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Sixteen years later…

Platform 9 and ¾ was quite crowded, this being the first of September and all. Families were scattered about the platform saying goodbye to their children, the air filled with a cacophony of sound between voices and the engine. The students were with family, meeting up, as well as bustling onto the Hogwarts Express, lugging their trunks behind them. Into this maelstrom of students and parents, the Weasley family and friends managed to wind its way through the crowd, their notoriety actually opening up some space for them to move. Ginny looked about and said, "I think it's more crowded then when we went."

As an aside, Hermione commented to her wife, "I told you about the post War population boom and the effect it would have on the school back when the numbers first started coming in. Did you forget? It's a known sociological fact."

"Well, yeah, but that's different than seeing all these people crowded onto the Platform getting ready to head to the school," replied Ginny.

Hermione rolled her eyes, staying close to their daughters, Rose Elizabeth and Emmaline Grace who were pushing their carts. Ginny was walking with their youngest and the only one she had carried, Harry George, holding his hand. All their children had auburn curly hair, a mix of both parents but it was thankfully much tamer than Hermione's and less as obviously a Weasley red as Ginny's hair. Rose, their oldest, was getting ready to start her third year but Emma was heading off for her first year and was rather nervous about the whole notion, sticking close to Hermione for comfort.

Just behind them Harry and Luna were walking with their two children, their eldest James Sirius who had started Hogwarts the same year as Rose and Lily Selene who was also starting her first year. Luna and Hermione had enjoyed spending their pregnancies together and had made Harry and Ginny run amuck taking care of them and searching for various foodstuffs. Luna had been especially good at that. Harry looked about for his godson, finally spotting the seventh year where he expected and called out, "Teddy, stop flirting with Victoire and help James and Lily with their trunks."

Teddy groaned in annoyance and turned from where he had been standing near Bill and Fleur to look over at them, their daughter and his girlfriend laughing behind her hand at what had occurred. He whined just a bit as he complained, "Uncle Harry… I'm busy."

"Yes, yes, I know, but you both have a whole train ride to do that." Harry was smirking the whole while at their discomfort. "Hold on to your hormones."

Luna smacked him lightly on the arm and said, "Behave Harry. I think they're cute." She then turned and looked over the crowd and scanned everyone clearly looking for someone. "Ron and Pansy are late again."

Ginny snickered at that and commented, "Pansy would be on time if she had her way. It's my idiot brother that keeps making her late. You know how he is. I really hope their son takes after his mother more than him. I can at least hope."

Hermione shook her head, chuckling a touch as she said, "Honestly, did you ever think you would say something positive like that about Pansy Parkinson of all people?"

"Not back in our days at school. But then again, she's not the same woman she was then, that's for sure." Ginny grinned. "And she so has control of Ron, except for being able to get him anywhere on time."

Harry snickered in agreement, "You know it couldn't happen to a better mate. With all of his complaining about your Mum and being late, that's just funny. And him and Pansy is fitting really with how much he ranted about Slytherins back in the day."

"Dad, Rose and I want to meet up with our friends," said James, somewhat impatiently. He had his father's wild hair and temperament to a large degree and it was in moments like this that it really showed. "Can we go?"

Luna smiled at her son and said, "Of course, but hugs first. Now James, can you help Lily onto the train and into a compartment before you take off? You wouldn't want nargles to run off with her stuff now would you?"

"Yes mum." The young man grinned as he hugged his mother. "I'll make sure the nargles don't take her things. You can count on me."

Emma turned and looked up at her mother, seeming a bit scared and excited about this, biting her lower lip in a manner very similar to her own. "I'm worried about the sorting Momma."

Hermione hugged her daughter, kissing her on the forehead. Thanks to Ron and George all the kids had been nervous about the sorting to the point where she kind of wanted to smack them. "Don't be my brave little pup. You will be amazing in whatever House you are in because you are a Weasley and we're the best. And you know your Uncle Harry and I will be there if you ever need us, even if we can't play favorites, as will your Auntie Minnie. There is nothing to worry about. Besides remember your Auntie Hannah, she was a wonderful Hufflepuff. You love Auntie Luna, who was Ravenclaw. And Aunt Pansy was Slytherin so you know good people in our family from all the Houses. If you don't end up Gryffindor like your sister, that's okay and certainly doesn't make you a bad person no matter what your Uncle Ron says. We will still love you with all that we have, Emmaline. How could we not love our little cuddle pup?"

Her daughter giggled as her mother tickled her a little before she hugged her. "Miss you Momma Otter." She then scampered over to Ginny and went to hug her as well. "I'll miss you Mum."

"Hey now, I'll be coming to see you as often as the season allows. Can't have my favorite fan miss me too much while she's at school, can I?" Ginny grinned down at her daughter, hugging her tightly.

Emma giggled a little and shook her head. "No."

"You'll be fine. You have Lily in your year as well to hang out with which should be nice. Besides you don't think Rose and James are going to look out for you, as well as Teddy and Victoire? You'll be the safest little pup in all of Hogwarts. Us Weasley Otters take care of our own." Ginny raised an eyebrow and looked at her.

Emma nodded her head, relaxing even more. "Yes Mum."

Ginny crouched down a little to look her daughter in the eye, her own gaze soft. "You know your Momma and I will miss you, not to mention H.G., so this does cut both ways. But your Momma gets to see you every now and then when you take Transfiguration and that's unfair. I'm gonna miss you Emma baby. So are you ready to start this great adventure?"

Emma bit her bottom lip nervously as she thought about her answer and then she nodded slowly, her eyes cutting to the crimson engine of the Hogwarts Express. After hugs and kisses were passed around to all the kids, the four youngsters headed off to the Express, trailed by Teddy and Victoire. Both pairs of parents were hugging each other, watching them go. H.G. called out as he waved enthusiastically, "Bye Sissy, miss you both! Write to me!"

The girls turned back and waved at their parents and boarded the train. Harry watching this with his arms around Luna, commented, "It never seems to get any easier, does it?"

The other adults concurred as they watched in silence, Ginny pulling H.G. into her arms.

Ron and Pansy bustled up to the group of them with their son, Gideon, all of them looking a touch frazzled, which made Pansy look especially annoyed at her husband. Ron looked about and then frowned as he asked, "Did we miss them? Are they already on the train?"

The others looked at their longtime friend and started laughing at how lost and confused he was. Despite all of their growing up and responsibilities, some things just never changed. Pansy smacked him lightly in the back of the head as the two late arrivals bustled their son onto the train just in time for it to head off towards Hogwarts for another school year. Hermione hugged her wife from behind, resting her head on the redhead's shoulder, sighing in contentment. All was well.

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