"Alokia duck!" I yelled as a black and yellow arrow came flying towards us. I needn't have bothered as she just reached up and snatched it out of the air.

"This way Perseus, this way."

"Its Percy!"

"Hurry up Perseus." And she took off running.

"If we hurry we may be able to meet a friend who can help us."

"A friend?"

"Yes a friend Perseus." She glared at me.

"What?" I asked her.

But she had gone, taken off, and was already a good way ahead of me. I began to follow, wondering how she could run so fast.

"Who is this friend of yours? How come you get to bring a friends? When you would't even let me bring Annabeth?" I moaned.

"Because, if you cannot get in the barrier, how do you think Annabeth Chase is going to get out? And the person we are going to meet is necccissary. She will be able to help us."

"She, well this is great, stuck on a unknown quest to save the world with two freaky girls, this is going to be fun."

She just glared at me some more, refusing to stop and let me catch up. We ran for what seemed like all eternity, yet Alokia did not even seem in the least bit tired. we stopped for camp, and she tossed me a sleeping bag, and walked off. I woke up several times during the night, but each time I did, Alokia was no-where to be seen. I was plagued by a number of dreams, but they just made go and relive the deaths of my friends, like Charles Bekendorf. But there was one instance where I went to an event I never physically wintessed, and what I saw didn't make any sense.

There was a long dark chamber, lit up by a few small pinpricks of purple light. At the end of it sat a cloaked figure, perched up in a huge throne. Around the throne swirled well, everything. You could feel the full power of the universe roataing round, almost like the Earth rotating round the Sun. Even in a dream the power was immense. It was scary, just for a moment, the cloak slipped, and you could see a single purple eye, peering out from within the deplths of the fabric. Then the dream went black, and I woke up to Alokia shaking me.

"Get up Perseus."

And she had started running before I could reply. She slowed once we reached a clearing, the tall oak trees starting to shed their amber leaves. She motioned for me to stop.

"Wait here Perseus."

"Yeah, but what for?"

She didn't reply, instead the bushes began to rustle, and a figure emerged from amongst the leaves. She looked to be about fourteen, with hair as black as the night, and eyes like lumps of coal, she had olive skin, and was tall, but slim. She reminded me very strongly of someone I once knew. A boy, a hero, who may have started out bad, but in the end he stood up for what he beleived in.

Equal Balance.