Blood Tie

Warnings: none

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I stared down at the tiny being wriggling and shifting in her sleep, eyes closed and mind drifting far away from all she'd lost. There was a shock of dark hair on her head, her skin a darker tone than mine, and she hadn't opened her eyes yet, for me to see if she possessed my eyes.

My sister. My little sister.

Her name dropped from my lips, like a prayer. The scent of her blood was floral, fragrant and bursting with warmth and life, but no lust rose up inside of me. I could never hurt my sister.

"Is she alright?" I breathed, Angela hovering beside me worriedly. "Was she hurt?"

"No, she's fine," my old friend murmured. "Sue shielded her with her own body."

I didn't reply, just watching my little sister as she slept, my hands on the edge of the cot. "Bella…" Angela began hesitantly. "Did you really not know about Amelia?"

"I didn't…Dad and I stopped talking before the wedding," I breathed, my voice breaking slightly. My hands tightened, and I felt the metal edge begin to give way. Forcing myself back under control, I closed my eyes and let go, hoping Angela wouldn't notice my lapse of control. For a second I was scared she would ask me why, but instead she just came to stand next to me.

"You want to hold her?" she asked, with a sad smile in my direction. I startled, staring at her.

"I don't think that's such a good idea!" I murmured, moving backwards, my hands raised as if to ward her off. "I'm…not good with babies."

"No one is, at first," she replied teasingly, picking up little Amelia in her pink blanket, grizzling slightly at the interruption to her nap. "Look, sit down and I'll do the tricky part for you."

I backed up into a chair, and Angela was on me before I could escape or protest further. Suddenly my arms were full of one year old baby, and I froze.

Amelia felt no such hesitance. I felt a tugging on one of my long curls, and I felt my heart contract, and then I knew, as I looked down into brown eyes so like Charlie's, so like my own when I was human. I raised a hand and traced her elfin features, so much darker than my own but I could see a little of Charlie in her, and a little of me. From what I remembered of Sue, I could see so much of her too, and her Native American Indian ancestry was there in her dark hair and olive skin. In my mind's eye, I could see her, older, with an untamed beauty that made my breath catch.

"I'll just get Dr. Grant," I heard Angela mutter, but I was senseless. I was enchanted by the tiny creature in my arms, blinking up at me, then giggling and once again going for my hair. I let her play, her infant strength making the pressure inside of me rise enough to choke my breath entirely. I stopped breathing, and could only watch her, my enhanced senses taking in every inch of her.

Amelia. Amelia Swan.

My senses picked up sprinting footsteps and a musky, animalistic scent that reminded me of wolves and lions, and I stood, cradling Amelia close to me protectively.

What came through door of the ward was not what I was expecting.

He was about three inches taller than I remembered, bound with muscle, his dark hair short, and clothed in shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt despite the chilly weather outside. On his arm was an ornate tattoo, and looking closer I could see a wolf's head in the intricately swirling design.

I wasn't prepared for who came through the door, strong, as changed as I, reeking like an animal and radiating heat like a furnace, his eyes burning.

Jake Black.

He stopped short when he saw me too, the snarl on his face contorting into a frown of mixed horror and confusion. "Bella?" he gasped.

I was thankful for my contacts, but I had the sinking suspicion they would not be enough to hide me. "Hey, Jake," I murmured weakly. "Long time, no see."

"It can't be. Not you," he stammered. My heart sank, as I stepped forward. He was shaking, and some instinct warned of danger.

"Jake," I breathed, but he shook his head, backing off from me and Amelia, his eyes wide with horror and shock.

"Ah, Mr. Black," suddenly the tension was sliced apart by the arrival of Dr. Grant, Angela by his side. His dark blue eyes darted between the three of us, Amelia sensing the tension and beginning to cry. "Angela, if you could take care of Amelia? Jake, I need to talk to Miss Swan."

Jake's eyes snapped from me and Amelia to Grant, and then he turned on his heel as Angela took Amelia from me. Grant turned back to me, eyes kind as he stepped forward, hand outstretched.

"Miss Swan, I am Dr. Grant. I would say it's a pleasure but that feels a little inappropriate considering…" he trailed off, and I smiled tightly, shaking his hand carefully. My throat burned, but I held it back. "If you'd come this way?"

