still. The pleasure he's giving me is so intense that, I can't stay put. Logan gingerly throws my legs over his shoulders, as his sucking turns into teasing licks. Tiny pitiable sound escape my throat trying to tell him of my need. Logan pulls away before rubbing four long,thick fingers against my lips.

I immediately know what this mean, and open my mouth eagerly. I roll my moist tongue over his fingers, sloppily. Once he deems them wet enough, he removes them from my mouth, and guides them down to my entrance. I close my eyes moaning and gasping as he shoves all four in at the same time.

An incredibly painful burn spreads through my body. I shudder at the immense pain. This is definitely not my first time, but four at the same time really hurts.

"Uh, h-h-hurts," I whimper out.

"Aww poor baby. It hurt's?" Logan mocked. I gasp and nod.

"Then I don't know how you'll ever take my dick. It's a lot bigger than this." He sneered wickedly. I start to get used to the feeling and hesitantly shift my hips, taking Logan's fingers in deeper. They brush against something within me and I throw my head back crying out.

"Holy fuck! R-right there Logan. T-touch right there!" Logan smirks widely and with draw his fingers. Logan forcefully shoves his fingers back in, hitting my spot, dead on. I throw my head back and shudder. He removes a finger and rubs the three remaining against my sweet spot.

"Mmm... fuck, baby," My mind can't seem to register what's going on.

Logan flips us so that he's on the bottom, and I'm riding his face. Logan's fingertips rub over my spot harshly and I can't control myself anymore. I tangle my hands in his spiked locks and force his mouth on my clit. I can feel Logan smiling against me, as I moan and push my hips down. He wraps his soft, pink lips around my clit tugging and licking at it playfully.

"Oh, shit baby! So good. God, it feels so good!" I scream

My senses are going into overload. All I can think about is Logan. All I can feel is Logan. All I can see is Logan. His fingers hit my spot even harder. He's assaulting my g-spot so hard that I briefly ponder if it can be counted as abuse. This is the roughest a guy has ever been with me and I find it quite erotic.

"Oh! B-b-baby!" I moan. My finger grip the headboard of my bed tightly, as I start to rock my hips against Logan's face. I squeak out Logan's name whenever I muster up the strength. God this is making me so high.

Logan's fingers disappear from inside me and he roughly bites my clit, before sucking on it. Finally all my thoughts mash together and all I can think about is the abyss of pleasure that I'm drowning in.

"Nahh! Fuuuck, baby I'm cumming! Oh god! Baby... So good, feels so good!"

My hips ram into Logan's face as I jerk down and squirt. Logan continues to suck my clit, moaning against it as my cum runs down his chin and neck. I'm shaking from all the after shock as Logan gently lifts me off of him, and lays me down. I gently turn my head to look at him. His chin, neck, and chest, shine with the results of my orgasm. I look at his cock to see it's gotten hard again.

"Do you wanna fuck me?" I ask. Logan turns to look at me

"Can I?" I blush as I nod my head.

Logan leans in and attaches his lips to my own. I pull away and start to lick my cum off his chest. Tasting myself is really weird, but I do it because I know Logan thinks it's hot. I make a trail, licking my cum off his neck all the way to his chin. When his face is all clean I smash my lips against his. He flips me so were in doggy position. Logan grabs my hips and sneaks a glance at me.



Logan pushes in until the tip pops into me. I moan loudly. I can tell this'll be good. He slowly slinks into me, inch by inch. He bites his lip when he's in a far as he can go.

"Logan, this isn't my first time. You don't have to be so gentle." I smirk.

What I really wanted to say was, 'What do I look like to you? A baby? Come on Logan! Fuck the shit outta me!' but I kept it to myself. I look at him over my shoulder, raising an eyebrow. He looks slightly surprised. His shocked expression turns agitated. Oops. You probably shouldn't irritate a man that his cock inside you. He pushes the back of my shoulders, until my back is erect and I'm leveling my self on my knees.

Logan's POV:

"Logan, this isn't my first time. You don't have to be so gentle," Brooke smirks at me. I'm slightly taken back at her sudden confidence as she stares at me wide eyed and extremely 'innocent,'. God this girl can irritate the fuck out of me. Well okay Brooke. You don't want to be treated gently, then I guess you'll like what I'm about to do with you.

I push her down until her back is arched as far as it can go, and shes teetering back and forth on her knees. I grab her hips to steady her. I snatch my cock from deep within her depths before rolling it back in.

She let's out the sexiest noise I have ever heard. It was like a cross between a whimper and a moan. Whatever the fuck it was, turned me on even more. I pull out and push back in again, this time faster and rougher. I grab her wrist and twist them behind her back, holding her arms in place.


Her moans are so delicious that I have to do it again. And again. And again. I get a good rough, hard rhythm going, fucking her pretty little cunt.

"L-Logan. That feels so fuckin' good. H-harder," She gasps. As soon as the words are out of her mouth, I'm drilling into her snatch hard and fast. As you wish.

