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5. Fear

It was at bedtime when he realized how badly he had just gotten screwed over.

Kimino had nothing against children, nothing personal at any rate. The ones he was surrounded by were rambunctious but generally never able to cross the line. The line was also called stealing, blaming others, or all in all being a general jerk to society without owning up to it.

Yes the customer had deserved the punch to the face, but should he have done it at work? Probably not. However, in the long run, it was likely more beneficial. He would have punched somebody else eventually and likely not had a counter in the way for him to do anything worse.

Regardless, he needed some mild therapy. Or less violent impulses.

Was he going to be okay with children?

Granted, he had never harmed a child (unless you count a mild tap on a cheek to get them to wake up) but they would be in his proximity for at least a few hours. That would be horrible on his tolerance level. Not to mention the teacher. There was something wrong with that woman, no doubt about it. Well, maybe that was some incentive. He had to make sure the woman didn't break the children. Huh, well… he had never thought of it like that before.

That thought made it a little less terrifying. Only a little.

6. Sunshine

The morning air was warm and he was already awake. You really couldn't sleep through a heat wave when you had no air conditioning. He smiled a bit at the sunlit ceiling, yawning over the sound of the stove.

"Kii-chan! Up and dressed in twenty! The hot water's gonna get stolen if you don't!"

"Y-Yes Mama!" He had no reason to disagree with that, since there were about five other tenants with the same tank.

Thankfully breakfast was less cluttered, full of more scents than spoils. It was easy enough to pretend like today was a normal Saturday. That was the case until he saw his mother in her old clothes, the lightly colored outfit that he had always dubbed the child safety gag. Every kid apparently was soothed by that sort of thing, according to her. It was probably true, since he had been frightened away by bright colors when he was little. Though he could just be crazy. Who knew?

There was a sudden, soft knock at the door. Both family members froze. People didn't usually enter the sticks unless they were stupid. "Y-Yes?" Mama called hesitantly.

"S-Scuse me?" The voice that replied was quick and high, childishly lisping out each word. "Is… ehm… No-ri-ka-wa inside?"

Kyubey blinked slowly, looking confusedly at his mother's face again. "Um… yes, you've… reached the Norikawa house." Couldn't the speaker read the sign? "Who… who is this?"

"Madoka," was the prompt, innocent answer. Kyubey frowned until his mother giggled. She rose from the table, putting a finger to her lips.

"There's a kiddo at the door," she whispered. As he stared, the woman practically skipped over.

Once again, Kimino wished he had his mother's ability to chirp this early.

7. Lala

"Madoka, slow down!"

"No Mama, you speed up!"

The pink-haired child was laughing as she skipped ahead of the woman. Kyubey watched this with his hands behind his head, resisting the urge to shake his head at the child's pure excitement. She was singing along to herself, running just out of reach of her mother's immaculate hands. Kyubey glanced at his own mother, who was smiling so fondly he wanted to be ill. He hoped she hadn't suddenly decided to want another child. He thought he was bad enough thank you. Besides that would involve a man… and no man was getting near his mom that was legally datable.

No sir.

Not after that last boyfriend.

Kyubey's knuckles hurt just thinking about it.

"Thank you for picking us up Kaname-san," he heard his mother say humbly. "I'm sorry you had to see the mess…" Don't be sorry, Kyubey thought savagely, even as he heard Kaname Junko tut gently.

"Don't apologize for living," the woman ordered dismissively. "It's your way and you're doing good at it. I admire the tenacity of a woman." Kyubey blinked. He thought he could like this chick. He glanced down at the little girl, at Madoka, who was humming something obscure and cheerful. Her pink hair bounced in its ribbons and she waved back at him before running ahead.

"You know, that woman ought to have given me the address instead of reading mine off my backpack…" He grumbled this as politely as he dared, wincing at his mother's dark glare. Junko however, only chuckled.

"That's Saotome for you, a bit scatter-brained." She smiled fondly. "She means well though, always has. She'll keep an eye on you. Don't worry about it."

I'm more worried that I have to keep an eye on her…