He led me away from the children's ward, quietly talking all the way. He was a tall, athletic young man, hardly older than thirty, but I glimpsed the stresses of his work in the lines around his eyes and mouth, and the grey in his chestnut hair.

He led me down to the chapel where my father was laid out, dressed in a simple hospital gown, his face ashen with the pallor of death, but peaceful, as I halted in front of him. A bandage hid the head wound that had killed him from my sight. His body felt cold even to me when I reached out, resting my hand over his, clasped together on his chest.

"Where's Sue?" I asked, as that pressure inside me built up again, and I glanced at my companion.

"Her body was retrieved by her family. They have their own arrangements," Grant explained, as I nodded. I guessed her tribe would have their own rituals for deaths. "Have you thought about what you want to do?"

"I'll contact the attorneys this afternoon," I murmured, eyes still locked on my father's blank, peaceful face. "What about Amelia? Who is her guardian?"

"I'm not sure. Jake's been about, and Sue's youngest son Seth came to visit her yesterday. I understand they haven't been able to contact Sue's daughter Leah," he explained. I felt his gaze on me, on my hand clutching Charlie's. "He suffered very little pain. He died peacefully."

"I'm glad he wasn't in pain," was all I could say. I turned my head slightly, watching him out of the corner of my eye. "May I have a moment alone, please?"

"Of course," he smiled understandingly. "I'll be on my rounds."

"Thank you," I murmured, turning back to my father. The heavy stillness of the chapel matched my mood, as I bent over my father, pressing a kiss to his forehead. "I'm sorry, Dad. I'm so sorry."

Two weeks later, I stood at Charlie's graveside, holding little Amelia, both of us clothed in black, as they lowered Dad's coffin into the ground. He had never been overtly religious, but the words of the service had been perfect.

As I had sat by my father in the hospital chapel, I had managed to come to terms with the fact he was gone. I made him a promise, to always make sure Amelia was taken care of, that she would want for nothing.

She was financially secure. Charlie had left everything to her, including the house. I didn't care that I was left out; I didn't want anything, just Amelia's wellbeing. All I had been left was a letter, my name embossed on the front in my dad's handwriting.

I had it in my pocket. I hadn't worked up the courage to read it yet.

Amelia had no idea what was going on. I had picked her up before the funeral, sadness weighing me down, because I knew I would have to leave her soon.

I couldn't take her back to Italy with me. My world was no place for a child.

Jake stood opposite me, his eyes fixed not on the coffin, but on my face. Sue's son, Seth, stood beside him, both of them staring at me with an intensity that made me nervous. Amelia whimpered a little, and I rocked her gently, shushing her.

She tugged a curl, and I felt a small smile break through my grief, as I looked down at my little sister, cradled in my arms.

No one knew about her. Demetri and Felix were forbidden to follow me to Forks, and I was in regular contact with Aro back in Volterra. They couldn't know about her.

As the service drew to a close, I struggled to keep back a grimace of revulsion as Jake and Seth walked around the grave to my side. They truly stunk.

I glimpsed a similar expression on Jake's face, though Seth just stared at his sister.

"I think we need to talk, Bella," Jake murmured, low and solemn. I inclined my head once, glimpsing his eyes narrow, before I passed Amelia to Seth.

The younger man paused, emitting that same animalistic smell that Jake did. His dark eyes met mine, before he smiled, just a little, and they warmed.

"You're looking good, Bella," he murmured, cradling Amelia tenderly, and the sight both broke my heart and warmed it. "It's nice to meet you."

"You too, Seth," I breathed as he walked away. "Keep an eye on her. She's a mischievous one."

Seth smirked before hefting Amelia, making the baby giggle and clap her hands at her brother's face. My smile faded as he walked away, and I felt Jacob's gaze burning into me. "Not here," was all I said, before I turned tail and walked into the woods. Once again, the scent of him washed over me, repulsive, unappetising, and every instinct I had whispered something wasn't right.

We walked in silence, until we were far from the cemetery, deep in the forest. I steeled myself, before I turned around and met Jake's accusing eyes.

"You know what I am," I murmured. "How?"

"I could ask you the same question, Bella!" he snarled, crossing his arms, and I noticed the bulging muscles underneath his black jacket. "What happened to you? Who did this to you?"