"Ah, Ahhh!" She can't seem to form coherent sentences, and just settles for screaming loudly. She wiggles and squirms frustratedly, not being able to control her arms or hands.

"It's okay. That feels nice doesn't it?" I ask, taking her mind off of the fact that she couldn't move her arms.

"Uh-huh!" She nods frantically.

"Mmm, your such a dirty whore for my cock aren't you, bitch?" I growl tugging roughly on her hair.

"Uhn! Yes pull my fuckin hair, baby! I'm a dirty little whore for your cock," She whined.

"You like that? You like being fucked hard, baby?" I spat, panting with every stroke. I give another tug at her hair. She moans desperately, pushing her hips back against mine.

A certain thrust has me hitting Brooke's sweet spot dead on. Her eyebrows scrunch together, and her mouth falls open as she let's out a futile cry.

"Oh god yes! Logan! Right t-t-there, b-babe," She shouts. Damn I love the way she screams my name. I lean down so I can whisper naughty things in her ear.

"Your mine now. I fuckin' own you, bitch," I have completely given up asking. Now this is about me taking what is rightfully mine.

"You fuckin' own me, daddy," She whimpers.

"Fuck yeah. Who's your daddy, baby?" Brooke is the first girl to call me this during sex and honestly, I find it hot as hell.



"Fuck Logan, your my daddy!" She yells. I can feel that she's about to cum, so I pull out, and place teasing kisses down her back.

"No! P-p-put it back!" She shrieks loudly. I rub the head up and down the inside of her folds. She shivers and whines.

"I don't know. Do you think you deserve it?" I murmur against her neck, where I place hot, passionate kisses.

"Please Logan," She whimpers as tears stream from behind her closed eyelids.

"Do you think you deserve to cum, babe? Tell me,"

"Yes baby, I deserve to cum. A-all o-over your big dick. Please baby. Make me cum for you." She begs, drunk off the lust I'm feeding her.

"Mkay babe," I flip Brooke onto her back, so I can see her when she cums.

I thrust roughly back into her, moaning out as I'm squeezed by her tight heat. Brooke's eyelashes gently fan over her cheeks as more tears, slip from her eyes at the amazing friction. Her lips opened wide in a silent scream. She is so beautiful. She looked like a goddess laying underneath me. Watching her reaction to just the feeling of me inside her, drove something inside me wild.

All I really want now is to make her cum. To make her cum so hard she won't have any left.

I grab her legs and wrap them around my waist. I pull out shoving in as hard and fast as I can. Brooke looks down to watch my member repeatedly disappear between her legs.

"So c-c-close, d-d-daddy," She stutters out.

"Mmm," I hum. I force my self to move faster, fucking her even harder than before. She let's out all these gorgeous little sounds, warning me of the strong orgasm heading full speed. Brooke's bed squeaks and hits the wall with every move we make. She throws her head back and let's out a loud sob.

"So good! Your dick feels so good!" She weeps loudly.

"Fuck, you bastard! I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming! Shit, baby!" She wails. She cums all over me, even harder than before. Her walls tighten around me as I continue to move. I pull out and shove back in perennially, until she's sobbing even louder than before.

"Mmm, Logan! I'm yours. You own me!" I move roughly through her swollen, throbbing pussy. I let her words sink in. I own her. This amazing girl belongs to me now. Before I can even think, I'm clenching the sheets in my hands roughly.

"Ah, so tight!" I groan.

"Cum for me, baby," She orders, cradling my face in her hands. I try to hold onto it, afraid that this may be the last time I get to do this with her.

"Come on, baby. Let it feel good." She leans in and starts sucking on my neck and I can't hold off anymore.

"Mmm! Fuck baby. I'm cumming, I'm cumming! Ooh baby, your pussy feels so fuckin' good!" I can't help but shout as I unload. I reached my second overload gasping as I black out. I haven't completely returned from oblivion when I hear an angelic voice whisper in my ear.

"It feels so fuckin' good baby? Mmm, cum inside me fill me up, daddy," She moaned as I paint her insides white.

"I love you,baby!" I exclaim quietly. I hope she doesn't hear it, but I really do love her.

She continued to moan and mumble dirty things in my ear. I could feel my body trembling. I pull out and collapse next to her. She leans up and kisses me passionately. As her hands rub down my sides I can feel something in that kiss. Love. Passion. Her lips glide against mine, and she giggles as she pulls away.

"Well I guess our friends should start getting used to us together, huh?" She asks. Together? Like, a couple? Brooke and I? That sounds … so perfect.

"Together?" I ask hesitantly.

"What? D'you think this was a one time thing or something?" She asks. I blush bashfully.

"If you don't want it then we don't have to but, I'd love to have you as my boyfriend."

"Well I'd love to have you as my girlfriend." I respond. She giggles cutely and leans up kissing me.

"So, when's our next study session?"