"Regina!" Snow screeched in shock. The harsh noise forced Emma to pull away and look at her mother. "Look who you're kissing!" She shouted. The blonde princess turned her attention to the man... to find Regina stood in nicely fitting knights dress robes.

"Regina..." She whispered. "Oh my god, I've missed you." She wrapped the woman in a tight hug, unwilling to let her be banished from their acres of land again.

James came storming over as Regina held his daughter close. "How dare you." He snarled, unsheathing his sword and holding it out, pointing at Regina's throat. "I will have your head you bitch."

Henry, who had been standing startled at the buffet table, suddenly rushed forward and wrapped his arms around both his mothers. "Don't you dare hurt her! She's my mom!" He was just tall enough to shield her neck from the blade.

James stayed still and Regina burst past Henry.

"You would hold a blade to your grandsons throat? I was right about you, Albert Haycock." Snow's eyes widened at the name, having never heard it. 'James' faltered a little, gulping. "You always were, you always will be a terrible and abusive parent. Just. Like. Your. Father." There was a collective, light gasp.

"Regina..." Emma said quietly. The brunette turned around. "Please get me out of here."

She gulped and nodded, grabbing the hands of her son and his other mother. With a puff of thick purple smoke, they were gone.

"James... who is Albert? What was Regina talking about?" Snow asked hesitantly, making her way over to her husband. He was still holding the blade in the air.

It fell from his hand and to the marble floor with a loud clang. "I... am not the man you believe me to be."

The three appeared in Regina's castle library as the smoke cleared, Emma clinging to Regina. "Thank you." She whispered. "I was so scared to get myself out of there. I thought they'd come after me, if I started making my way here."

"Here? Why here?" The brunette frowned in confusion.

"Regina, you're like the one person in this land that would never stand for abuse. No one else cared, Snow doesn't know..."

"Don't say any more. I couldn't take it. You're safe now."

Just a few hours later, when Henry was in bed and the two adults were having a late dinner, one of Regina's servants came running, waving a folded up piece of pure white paper. "Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Telegram from the White Kingdom!"

Regina grabbed it and paced along the length of the table as she read it. "This is bad..."

"What is it?" Emma asked, rushing over to the woman who saved her.

"It says...

'Your Bitchesty Regina Mills.
You have one week to return my daughter to me. A week today my army and I will attack all of your castles. You. Will not. Survive. Even if I have to make sure of it myself.
Albert James Haycock.'

This is bad, Emma!"

"I'm not going back, Regina. I refuse. I'm staying with you. He will not control me anymore."
The brunette reached out and stroked a soft, beautiful cheek. "Then I won't let him. Let's get or things together. It's a long journey to Leekit."

"Leekit? Wasn't that on one of your medals?" Emma asked, confused.

"Yes. Your father will never suspect a thing. He'd expect us to stand and fight."

"I'm not sure cowardice is the best option, Regina. Wouldn't it show them that we mean business if we fight them?"

"Yes, I suppose, but I want you and our son safe."

"James! James you can't do this!" Snow cried. Her husband watched on as she was shackled to a dungeon cell wall by her own guards. "James, please…"

He just stood there, arms folded across his chest, glaring at her. "You betrayed me, Snow. A Queen always follows the orders of her King." He said calmly, coldly.

"Not when it's the Queen's rightful kingdom! I am the heir! You're not even King, James, you're a prince. It doesn't work the way you think it does."

"I am your husband!" He shouted, still not moving. "I have power over you!" There was fire in his eyes, fire that had not been there two years ago – or ever.

Snow openly sobbed as the guards and her husband walked away in silence. She tugged and yanked desperately at the chains holding her to the wall, her cries echoing through the stone dungeons.

"Something's wrong, Gina. I can feel it." Emma whined, helping Regina pack some of hers and Henry's things into trunks and chests to be loaded into a horse and cart procession that would take them on a four-day journey to Regina's summer home Leekit, while they waited for a safe house in Agrabah to be aquired.

"Like what? What kind of feeling?" She stopped what she was doing and turned Emma to face her. In this world, gut feelings were usually right – especially in those with magic capabilities.

"Someone… Someone's in trouble. I don't know who, or where, but someone important."

Regina took a deep breath and went back to packing. "We'll work it out, okay? But we have to go now." She snapped the case shut and her guards carried them away. "Are you ready?" She called to the younger woman, gesturing to a guard to get Henry and carry him out – the teenager was fast asleep.

A/N: Nearly 200 words less than I would've liked, but I have a kind of story plan and needed it to be cut off there for story-telling purposes.

I'm not sorry I'm such a bitch to James. I really hate his character. I have a lot of space for Snow to redeem herself (I know everyone focuses on Regina's redemption but I honestly think Snow needs to redeem herself too, since what she does... it's not inherently good. It's not what a good person would do. A good person doesn't (2X10 SPOILER) organise the execution of a woman who raised her, which is why I'm so glad she stopped it. That and Gina didn't die) But yeah I really have a lot of hate for James.

Then again, it will be revealed why he's such an ass all the time (in this story, any way. He's just a plain old ass most of the time in the others).