"My husband," I replied softly, and Jake's face contorted with shock, and the hostility lessened slightly. "Do you remember five years ago, when I had my…accident? It wasn't exactly an accident."

Jake snorted. "Yeah, mauled by a bear after crashing your car. Even for you, that's a bit crazy," he replied.

"I was attacked by a werewolf. He'd been stalking me for ages," I continued, as Jake's face drained of colour. Aro and his family protected me."

"That's not possible. There weren't any wolves around back then," he argued, and I frowned.

"What are you talking about?" I breathed, and he froze. "Jake…what are you?"

He tensed and then sighed, as he slowly began to undress, as I watched, wide-eyed. "Jake, what the hell…?"

"Just give me a minute," he snapped, and I averted my eyes for a moment. "Bella…?"

I looked back, to find Jake in his underwear, his body muscled and strong. So different from the gangly teenager I remembered from the beach at La Push.

Suddenly he began to shake, and I made to move but he held up a hand, silently warning me to stay back. I froze, uncertain. No human would have been able to notice that I'd been about to move as quickly I could, but Jake had.

Suddenly his entire body morphed and shot upwards, his face lengthening into a long, furry snout, hair sprouting along his body as hands and feet became paws. His coat was a rich russet, warm and luxuriant.

Jake was a werewolf.

"Well," I muttered weakly. "At least that explains the smell."

Jake returned back to his human form a few minutes later, and I stared, sitting down on a log even though I didn't need to, while he dressed.

He paced in front of me, and I tensed, waiting for him to speak. He shook his head.

"That werewolf that attacked you had to be different, he couldn't have been one of us," he muttered. I nodded.

"You smell different. And their kind are called Children of the Moon. Besides you look…different. You look like a wolf, albeit a big one, and he….looked like a nightmare," I agreed, as he stopped to stare at me intensely. "What?"

"You didn't become a vampire from that, Bella," he told me coolly. "You were human. I saw you, and you were human. How?"

"I fell in love with Aro," I explained. "And I worked out what he, and the rest of his family were, a vampire coven called the Volturi, kind of the vampire royal family. You remember the Romeros?"

He nodded tersely, his amber eyes burning. "If the pack had known, we'd have ripped them limb from limb."

I frowned, as he glanced towards me and shrugged. "We had a treaty with the Cullens, and through them the Romeros, from centuries back. If one of their kind bites a human, in the vicinity of the town, then they're fair game."

"Well, you needn't do the whole avenging thing," I snapped, not liking this one bit. "I was changed in Italy. What about you? How did you become…this?"

"It wasn't a choice, Bella," he snapped back, and I could hear the fierceness of the wolf in his tone. "About a year after you left, I first turned into this. At first, I thought it was just fever or something, then hormone problems. Dad and the others helped me through it. Now, we protect the tribe…"

"From people like me?" I asked in a whisper, and he nodded, swallowing hard.

"You're not what I expected, Bella. You're…human, still," he continued. "But you're not like the Cullens…"

I knew he was talking about my red eyes. Clearly he knew that red eyes denoted a human blood drinker.

"It only happened once," I breathed, shutting my eyes as painful memories surfaced. "After I woke up from the change. I lost control, and I killed someone. I haven't touched a human since."

"But then how do you…?" he frowned, gesturing to me and I shrugged.

"I drink bagged blood. No killing," I explained. "After I held a dead man in my arms…I couldn't do it. And I didn't need to, not anymore."

It was the one time I had questioned my decision to become a vampire. In the end, I had even convinced Didyme and Marcus to join me in my new diet, although Aro, Dora and the others still drank from humans. I didn't judge them for it, but I couldn't do it. I couldn't kill when there was another solution.

"Did Charlie ever know? About you? Your mom?" he asked, an odd expression in his eyes as he slowly stopped pacing and stood, just watching me as I talked. I shook my head.

"No, I couldn't tell them. If a human works out what we are, and the Volturi get wind of it, then they have a choice. Change or die, so Aro and I agreed that we would phase out the contact, make them think I was never coming home…" I trailed off, feeling the pressure build inside me again, forcing it down with a shrug. "It was better than the alternative."

"Bella…" he breathed, and I shook my head.

"It was my choice, I knew what I was getting myself into, Jake," I murmured. "Don't pity me."

