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3rd party P.O.V.

Zayn stormed out into the freezing cold, having no destination in mind, only running. Running away from his feelings, from himself, from him.

'Like I always do' he thought.

"Zayn…Zayn, stop… ZAYN TURN AROUND!"

The shrill voice behind him boomed and made Zayn shudder. He wasn't sure if it was from the cold or the fact that this was the last person he wanted to see.

He turned his head to see the mess of long sandy blond hair running towards him. Internally, he groaned, wanting to be alone right now

"Becca, what a pleasant surprise," Zayn said, his voice dripping in sarcasm.

"Yes, lets save the pleasantries Z, shall we," Becca replied snarkily.

"Sure. So, what do you want," Zayn asked, dropping the angry façade, not having the energy or the will to.

"What? Can't an ex of one of the most famous people in the world just randomly stop him in the middle of the street just to say 'What's up?' If that was wrong I am sorry."

Zayn couldn't help the smile that crept onto his lips at this. 'Same old Becca' he thought.

"Still annoying huh," Zayn asked.

"Still emotionally unavailable," she retorted.

Zayn only rolled his eyes and tried not to slap her across the face, because, well… a lot of reasons.

"So, Bec, are you seeing anyone?"

"YES! I've been waiting for you to ask that. His name is Jason, and he is amazing. Do you want to see a picture?"

Zayn barely had time to answer before Becca was pulling out his phone and scrolling through the many pictures.

"Here. Isn't he gorgeous?"

Zayn could only get out a breathy 'Yeah' as he gazed at the well… gorgeous boy on the phone. He had dark brown hair that fell just around his eyes, which were the brightest blue he'd ever seen. Like, brighter than Niall's. Intense. His skin had slightly pale skin., and he had the best abs ever. 'Yup, I'm gay.' Zayn thought to himself.

"Where'd you meet him?"

"Well, after we broke up, I took a vacation to the Caribbean. I met him there."


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