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"Jack's going to do something stupid and you and I both know it." Sophie and Jamie were sitting on the bed in his and Jack's temporary bedroom.

"I know…" Jamie silently plucked at the loose strings on the blanket underneath them. Sophie reached out with her good hand and placed it on top of his making him look up to meet her gaze.

"And you know that it's your job to stop him from doing stupid things? Right?" Jamie couldn't help but smile at that.

"Yeah it is…" He liked the idea of being able to care for Jack like that openly now. Of course most of the guardians new of their little relationship and had predicted it earlier on so it wasn't really something too new. Just to him and Jack. Hell! Even his sister had guessed his feelings before he did!

"What'll you do if he goes after that guy?" Sophie asked, pushing a strand of her long blond hair to the side.

Jamie sighed. "I'd convince him it's not worth it. Bunnymund is right. If Jack starts a fight with him he'll only be falling into a trap." Jamie knew that the winter spirit wasn't dumb but when it came to rash decisions Jack wanted to act rather than sit around and wait it out. Not that he couldn't come up with a plan he just didn't want to. "Actions do speak louder than words after all." he thought with a smile.

Sophie rolled her eyes at him and got up to leave. "I'm guessing he'll be back soon so I'll leave you to it then." he watched her go out the door and flopped back on the bed when he heard the small click of the door closing.

Jamie spread his wings out across the bed. They stretched over both sides. Each pearly white feather caught his attention. Even he was mesmerized by them. Jamie never imagined he'd have wings one day after all. He stared at them for a good ten minutes just thinking about many different things.

There was a low creaking sound as the door opened. Jamie's head whipped up to see his beloved winter spirit standing in the doorway.

"Hey there kiddo." Jack smiled at him playfully.

"I'm not a kid anymore Jack." Jamie rolled his eyes to emphasize his dislike of the juvenile nickname.

"Well I would hope not. It's bad enough your dating a three hundred and six year old when your sixteen." Jamie rolled over and threw a pillow at his face which Jack nimbly avoided with a step to the side and a warm chuckle.

"So we're dating now?" Jamie asked with a playful smirk.

Jack closed the door and took a few steps inside the room. "That depends. Do you want to date me? I'm a little old for you." he decided to continue on with the age jokes until they seriously bothered the younger.

"Yes." Came the quick and simple answer that made his smile widen into a grin. Then there was silence as the two relished the moment before Jamie decided to break it.

"Does it bother you that I'm younger?" he asked with genuine curiosity. His feathers fluffed up a bit anxiously.

"No of course not. Why would that even matter?"

"Like you said your three hundred and six years old and I'm…sixteen…" he gave him a lopsided grin as Jack approached the bed. The winter spirit sat down beside him and pulled the boy close.

"I don't really care Jamie. We're both immortal so it shouldn't matter anymore. I was seventeen when I died so…I'm actually not that older than you…sort of…" Jamie smiled at the crease between his boyfriend's eyebrows. Blue eyes flickered down to meet the other's brown pair. "Besides, you are too cute for your own good." A small chuckled sounded from deep in Jack's throat as he leaned down to deposit a kiss to Jamie's nose.

Jamie's happiness was put off for a moment as an unsure look crossed his face. He hesitated on his next words. "Would you have confessed to me if I hadn't become Cupid?" he asked, wanting to see Jack's expression but also fearing his reaction all the same.

It took a couple of seconds for Jack to respond. "No." he said finally with enough assurance that it had to be true. "Let me explain why." he defended, holding up a hand before Jamie could ask. His face alone was enough to see that Jamie was upset. Who could blame him though?

"When you were human," he began. "I wanted you to live a long, happy, fulfilled life." Another pause to gather his thoughts and take in Jamie's current expression. "And…with me around that just wouldn't work."

Jack shook his head as he spoke, trying to allow Jamie to understand his reasoning. "We'd never get to act like a normal couple. You wouldn't even be able to talk to me in public without being labeled as crazy. People would stop talking to you and you'd have no friends. You'd need to focus on human things like going to college and getting a job. All of those things that have to do with you growing up. That also means stop believing." he reminded him. "Don't look at me like that." he shushed, as Jamie tried to interject.

"Believing would always have been a problem. One day you'd forget. But by then I would have stolen a giant piece of your life. That is why I would not have confessed to you." he tried to smile but it was full of sourness given the reason for his little speech. "Because I care too much."

Jamie couldn't seem to form any words at that moment. He'd never heard Jack talk like that. Imagining everything as it could have played out. Jack would be miserable. He would have been miserable. "So…you wouldn't have cared that I'd get old and you wouldn't right?" he asked, just wanting to clear that up.

Jack chuckled warmly. "No of course not. I just want you to be happy." he reassured him by tightening his grip around the younger boy's waist.

"I know this probably isn't what you want to hear given all that you went through but…I am glad that I died." Jamie admitted. He waited for Jack to be angry with him. However, the winter spirit merely shifted to a more comfortable position and sighed.

"You're right. I don't want to know how happy you are to never have to live a normal life." he paused and smirked at Jamie's pouty face. "I am glad that you won't have to suffer being an adult though. And your death wasn't like mine." he explained. "I didn't have anyone but you're not alone." he smiled at the fact.

"Plus," Jack went on giving him a playful grin. "I won't have to worry about running off any would-be boyfriends."

Jamie rolled his eyes. He knew that he'd never take any other person over Jack Frost. All of his feeling seemed to revolve around Jack anyway. Every moment his heart and mind were stuck on Jack. Jack made him smile, made him laugh, and most importantly made him feel loved. That was something that Jamie had grown used to not having, especially after his parents got a divorce.

"Jack?" the guardian's eyes urged him to continue, curiosity gleaming within those icy blue depths. Jamie toyed with the fabric of Jack's sleeves as he spoke. "Promise me you'll never leave me alone. Okay?"

Jack's smile was so loving so full of devotion towards the boy that even without his next words Jamie would have believed him anyway.

"I promise."

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