He nodded, and finally sat down beside me, staring into the forest around us. "I always thought something wasn't right," he sighed. "Especially when Charlie spent so much time around the Cullens…"

"Wait! What?" I frowned, turning to him, flinching as scorching heat washed over me from his proximity. He frowned at me, his dark skin furrowing at his brow with the movement.

"Charlie spent loads of time with the Cullens, around a year or so ago," he told me, as shock paralysed me. "Dad tried to get him to stop, but Charlie always said they were alright, and Sue never had a problem with it…"

I gasped, and pulled the letter from my jacket pocket, almost ripping it in my haste. I broke the seal, then pulled the single sheet of paper out, unfolding it. My hands trembled.

"Dad left me this," I explained. Jake waited beside me, patient and silent. "But he couldn't have…I was so careful…"

I was breathing as I would have done after running a few miles, when I was human. My Dad's familiar, untidy scrawl met my eyes, and I felt winded as my eyes flitted over the page.

Dear Bella,

Bit depressing writing this, kiddo. If you're reading this, then it means the worst has happened and you know about Amelia now. Look after her, Bella, protect her for me.

I know we had our fights, Bella, not least in the past year. But I know the reason now, and I want you to know that I love you and I don't blame you for trying to protect us. I can't say I agree with your choices, Bella, but you're a grown woman, and you have been for a long time. Your choices are your own, and as long as you're happy, I don't care.

And I know you're happy. Carlisle and Alice told me you were, and I think I can trust them.

I suppose you're wondering how I know the truth. Guess being a cop for thirty years isn't all bad, because you and that husband of yours didn't hide your tracks as well as you thought. You running away, the car crash, then the injuries you had, as well as how far away the ambulance found you? I saw the marks on your body, Bella, and those weren't the teeth marks of a bear. But it wasn't until you left for Italy and then stopped talking that I got really worried.

When you refused to come home for my wedding, I was on the verge of flying over and finding you. But Carlisle and Alice Cullen turned up on my doorstep and warned me to stay away. I demanded answers but they were pretty tight-lipped, until I decided I was going to go anyway.

Then they told me. About vampires, and werewolves and the Volturi. About you and your husband, Aro.

I didn't believe them at first, but when they showed a couple of things to prove it, I accepted the truth. That, and I discovered the truth about La Push boys from Sue and Billy.

I understand that you couldn't tell me, what the Volturi would do if they discovered I knew. I was angry at first, and betrayed, but when Amelia was born, I was grateful for it and I understood why you did it. I'm so proud of you, my little girl, of the woman you've become and I will always love you. Know that, for what it's worth, you have my blessing. I don't pretend to understand this crazy world you've chosen to become a part of, Bella, but I accept that you're a part of it now.

I may never meet your husband, but if he ever hurts you, I will find some way back from the grave and haunt him until he goes crazy.

Take care of Amelia. Keep her safe, and love her where I can't anymore. I love you too, sweetheart, from the first moment I held you in my arms.

With all my love,

Your Dad

"He knew," I breathed, the paper trembling in my hands. It took me a second to realise it was because my hands were trembling. I felt Jake's concerned gaze on me, as I repeated myself. "He knew. All along, my Dad knew the truth, about me, about Aro and my accident. He knew why I stopped emailing, stopped talking. All this time, he knew."

"Well, that's good then, isn't it?" Jake asked gently. "He knew, and he didn't blame you."

I stared at him, as he tentatively reached out and stroked my cheek, and for a moment, we were just two young people sitting together, comforting and warm. Not vampire and werewolf, not enemies, just two old friends reunited in mourning.

Wordlessly, Jake reached out and pulled me into a hug, and I let him pull me close, careful not to crush him. His skin was scorching hot, but it was warming and a relief, as he stroked my hair. We sat there for hours or minutes, I wasn't sure, before I pulled back and handed him the letter to read.

Jake read it quickly, frowning slightly, as I got up and started pacing myself, my mind racing.

"We need to talk about what's going to happen now," I murmured, pushing aside my grief and my newly assuaged guilt, to focus on the here and now. Amelia had to be my priority now.

Jake exhaled heavily, as I paused, watching him. "You can't take Amelia back to Italy, Bella."

"I know," I sighed, as surprise filled his expression. "My world is no place for a child, and as much as I want her near, I won't put her at risk. I chose this life; I won't make the same choice for her."

