so i decided to do a chaos story, a unique idea, with an unexpected twist at the end, tell me what you think.

Winter had been ok, only one monster attack. A Dracaena, but I was glad to be back at camp. Friends and training, fun. Most of all though, Annabeth. I was so glad to see her. I reached the border, looking forward summer. I took a step forward and stopped, well, I tried to go forward, but I couldn't. I couldn't get through the border. How not, I was a half-blood, a son of Poseidon. Possible theories began to run through my head. In the end, there was only one possible explanation. I had been abandoned. Kicked out. But, why, that couldn't make sense. I was the savoir of Olympus, not to sound stuck-up or anything. But seriously, how come I had been locked out of camp. I shouted, but no one heard me, which was strange, as there were normally loads of people about at this time of year. I sat there, waiting, for hours. Until I was started out of my thoughts by the sound of footsteps, two pairs of footsteps to be precise. I whirled round, hoping for a familiar face, instead, I saw a boy and a girl I did not know. The boy was tall, with brown eyes and hair, and he looked to be about fourteen. The girl, was small and slight with long, dark brown hair, and deep purple eyes, she seemed eleven or twelve. They looked at me, seeming slightly sorry for me.

"Who are you?" I asked them. There was no reply.

"Why are you here?" I asked again.

"I am here to deliver a message." The girl said.

"What kind of message?"

"So many questions," she said .

"Why am I locked out, do you know?" I asked.

"Yes." the girl muttered.

"Why then?"

"The gods need your help, a new foe is arising, and this time you must do it alone."

"Why, cant I just have one friend, Annabeth."

"No, you can only have me."

"What about him?" I asked, pointing at the boy.


"The boy."

"What boy?"

"Him, there."

"Look harder, concentrate!" The girl urged.

That was easier said than done, I could never concentrate. But as I focussed, his image began to flicker, and then finally vanish completely

"What was that?" I wondered.

"The enemy. The manipulative enemy."

"Ok, but who is the enemy?"

"I do not know who is behind this exactly."

"At least tell me you name."


"Ok Alokia, lets go save the world!"