Jake nodded, before pausing, as if weighing his next words. I watched, sensing he had something more to say. "There's another reason she can't go back with you, that your lot can never know about her…" he paused, as I waited. "There's a chance, small but still a chance, that she might be like me, Seth and the others. That she will change into a wolf, one day."

My jaw dropped and I almost felt the need to sit down, as if I was still human. "Is there any way of knowing, for certain? I mean, is it definite-?" I asked as Jake shrugged.

"Nope. She could carry the gene and never change or she might not have it at all. Or one day, she could change into a wolf. We don't have any way of knowing," he shook his head.

"Then I can't come back, not ever," I whispered. "Who's going to look after her, now Sue's gone? Who's Seth's guardian?"

"Technically his older sister Leah, but she took off after the news came about their deaths. She was a wolf too, and she just changed and ran off," he shrugged. "It's happened sometimes, there are stories of people preferring life as a wolf to life as a human, especially after a loss. She calls in every now and again, and Seth's trying to persuade her to come back. Billy and I have been looking after Seth and there's the pack. She'll be safe with us."

"She has everything, when she turns 21," I added. "The house, Dad's bank account and everything else. She'll have plenty for whatever she wants to do."

"Bella," Jake sighed. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be," I replied with a sad smile. "I chose this, and I knew what price I'd have to pay. Amelia shouldn't have to pay for my choice. Our world is no place for a child."

We lapsed into silence, as I stared down at my father's words from beyond the grave. I would stay a little longer, say my goodbyes and then leave Amelia behind, in the safety I bought in exchange for giving her up.

Winter was coming, as I sat a few days later, Amelia in my arms as I sat on a rock, looking out over the mountains and meadows of the Washington National Park. Amelia was well wrapped up against the chilly wind, and the iciness of my skin, as she laughed and played with the loose curls that spilled over my shoulders.

The past few days I had spent with Seth, Jake and Billy, the latter wary at first before he realised I had no intention of sinking my teeth into anyone.

This would be my last visit. Demetri and Felix were getting restless, and Aro was becoming impatient. I couldn't put off my return to Italy any longer.

As I stared down at the little girl in my arms, I felt a piece of my heart break off, but with it, that insidious pressure that had been inside of me since I got the call telling me my Dad was dead, dissipated forever. I had lost my father, as I knew I would, one day, but it was okay. He knew why I had left him, why I kept him away, and he gave me his blessing.

And now I had someone else to protect. The next morning, I would leave and never come back. But Amelia would know me, in a way; know she had a sister who loved her. She would be well cared for here, in La Push with Billy, Seth and Jake. And I would watch her from afar, and make sure nothing threatened her. Not even those I loved best. Aro and the Volturi could never find out about the La Push wolves.

As I looked down into my little sister's deep brown eyes, so like my human ones, and my Dad's, I smiled. "I might not be here to watch you grow up, my little girl," I whispered. "But know I'll always love you, Amelia."

She laughed and clapped, gurgling slightly. I chuckled, letting her clutch my finger with all her infantile strength.

The wind was blowing towards us, so maybe that was why I did not smell him before it was too late. I froze as a familiar voice called my name.


I slowly stood and turned, Amelia cradled protectively in my arms. Behind me, set dramatically against the wintry backdrop of the mountains, stood Aro, swathed in his dark cloak, beneath which I could see what I had always jokingly dubbed his 'parade uniform', Felix and Demetri at either side of him.

"Aro, what are you doing here? What is this?" I demanded, as Amelia quietened in my embrace, watching the newcomers curiously. Aro's eyes were fixed on my sister, and he frowned.

"I could ask the same of you, amore mio," he replied. "So poor a welcome for your husband?"

His tone may have been teasing, but I detected an undercurrent of anger there. I had a lot of explaining to do. And fast.

I just hoped Jake wouldn't smell them and come running. Hopefully, he would leave them to me.

"Aro…"I breathed, as he took a step forward, his eyes now locked on mine intently.

"As to why I am here, Demetri called me after he became concerned by your continual delays and excuses for staying in your hometown longer," he continued, before gesturing to the bundle in my arms. "Perhaps you may introduce us?"

I took a deep breath, before taking a step closer, letting Aro see the child in my arms. I heard him breathe in sharply, as I smiled and met his eyes. "She's my sister, Amelia."

"Your…sister?" he murmured. He reached out a hand, gently laying it on Amelia's mussed curls, and she giggled up at him. His hard face softened, as I watched dumbstruck. "She is a beauty, Isabella. A lot like her sister."

"She's far lovelier than I ever was," I smiled, as Demetri and Felix both came nearer curiously. Aro's hand gently caressed her hair, and Amelia reached up to grasp his index finger.

"She cannot come with us, Bella," he looked up at me gently, meeting my eyes softly but firmly. I nodded, meeting Amelia's curious, happy eyes.

"I know, but I couldn't let her go too quickly," I whispered. "I was coming home tomorrow. I just wanted to say goodbye."

"She will be well cared for here?" he asked, and I nodded.

"She has a brother and a sister, and the other tribe members on the reservation," I explained. "Dad left her everything in the will, as soon as she turns 18."

"That is something, at least," Aro murmured. "Come, Isabella. It's time to go home."

Reluctantly, I nodded and began to walk back through the forest, at a human pace, until we reached the treeline and I could see Billy's house in the distance. Aro stopped me with a gentle hand on my arm, meeting my eyes before bending his head to Amelia's. He pressed a kiss to her forehead, her little eyes clamped shut where she'd dozed off during the walk, and then straightened, pulling a signet ring from his little finger. I watched, dumbstruck, as he handed it to me.

"She's an enchanting little thing, just like her sister. This will give her some measure of protection against our kind," he told me, and I gaped at him. He chuckled and shook his head. "I have surprised you yet again."

"You always surprise me," I whispered. "I love you."

"And I you, amore mio," he replied quietly, leaning in to kiss me gently, Amelia cradled between us. "It's time, Isabella."

Demetri and Felix sent me sympathetic glances as I turned away, my eyes fixed on my little sister as I walked out of the trees and towards Billy's house, where I could see Jake and Billy waiting for me just inside the door. Seth was at school.

"Hey," I breathed as I stepped inside. "Some unexpected guests showed up, but I'll handle them. We'll be gone soon."

Jake nodded, the tension in his frame loosening slightly as he took a step towards me. I gently pressed a kiss to Amelia's forehead, before giving her to Billy, my father's old friend smiling up at me warmly. "I love you, Amelia," I whispered. "Never forget that."

"We won't let her forget," Billy promised. "We might not be able to tell her the truth, but she'll always know you loved her, Bella. Charlie would be proud of the woman you've become."

"I hope so," I shrugged, stroking her hair one last time. Remembering Aro's gift, I pressed it into Billy's palm. "Give this to her. It bears the crest of the Volturi, it will protect her until the day she can protect herself."

Billy hesitated but when Jake nodded once, he closed his fist over it with an incline of his head.

I turned to Jake, who watched me closely. "See you, Jake," I murmured, the animal smell of him no longer so repulsive to me. "I'd stay in the house, until we're gone. I don't want them smelling you and coming to investigate."

"Thank you, Bella," he said warmly. "Take care of yourself and don't worry about Amelia. We'll take care of her. We'll keep her safe. Remember to switch your laptop on when you get home."

"Thanks, Jake," I murmured, as he moved and hugged me tightly. I gingerly hugged back, before he released me and I stepped back. With one final glance at my peacefully sleeping sister, I turned away and left the house.

As I walked back towards the treeline, back towards the man I loved and the future I had chosen, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders. As much as I had wanted to keep her, Amelia would be safer away from me. Whether she became a wolf or not, whether she joined the supernatural world or not, this was the only gift I could give her.

I smiled as I took Aro's hand, squeezing it tightly as he pulled me into the circle of his arm. I heard the happy squeal of my sister's laugh in the distance, and I glanced back one last time, before letting Aro lead me back into the shadows of the forest.

When we reached Volterra the next day, I waited until I was alone before opening my email account, which only one other person on the planet now had the address for, and smiled as I opened Jake's email and Amelia's laughing, chubby little face filled my computer screen.

I had lost my father but he had forgiven me and given me a gift in return. And now I would give him a gift, I would keep Amelia safe from the shadows, with all the power I possessed.

One day, she would have a choice, maybe. But until that day, Jake, Seth and I would keep her safe. My Amelia, my sister, my blood.

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